Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Happy Wednesday to you!

Hello folks!  How are we all doing?  All is ticking along here and my fertile kinky mind is continuing to create wonderful content for you all to enjoy.  Here is what i have been up to:


All my kinkiest thoughts and deeds are found here on my OnlyFans page, so if you really want to know what makes me tick and get to know me intimately then this is the place to be:

Here are some of the highlights (and there are so many highlights!):

- Updates are at least twice daily, with one video clip and a wee picture set

- Periodical photo-fantasy story, with evocative pictures of scenes I love to play out

- Want to direct my punishment?  Order a custom clip from me!

- My DMs are always open for you to chat with me, or ask me a question!

- polls to direct which punishments I should receive!

With my exploration of kinks known and kinks new, fantasies and regular exploits on my F-machine there is so much to enjoy whilst I explore my inner thoughts and desires.  Join today as a new subscriber and receive your first 30 days for 50% off too!

If you prefer Individual download then you may wish to peruse my Clips4Sale site.  I have over 40 delicious titles for you to enjoy and you may find them all here:

And here is all about my latest uploads:

Slutty Schoolgirl:

I know I shouldn't, it is against the rules of Onurnees school for submissive ladies.  However, I just cannot help myself, despite the risk of punishment if I get caught.  I finger myself on night one and am indeed caught and placed into VERY revealing punishment panties in a bid to deter me, but I am unable to control my urges fingering myself more and using a dildo on myself to climax!  Such sinful behaviour!  How would you deal with me if you caught me in the act?

Controlling Leia-Ann Woods tongue:

I talk.  A lot.  It is not unusual for you to want to take control of this particularly unruly part of me, my tongue.  Here I try on several different gags, each with their own methods of controlling my tongue.  Which do you prefer to see me in?  Closed or open-mouthed gags?  I know what you like to train me to do with an open-mouth gag fitted....

Intimate School Inspections:

This clip details the humiliation I must suffer at Onurnees school.  When I dress for school, I must make sure my school uniform will pass inspection, else I will be punished by you teachers severely.  Do I pass your inspection today?  Once fully dressed I must stand with my legs apart and await your inspection of my uniform and my panties.

Learning to please your cock:

I am in training in this clip to please you most submissively with my mouth and tongue.  With my dildo for practice for your ultimate pleasure.  Once I have tried with my mouth and tongue I move onto giving you pleasure with other parts of my body; my hands and my feet.  How do I do?  Do I please you to the standards you expect?

Do enjoy my lovelies!  I have certainly been doing just that!

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