Friday, 11 September 2020

September discipline

  I have some exciting news for you!  I have been experimenting a lot on my this week,  including on my infamous F-machine

Other than my fabulous school scenario there are other highlights to my page, including:

- Updates are at least twice daily, with one video clip and a wee picture set

- Periodical photo-fantasy story, with evocative pictures of scenes I love to play out

- Want to direct my punishment?  Order a custom clip from me!

- My DMs are always open for you to chat with me, or ask me a question!

- polls to direct which punishments I should receive!

- New subscribers receive their first 30 days for 50% off!

- intimate stories and tidbits, shared only with my want to know now, don't you?!

If you prefer to individually download some juicy (!) LAW then you might prefer to visit me here:

Here are the new films I have online for you to enjoy:

Pussy Punishment:

Unable to control my urges STILL I am given a set of punishments to complete.  First, I must stretch my pussy with an oversized dildo.  Then I must insert a butt plug into myself, and then insert the oversize dildo once more.  Finally I must coat the dildo in a film of tabasco hot sauce to make my pussy burn....ouch!

Watch me squirm and cry with discomfort in this hot clip!

See it here:

Headmaster's Detention:

t is a lovely day but am I able to go out and enjoy it with friends?  No.  I have not been behaving myself so have ended up in detention writing lines.  However, it is not long before my mind wanders and I am daydreaming, staring out the window.  Unfortunately for me, my day does not improve as the Headmaster catches me daydreaming rather than completing my punishment and has me bend over the desk for a taste of the strap, both over my white cotton panties and on my bare bottom.  

If you love traditional school scenes in traditional settings, you will LOVE this film.

See this film here:

Spit-roasted on the F-machine:

At Onurnees school for Submissive Women we ladies are expected to know how to serve properly.  As such our classes are structured to be both humiliating and instructional.  In this hottest clip I have made to date, I am brought before you masters and placed on the F-machine fitted with a HUGE dildo cock, however my troubles do not end there.  With every thrust of the machine my mouth is driven onto another dildo cock, testing my gag reflex and tongue skills.  Enjoy this most humiliating lesson i have suffered to date!

See this film here:

Triple filled on the F-Machine:

I am now in advanced classes at Onurnees school for submissive women.  Today I must prove that all three of my orifices are well trained and ready to serve.  I begin by placing a butt plug in my bottom, having the dildo cock on the F-machine work my pussy, whilst I suck on another dildo cock.  All of this is whilst you score my efforts....

Wet Body:

This is an erotic clip for me.  Enjoy my perfectly toned body filmed in this slow-motion video, water pouring slowly over my most sensitive parts.  Watch the water tantalise my breasts, before lusting over my bottom, so pert and wet.  Finally watch my pussy become dripping wet in my hottest clip to date!

Hope you enjoy my juicy content folks!  See you all soon I hope! xxx

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