Saturday, 3 October 2020

Spooky October

   I have some exciting news for you!  I have a new series beginning on my this week, A film called Disciplined in Jodhpurs.  If you are a fan of tight, tight Jodhpurs you will LOVE this film!  I am spanked, cropped and caned over my jodhpurs as well as being punished on my pert bare bottom!  How exciting!

Other than my fabulous jodhpurs scenario there are other highlights to my page, including:

- Updates are at least twice daily, with one video clip and a wee picture set

- Periodical photo-fantasy story, with evocative pictures of scenes I love to play out

- Want to direct my punishment?  Order a custom clip from me!

- My DMs are always open for you to chat with me, or ask me a question!

- polls to direct which punishments I should receive!

- New subscribers receive their first 30 days for 50% off!

- intimate stories and tidbits, shared only with my want to know now, don't you?!

If you prefer to individually download some juicy (!) LAW then you might prefer to visit me here:

Here are the new films I have online for you to enjoy:

Disciplined in Jodhpurs:

This scene is in a British country cottage and finds me in hot water when I return from my ride.  I am given a spanking, first over my jodhpurs and then on my bare bottom, but it does not end for me there. I am given a taste of my own crop, bent over to tighten my jodhpurs over my bottom, before I must take them down for a dose on the bare.  Finally, I am given the cane on my bottom. 24 strokes over my jodhpurs and 24 strokes on the bare!  Spanking lovers will love this clip, especially if you have a taste for jodhpurs!

See this clip here:

Double Dildo Penetration:

I Love my pleasure and this scene is no different!  I sow you one of my most intimate moments here as I play with a double-ended dildo, pumping myself harder and harder before bringing myself to climax! I love sharing this side of me so I hope you enjoy being part of this intimate bedroom scene with me!

See this clip here:

Plugged and placed on the F-machine:

Now I have gained some experience on the F-machine I have been made to insert a butt plug in my tight bottom.  The humiliation does not end there though as I am placed on the F-machine where my pussy is worked very hard whilst each thrust from the machine reminds me of the butt plug stretching my bottom.  If you like humiliation you will LOVE this clip!

See this clip here:

Enjoy folks!

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