Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wheatley manor is out now....

YES! Wheatley Manor is now out on DVD to buy...for a full review do go to The Spanking Spot blog, as he does put it all rather well and clearly enjoyed the film a LOT!!!

If you are interested in the film, please email Paul at


idlethoughts said...

Hi, i've had WM full box set for a week or two now and can confirm it is excellent, especially as 3 of my favourites are in it, Niki, Amelia and naturally your goodself!
Looking fwd to another full length film, possibly historical with costumes etc
Or one built around a courtroom with judge, barristers etc getting involved in cp.

BrushStrokes said...

Anything my muse does is of course perfect :). Seriously Leia it was a excellent movie.

make more!!!!


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