Monday, 27 September 2010

Is it more humiliating to be stripped naked or to to be exposed?

I have recently been asked this question, which is quite an interesting one psychologically.  I have given it much thought and from my point of view I find it more humiliating to be exposed (with clothes still on, but relevant embarrassing areas on display and easily accessible) than to be stripped completely.

Nakedness is very natural to me.  For example, I go to nudist venues to sunbathe and am not in the least bit ashamed of it or my body.  I have also been in a position where my bottom, breast and genitals have been exposed and this I found extremely humiliating, despite the fact I still had clothing on.  I was much more aware of my exposed bottom (my skirt had been tucked in and I did not dare pull it down to cover my shame!) with my panties at the top of my thighs, stretching with every step I took, I struggled to resist the urge to cover my genitals with my hands (only the threat of further punishment prevented me from giving in to temptation), and my breasts were only enhanced by the under-bust corset I had been ordered to wear.  In a public situation where my audience could see my bottom and the tops of my thighs glowing red from punishment is almost too much to bear, not to mention my breasts and genitals to boot.  I don't think the same emotions would have been drawn from me if I had been completely stripped.  I would have still felt the shame of the punishment and people seeing that I had been admonished in such a way, but this method was much worse for me.  I was still dressed by all accounts but all the 'bits' we like to cover were put on display for the pleasure of all and the skirt, corset and position of my panties only enhanced my feelings of exposure.  Am I alone in this?  What do you folks think?


Anonymous said...

I agree with your thoughts on this, though not because I'm very comfortable naked. I think being stripped feels very adult / grown-up while, for me, having parts of my clothing lifted or removed while most of me is still well covered makes me feel childish and on some level, controlled by someone outside myself.

Then there's the oddness thar the rare times I've been stripped for a punishment, I end up more focused on my lack of clothing than anything else going on.

EmmaJane said...

Yep I agree with you too! Likewise nudity not a problem for me, played so many sports in my teens where all the girls showered together naked so have never had a problem.

But when I'm wearing other clothes and just one part of me is naked it really humilates me!

Pandora Blake said...

I know what you mean, very much. I'm another one for whom nudity is no big deal - I often don't wear clothes at home and I can feel uncomfortable around people who have different ideas about modesty.

Revealing a specific part of the body is very different - it's deliberate, and self-conscious, and calls attention to that bodypart in a way which is very powerful, especially if it's being exposed for punishment. I used to have a fantasy about wearing a latex or leather catsuit with the bottom cut out ... something about the idea is incredibly hot.

But humiliating? I'm not sure I find even that sort of controlled exposure humiliating - it's straight-up sexy, for me - but I can see how it could be depending on the context. I'm not very into humiliation, though, so I have a tendency to skip that part in my responses and go straight to the bit where it's hot ;)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Mija, Emma and Pandora - Thank you so much for your thoughts. I can see where these thoughts may come from within. Emma jane - I am definitely with you on the feeling of humiliation in a punishment situation which has for me been public.

Pandora, I can see why such a catsuit would be hot, particularly on your body ;-)

Kaelah said...

Like Pandora, I'm not really into humiliation, except for maybe as part of very explicit sexual fantasies I'm living out with Ludwig. Being naked is also quite natural for me and I think being presented naked in front of others could even make me feel proud (like in that one scene of the “story of O”). When only parts of me are exposed it feels different, because it highlights the special reason for the exposure (like an upcoming spanking, sex, humiliation). When Pandora and I co-bottomed for our fun clips, we had one scene in which we were made to stand facing the wall with our skirts tucked in and the knickers lowered. I realised that this was almost too much for me in front of a camera (it's rather something for the sexual fantasies I want to share with Ludwig in private). It was definitely much more humiliating than the spanking itself and maybe even more than full nudity would have been.

But I think that the same grade of humiliation can be created with full nudity, if a special and explicit position (for example head down – bottom up for a spanking, presenting oneself with the hands behind the head, spread legs) is used, which highlights the reason for the exposure in the same way as partial exposure would have. So I think it's the top's intention behind it that enhances the feeling of exposure. To my mind the same level of nudity and the same position can create very different feelings depending on the intention articulated by the top. For example being ordered to take my knickers down and to push out my bottom would feel very different for me with a) a sympathetic top who explains that he wants me to take my spanking bravely and that he wants to have a better control of the target area for my own sake and b) a top who tells me that he wants me to take that position so that everyone can see my naughty bottom getting disciplined.

So, to my mind it's not the partial nudity itself that causes the feeling of exposure, but partial nudity is a very powerful way of displaying a top's intention to expose a bottom (more powerful than stripping a bottom completely)!

Brett said...

I'm from an older generation and culture where public nudity still didn't feel that natural or comfortable. Something instilled in childhood. Part of the sexual revolution was breaking away from that, and younger folks' comfort level these days is probably the result. Forced nudity, especially in the context of punishment, still has a dramatic and shaming quality for me. The more naked, the stronger the effect. In a spanking scene, I'm attracted to the stark contrast between the top and bottom where one is fully clothed and the other completely naked, and total nudity is the image of total vulnerability. The contrast created with nudity and a very red bottom is also a striking image that has always appealed to my spanking kink.

I understand the humiliation effect of partial nudity that draws and focuses attention where the person so exposed is most uncomfortable. Feelings of shame and embarrassment elicited in a scene are an important element, so regardless of what total nudity represents to me, the thoughts and emotions of the spankee are what really matters. Whatever is effective in causing the feelings determines the methods to be used.

I see humiliation in the scene as a positive, arousing effect, not as something truly degrading. Like physical pain is a difficult and possibly overwhelming sensation to deal with, humiliation is emotional pain that, the closer to unbearable, the better the desired effect. Reading about the emotions a particular kind of scene causes for you is exciting.

Unknown said...

I agree with Brett more on this topic. BEing naked around other clothed people (or person) enhances the feeling of exposure. Partial nudity seems more like controled exposure?

Now I don't have much experience in public punishments, but in private it still is true. When pants and underwear are pulled down and I'm spanked I have a feeling that this is temporary. I'll soon be up and it will be over. If I'm completely naked, especially if my spanker is clothed, I feel more helpless and less in control.

As a spanker I think it's very sexy to just expose the parts I need.

looks like maybe this is a male/female difference?


Leia-Ann Woods said...

Thank you all for such interesting comments. it has really made me think on the subject. I am still in the exposure camp for what is more humiliating though. Interesting different perspectives though so thank you all for that.

Unknown said...

I actually love to be humiliated. I want thousands and thousands of people to see my naked bits while i am helpless while it happens. I'm getting hard just thinking about it ;)


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