Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New Year

Hello folks. I do hope you all had a fantastic break. I certainly did and am ready to go. For those of you who wish to see me for sessions (particularly those thwarted by weather and/or illness) I shall bew back and most DEFINITELY ready to play from 3rd January onwards. Looking forward to it!

In other news I have been nominated by The Spanking Spot for Spankee of the Year 2010. If you think I deserve it, or if you think a European should win then do go over to his fine website and vote for me . Thank you to those who have done already and thanks in advance to anyone who does so upon reading this post!

Finally, we RETAINED the ashes! Yeah! I was stupidly excited over this. Does this deserve a punishment?!


Alan said...

Yes Leia I went straight to Spanking Spot and Voted for you. The competition is pretty strong though

Kaelah said...

Happy New Year, Leia-Ann, from Ludwig and me! We both voted for you.


Happy New Year and about The Ashes, definitely yes, a big celebratory spanking. I was chuffed over this too.


Leia-Ann Woods said...

Alan - Not sure how to take that! Is it a translation of "Don't get your hopes up love"?! Thank you for the vote, however, much appreciated!

Kaelah - And to you both!

Prefectdt - You too, and YEAH, to retaining the ashes!

Alan said...

Nae Lass! I did not mean that but looking at the present state of voting it might be true there seem to be a lot of folk with nae taste but they are probably Yanks. I have complained to "Spanking Spot" that you were not well presented old pics and only nothern mentioned of all the sites you appear on.


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