Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New year!

Yes, it is 2013.  Odd.  Last year seemed to fly by and I ended up rather shattered by christmas.  I have a wonderful christmas and new year and hope all of you folks did too.  I also hope you are as keen as me to get into some kinky fun as soon as possible this year.  I am now back and am so ready for some action!  It is hard to believe I have not been spanked since 14th December last year....sob!

Other news is with Northern Spanking.  They have a wonderful new site where you may get hold of full films in DVD format.  This is as well as their spanking library and clips for sale store.  If you are not aware of it and wish to purchase DVDs from this fabulous site where spankings are never of the 'insert girl here' format then here is the place to go:

I hope you enjoy it!  In other news Sarah Bright is once more hosting her Best of British awards and voting may occur here (if I have not missed the boat in this announcement!):

Enjoy folks.  I am sure I had other news before beginning this post, but you know what it is like and I am nothing if not a little eccentric.  Ah well.


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