Thursday, 23 April 2020

Virtual Leia!!

Hello folks,

As we are undoubtedly aware now, lockdown is preventing us from getting together and having our fun in the usual manner.  I have therefore been spending at least some of my time setting up 'Virtual Leia', where you may enjoy me exploring new kinks and enjoying my more well-known ones (Spanking, yeah!!) on two platforms for Leia, and one for Dr Woods, for you to enjoy, depending on your preferences.

If you like to buy individual clips you have my BRAND NEW Clips4Sale store, which currently has 11 titles for you to enjoy, both spanking and beyond, and will have more coming in the days and weeks ahead.  Do check it out here:

You may remember that I had originally posted my submissive clips onto a site called IWantClips,  however that is now for all things Dr Woods, so if you like to see my dark side then go along and check out how much fun I am having being darkly deviant here: 

You all probably know about my OnlyFans, but on this platform I up updating with a NEW VIDEO CLIP daily, with all manner of spanking and kinky goings on as part of my domestic discipline lifestyle that I share with you.  
  Today I am moving on in my lessons at Onurnees school for submissive young ladies and am stretching myself to serve, just as a lady like me should....these lessons will see me stretch myself further and further over the next week or so, building up to a dildo cock for me to try, oh my!  Join me today in my kinky journey of discovery!

I look forward to seeing you in my world of Virtual Leia!

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