Thursday, 4 June 2020

Happy June to you!

Hello is finally June.  May seemed the longest moth ever.  Still, it shows that time really is elastic doesn't it!  I had a lovely visit to my family yesterday, for the first time in four months.  I am over the moon to have finally seen them!

Here is my news:


My punishment for masturbating without permission culminated in a painful session of masturbating with nettles in my knickers, which was so sore my orgasm was ruined!  What a fitting punishment for having uncontrollably wandering hands!

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I upload video clips daily on my onlyFans, but the following clip is a lovely intimate trip for my fans eyes only into my underwear drawer.  It was so popular I think I may have to do another.  Watch me try each pair of panties on, before showing you my attributes in each!  The last pair is VERY saucy!!

See this and over 250 other video clips and 2.5K pic on my today, plus new subscribers receive their first 30 days for 50% off, huzzah!!


I have 30 HOT clips on my Clips4Sale store, so you simply must take a browse here:

Two are newly uploaded, so here they are in all their glory:

Bastinado Beatings:

I love to have an experiment with my kink, and today is no exception.  I want to see if it is possible to self-administer Bastinado.  And it is!  Watch me remove both my white socks and administer several strokes of the ruler and then the cane on each foot sole.  I had a lot of fun playing with this kink of mine!  

Ice Cold Spankings:

I love to try new things and this clip is no different!  I have a bowl of cold water, filled with ice cubes and proceed to soak my white cotton panties before putting them on.  The icy panties make my bottom cold and wet so when I spank myself with them on, it is even more stingy!  In different positions I use my hand, a split strap, a slipper and even the cane.  This is not to be missed!

Enjoy folks!  I certainly did ;-)

Much love to you xxx

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