Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Kinks and discovery

Hello folks,

Hope you are all doing well.  Nearly there!  I have been up to much kinky activity in the last week (obviously!) and I will share some highlights in this post:


I love to experiment with kinks old and new and I share all of these at my OnlyFans page here:

What can you expect to find on my OnlyFans?

  • New kinky video clip uploaded daily for your delectation (sometimes two, like today!)
  • New pictures every day 
  • A regular EXTRA photo story fantasy, where I set the scene and allow your mind to wander...
  • Polls for you to direct my punishments
  • Open DMs for you to chat and interact with me personally
  • Q&A video clips, where I answer your burning questions in a state of undress.  Got a question?  Submit it in my DMs and you will find yours answered in my next clip!
  • NEW!!  Want something 'For Your Eyes Only?' order a custom clip from me, directed by YOU for your own enjoyment!
With all this going on at my OnlyFans, now has never been a better time to join me on my journey of kinky joy!  See my Twitter page for a sexy preview...


For those of you who prefer individual download to OnlyFans, I have clips here for you to enjoy all my kinky fun at your leisure.  I have 34 clips on here currently, with more going up each week.  View the fully catalogue here:

I have two new clips to tell you all about:

Pyjama spanking:

Over a three night period I must spank myself in my pyjamas before tucking myself up for bed.  You are most certainly listening in, so I dare not go at all lightly.  On night one I pull down my pyjama bottoms and give myself a firm spanking on my bare bottom until it goes bright red.  Night two finds me in a different set of pyjamas, having to apply the slipper on my firm bottom, making me VERY sore before bed.  On night three I am shocked to find a wooden spoon left for me to apply to my bare bottom.  I pull down my pyjama bottoms once more to suffer the wooden spoon.  My bottom by the end looks extremely red and is very sore.  Do I learn my lesson?

Sexy Stockings, lovely lingerie:

In multiple sexy lingerie sets I silently bend for you and punish myself as I know I deserve.  First, it is a black lingerie set, with fully-fashioned stockings and a good, hard self-spanking for me, making my bottom a lovely rosy red.  Next I am a lady in red, with a red lacy set, red seamed stockings and red patent heels.  I use the ruler on my bottom for this self-punishment, but how does it measure up?  Finally, I give myself an impressive caning in the diaper position, my bottom perfectly framed by my fully-fashioned black nylon stockings, suspender belt and matching black and red Pleasers heels.  My bottom is left rather red, matching my lingerie!

This clip is so hot and so sexy, you will not be able to resist!

I do hope you enjoy watching these as much as I did making them!  Much love to you all! xxx

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