Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Naughty goings-on!

Hello folks!  how are you all going?  All is good here and I have been busy as ever with much naughty goings on, well going on!

Here is my news:


I am STILL uploading clips daily to my OnlyFans and I am having so much fun I plan to continue in this vein after lockdown is over!  Along with my daily vid clips, I am uploading pics daily of my darker side Dr Woods AND I have just started doing Photo-story Fantasy, where I write an evocative fantasy to accompany the pictures I upload....I find doing this so very hot!  Join in with regular polls, to have direct control over my punishment schedule!  

On top of that I have just started a Q&A series, where you fans submit your questions to me and I answer them on film for you in a state of undress.  This is your chance to get to know the inner workings of my brain!  (be careful what you ask!).  So, if you want to join me on my journey of kinky discovery then join me here!  Plus, new subscribers receive their first 30 days for 50% discount!  

IF you prefer individual download for all things Leia, then you need to head to my Clips4Sale.  I have 32 titles available for you to enjoy, and you may find them all here:

Here are the latest titles on offer:

Spreader Bars:

You come home from work to find my legs locked in spreader bars with me in my punishment panties.  Unable to close my legs I am totally exposed and must submit to your will.  You enforce an orgasm on me, but what would you do next?  How would you train me, your submissive, if you found me in this position?

Here is a sneaky peak of this film:

Ice Cold Spankings:

I love to try new things and this clip is no different!  I have a bowl of cold water, filled with ice cubes and proceed to soak my white cotton panties before putting them on.  The icy panties make my bottom cold and wet so when I spank myself with them on, it is even more stingy!  In different positions I use my hand, a split strap, a slipper and even the cane.  This is not to be missed!

I hope you enjoy viewing my kink as much as I enjoyed making it!  Much love to you all xxx

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