Monday, 8 February 2016

Bottoms Up party 25th February

Well!  Term has hardly begun and the girls are in trouble.  The school is becoming more St Trinian's and less a privileged public school in the heart of England.  Our ladies, Donna, Chloe, Kandy, Wynter and Miss Woods brewed alcohol in the chemistry lab and blew it up!  Miss Jadie Reece as one of the teachers is horrified that the ladies have behaved in such an unladylike fashion and have called a meeting of you, the board of governors, to punish them for their behaviour.  The ringleader Miss Woods will suffer the further humiliation of having a cold caning on her bare bottom in front of you all.  

The party will be held in Camberwell and will run from 1230-5.30/6pm. Will you join us?

Naturally all play is within the limits of the participants! If you would like to join us then get in touch by e-mailing us at or phoning 07595738626.  There are but a few places left so do not delay in giving these ladies the punishment they deserve.  Miss Woods is already in the corner awaiting punishment...

I do hope you can join us sir!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Happy February!

Yes, we made it dark and dreary January is done.  I managed to have much play and fun so I am the last person to complain really.  But am I an angel now?  No!  I hear you all cry.  So this is why I wait for you sir, in just my underwear, implement laid across my body for you to use on my body...

I am most definitely nervous...I have never found myself in this position before, but here I am and I must take what is coming to me.  I know it will hurt but there is no choice; any minute now you will have me stood up and order me to bend over for the strap.  Do you humiliate me further by ordering me to part my legs after you have lowered my panties?  I am praying you don't, but this is your punishment and I must do as I am told if I am to avoid earning any extras.  Each stroke lands on my bottom and I feel the searing pain develop before you apply the next one.  I try not to cry out...I don't want you to know that it hurts, but I can't help it; the pain is just too much.  After what seems to be an age you have me stand up and face the wall.  You want me to think on my behaviour, of which I am deeply ashamed.  I hope never to be in this much trouble again, but can I manage it?  

Monday, 25 January 2016

The punishment chair

As head girl I never thought I would be sent to you, headmaster for a punishment.  And as head girl my punishment is to be double as someone in my position should never have done that...

I enter nervously, knowing that I will suffer at your hands, namely your hand Sir!  You tell me off and I am almost in tears before you have even begun, but I know worse is in store.  I am taken over your lap for a firm spanking, panties taken down to add to my humiliation.  My bottom is bright red and burning by this point but I am still to suffer your fearsome strap before having to touch my toes for the cane.  Each stroke feels harder than the last and I am desperate to rub my bottom, but do not dare without permission.  Finally you stand me up, my punishment is over...or so I thought....

You walk me over to a chair, a special chair designed to bite into a sore bottom when it is sat on.  You order me to sit and gingerly I obey.  Now I understand why it is called the punishment chair.  My it hurts!  To finish off my humiliating experience you have me write lines, and watch over me to check my hand-writing and spelling.  Writing 100 lines is going to be almost too painful to bear, especially as I sit, bare bottomed on the punishment chair, all to aware of my panties at my thighs.  One thing I know for certain is that I won't be getting into trouble EVER again...

If you look carefully, can you see what sir has ordered me to write?

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Corner time and other news

There are very few things more humiliating than being put in the corner, particularly with my well punished bottom on display for you.  I don't have my panties for cover as they have been pulled down by you and I cannot help but be aware of their position at my thighs.  Time stretches out in the corner with nothing but the wall to entertain me...have you put my nose to the wall with a penny to hold in place?  I know that if I let it drop my bottom will suffer further punishment so I must hold position; I am already so very sore!  I have my hands on my head just like at school, which humiliates me further and encourages me to think on my misdeeds....of which there have been many.  How long am I to stand in the corner?  Well, as long as you see fit.  The punishment must fit the crime.

Are you ready to pull my panties down sir and have me suffer for my naughtiness?

Hello folks!  I hope you enjoyed the above!  I do have other (very surprising) news.  The famous SpankingBlogg has been running 2015 spanking awards, where I found myself nominated for the spankee Lifetime Achievement award.  To my utter surprise I was the runner up to worthy winner Amber Pixie Wells with the gorgeous Erica Scott coming in third.  Thank you to those of you who voted for me and thank you to Chief for running these.  To read more on what I am blathering on about then click HERE.  Enjoy folks!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello has been a while since I posted on just ran away with me in 2015.  So here I am waiting for my first punishment of 2016, my bottom is lily white and waiting to be reddened by your hand and striped with a good caning.  

Just look at the pose above!  Maybe I need to think about my debauched behaviour with some corner time, panties stretched at my thighs to remind me of my exposed bottom, bright red and sore, whilst you sit and admire your handiwork?  

Maybe I should be made to sit on my punishment stool, complete with bottle tops to bite into my sore bare bottom and write lines for you.  I can be sure you will be checking my handwriting for neatness and spelling.  I can be sure you will punish me further if I am not up to standard and every time I wriggle with discomfort the bottle tops simply dig further into my burning skin.

Either way I am ready to be punished sir...never have I needed it more....

Monday, 14 September 2015

Benefit party for the lovely Samantha Jones

Hello all!

I want to tell you about a benefit party Sam Johnson and I are organising for Samantha Jones, who has tragically been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The ladies are coming for the sheer joy of it so the idea is to raise as much money as we can to help Samantha Jones whilst she goes through her treatment.  There will be much spanking and much swinging of both implements and canes, so don’t miss out! 

We have many girls already signed up with more to come!  On top of this there is going to be an auction with Sam Johnson, Strictly Miss Brown and Leia-Ann Woods auctioning off sessions with them. Plus, Mike is auctioning an implement from his Correction Collection and a 6 case of wine is up for grabs too. 

The party will be at the Flying Dutchman in Camberwell, from 12.30-6pm on 8th October, so save the date.  If you want to come along get in touch with leia at  or phone leia: 07595 738626 or email Sam at  The tribute for the day is £150.  We look forward to seeing you there and helping a wonderful lady of the scene.

Leia xxx

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Party pictures up!

Hello folks!  It has been a while, has it not?  There are new picks on my party site Bottoms Up so if you want a look at just how much fun we have just click on all our naughty bottoms below to visit the site and take a look.  The most recent one is tennis girls, with the lovely Donna, Wynter, Chloe, Kandy, Jadie and yours truly.  If you have not been to this site before there are loads more galleries on the 'party pics' page and all other information on Bottoms Up on the other pages.

Hope you enjoy them :-)

L xxxx


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