Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Domestic discipline time!

After many months of being unsure of where to take this blog since my private life has changed I have finally come up with a solution.  Why not share with you the aspects of my home life, namely domestic discipline with my partner, Mr H.  Now I cannot start from the beginning, that would make this post too long and would require a memory greater than one I currently possess, so I shall begin with my most recent event and then continue from there with regular updates that you will hopefully enjoy.

In the last few days I thought it would be funny to 'twitter rape' Mr H.  This involves two simple requirements; to know your partner's password (which I do) and to have something to say which is completely embarrassing for Mr H (which I managed).  I won't give you the whole post, but the term 'butt plug' was involved.  Now it turns out my post (under Mr H's name) had legs and many friends got involved, much to my amusement and his chagrin (he found it funny really!) so needless to say I was dragged upstairs for a much needed punishment.  I received six stinging strokes of a wooden paddle over my jeans, which I can assure you seems to hurt even more than on the bare bottom and a long hard spanking.  My bottom was sore and red afterwards and I was no longer laughing, well not out loud anyway!  I shall be refraining from such 'humorous' acts in future....maybe.

I shall keep you updated with future punishments and scenes that make up a good deal of my private life nowadays.  I hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spanking, Shooting and Slaying!

Hello folks,

I do apologise for the infrequency of my posts here nowadays but my other (vanilla) life now takes up more of my time than ever before.  But, here is a post for you.  At last.  So what am I up to in the next few weeks?  Apart from all the spankings I receive in my private life Leia-Ann Woods is out and about getting up to all sorts of deviancy!

This Thursday myself and my lovely ladies are heading to the Bottoms Up venue for another fun afternoon, where this time we are being riotous school girls.  Needless to say Miss Woods (the leader of all things naughty at Bottoms Up) and her band of merry ladies will leave at the end of the day with very sore bottoms!

On the 6th of April I am pleased to be shooting with the gorgeous and beautiful Ariel Anderson and John Tisbury.  This will probably be less spanking and more bondage, but I have always been a lover of it so I will love it!  Here is an example of my last shoot with Mr Tisbury himself (which did in fact involve me spanking myself....oooh cheeky!):

FINALLY, and most importantly I shall be joining Miss Hunter at the next Slayers party, which is on the 9th April.  Most excitingly Miss Hunter has managed to get another legend of the scene Miss Donna Davenport to deal with any naughty gentlemen.  This really is a great day for anyone out there who likes to receive good old fashioned CP from beautiful and skilled women.  To find out more visit or to book your place e-mail  Don't delay, however as places for these parties are strictly limited and do disappear rather quickly.  

Later in April I shall be going to Boardwalk Badness Weekend with many spanko friends and sincerely look forward to catching up with all my American friends very soon.  What exciting times folks!

That is all for now, but hopefully I shall be posting again soon.


Sunday, 26 January 2014

New ladies at Bottoms up Pandora Blake and Miss Marscaponi

Hello folks and a belated happy new year.  I am back from purdah, helping with familial matters and have got straight on to sorting out Bottoms Up spanking party from 13th February.  Our theme is Ladies in Red so very fitting for the time of year :-)

Our ladies are:

Miss Molly Malone!

Miss Sarah Bright!

Donna Browne!

NEW Lady Pandora Blake!  I am very happy to announce the gorgeous scene lover of Dreams of Spanking, Pandora to our team.  I hope she enjoys our day.  Do sign up if you wish to meet this inventive scene player in person at Bottoms Up.

NEW lady Miss Marscaponi!  Again I am honoured to add this lovely lady who like me has a ballet history and is now a burlesque dancer when not playing on the scene.  visit to find out more about her.

Naturally I shall be there too, so here is (yet another) picture of me:

There are a couple of places left still but they tend to go pretty quick so if you want to come along to what looks to be a memorable day of fun and action then get in touch at  or call 076595738626 to speak to me about joining us.  

That's all folks....hopefully I shall have a fantasies post for you soon.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Domestic discipline

Hello folks, I am sorry this site has been a bit quiet of late but I have had much going on in my non scene life and my other career has been taking up far more of my time.  Anyway, you don't come here to read about that side of me so I shall move on.

I guess my biggest change though, in terms of the scene, is a new lifestyle where domestic discipline is the primary role.  Obviously the pair of us 'play' as well, just for fun but I am punished for real misbehaviour within our lives.  Now this could be anything from not obeying a simple request to something really quite serious.  Naturally the punishment always matches the crime, and I have always felt this to be fair.  So why do I feel so happy and loved in such a situation, which on the surface seems controlling?  It is because I am loved and all the guidelines are discussed with me.  It may surprise those not in the know but I was not forced into this and I have never felt happier.  In fact my eyes have been opened somewhat to the more unpleasant side of the scene and to just how transient 'friends' can be when you can no longer be of use to them, but that is a different post!

In many ways nothing has changed, I still play with others, I still do all my Leia activities, so most of you will not notice a thing!

I don't plan on sharing this side of me in intimate detail on here so will not be sharing these scene experiences with you folks as I do others but I can tell you I am kept well in line and rarely does a day pass that I am not smacked on my delectable bottom!

Photo:  John Tisbury

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Babes behind bars...

Hello folks, I have a long needed post for you.  Last friday myself (that is Mrs Woods) and 7 other women were sent down for the afternoon.  Mrs Woods is someone who in recent years has been in and out of prison.  After a long spell in her youth she seems unable to re-associate herself on the outside without landing herself in yet mores trouble, normally as a result of orders coming from her dominant husband Charlie.  Last Friday was no different and Mrs Woods was sent to prison in the cattle truck she has now become so familiar with.  She arrived early and was put to work ironing the uniforms for the other inmates, despite her protests.  once finished this arduous task it was time for Mrs Woods to be processed, which as ever was done by officer E.  As ever Mrs Woods could not resist a bit of screw baiting and her attitude was berated.  Quick witted as ever Mrs Woods simply claimed she had an excellent training in attitude from ballet school.  She was nevertheless processed and put in her uniform and taken to the cell at the end of the block.  The solitary cell.  This seems to have become a habit for the screws so Mrs Woods decided to annoy the bloody lot of them by singing lewd songs at the top of her voice out of tune.

An age seemed to go by, there is no denying that the minutes drag in solitary, let alone the hours.  I was joined by another inmate JJ.  It seems she was nervous about being stuck with Mrs Woods, fearing an attack.  This proved unfounded as Mrs Woods believes in an 'us and them' approach to prison.  finally, and not a moment too soon Mrs Woods and her new companion were moved into the centre cell.  Mrs Woods settled in quickly, making her bed and arranging the cell to suit her needs.  As you might imagine it was not long before Mrs Woods landed herself in deep water, despite having a laugh with the other inmates.  A wisecrack to the governor earned her six strokes of a very evil strap and a burning backside.  Unwilling to show how much it hurt only seemed to spur the governor to beat the woman harder.  Mrs Woods was sent back to her cell with a burning sore bottom and a heavy 'friend' to keep her company; one that could not be allowed to touch the floor.  Another inmate, the sexy K and a lady whom Mrs Woods had always got along well with also incurred the wrath of the officers and received similar treatment.  She also tried to play it tough but soon found herself crying out in pain just like Mrs Woods.

Several activities were planned for the inmates, including time in the torture room for two inmates who happened to be sisters and boxing of two rounds involving 30 second bouts.  While Mrs Woods was not involved in the boxing, she did find it entertaining to watch.  It even distracted her from her plans, though that was short lived.

Officer A was handing out the teas for mid afternoon and carefully tipped me the wink that she had left Mrs Woods a present in the bottom of her cup.  Whilst the screws milled around, Mrs Woods sipped her tea and chatted and laughed with the other inmates.  Finally they all disappeared, and Mrs Woods hoped that officer A had managed to distract them all with a fictional meeting.  Mrs Woods retrieved what was in the bottom of her cup and, heart pumping now and mind firing on all cylinders she opened her door.  Once out of her cell, she sprung the ladies to her left and was just getting to the final cell when officer E came bearing down on her.  The other inmates, not as fearless of Mrs Woods did not join forces with her and left her alone to face the consequences.  Officer E took her down and pinned her to the floor with the help of the governor and within minutes Mrs Woods had a pair of handcuffs slapped on her wrists, officer E twisting them to forces Mrs woods to drop the keys.  Mrs Woods was fearful now, despite her hurling abuse at the screws.  she knew she was in for it.  She was placed on the punishment bench, hands still cuffed behind her back.  Her underwear is roughly pulled down and the governor approaches Mrs woods with the cane.  It was 12 for her and he was not holding back.  He slashed at her backside, leaving Mrs Woods howling in pain and shaking from the adrenaline and fear.  Punishment finally complete, she found herself hauled upright and dumped right back in her cell.  She had achieved nothing and was fuming about that fact.  this had to be changed.  And quickly...

Once the dust had settled and the other ladies had been given some punishment by the evil and bent governor, Mrs Woods came up with her revenge.  She asked an officer politely for a mug of water knowing full well they cannot refuse her that.  It arrived promptly and she hung about at the front of her cell.  The screws seems to catch on to what was going on and Miss Hunter was just about to foil Mrs Woods plan when the governor stood right in front of the woman.  She wasted no time and chucked the water right at his face, soaking him.  He was furious and the look of shock and anger only fueled Mrs Woods laughter.  She knew that despite the inevitable punishment, she could dine out of this for weeks.    Even so, she would have to survive said punishment and a furious governor was to give her 24 with the birch.  This was no mean feat for Mrs Woods to take and once her panties were removed she braced herself.  The strokes came and they came hard, and Mrs Woods was crying out with the pain in her bottom sooner rather than later.  Only six strokes had been administered and already Mrs woods thought she could take no more.  Allowed very little break between strokes Mrs Woods was really beginning to struggle by stroke 12.  Her bottom was burning and the birch was also 'tickling' the tops of her legs.  It was pure agony.  Finally she got to the end of her punishment and a relieved Mrs Woods was placed back in her cell.  She was in real pain and knew she would struggle to cope with any more punishment.  She covered her pain with a moment of bravado, complaining that she had chipped a nail.

Finally, it was time to be processed and sent out into the world once more, hopefully as better people.  Each inmate, including Mrs Woods was removed from their cell and taken to the punishment room.  Bent over a bench the inmates were to receive 18 strokes of the paddle, six from each of the screws including the evil Miss Hunter.  Once complete and ensuring that no bottom was left without a taste of punishment the inmates were instructed to change and were shown to the exit.

This, obviously is my ultimate fantasy and I cannot thank those involved in the organisation of such days enough for their effort and time.  I loved every minute and so thank you once more know who you are.  Long live Mrs Woods!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Shooting with Dreams of spanking and other news

Hello folks, I do apologise for my absence but a combination of summer fun plus my real life work has got in the way of my blogging here for far too long.  However, as the nights draw in the kink levels always go up in the land of LAW.  Quick news first is that I have passed my driving test and am now a proud owner of a shiny car.  My good friend Jadie Reece has named it the LAW mobile.  I prefer Miss O'Hara as it is scarlet in colour, but who am I to argue?

We had a great party on 5th September with the theme of the Moulin Rouge, where all girls were dressed in stunning corsets, stockings and high heels to take their punishment for an attempted strike.  Naturally I suffered a cold caning to start for being at the route of the trouble.  My next Bottoms Up party is on 25th October and should promise to be just as much fun.  Check out the website or get in touch with me for more details.

Finally, last Friday I was privileged to shoot with the lovely Pandora Blake for her website Dreams of Spanking.  The scenes were epic and original and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  I could not have wished for more.  I was able to be a Wren, a lady of a victorian manor house and a victorian tart to name but a few.  I won't say too much yet as the lady has not yet posted about the shoot herself, no doubt because she is shattered from a week of filming!  Needless to say I had much fun and look forward to going back.  I hope to post some pictures here soon.

That is all for now folks, but I shall be posting up one of my epic fantasies here over the next few days.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Domesticity and kink

Hello folks, I do apologise for being absent for so long.  Work (my other life truly has taken off).  Anyway, enough of all that.

I have been thinking much about domesticity and just how inventive you can be with cooking, cleaning and such thing when you combine them with kink.  Not only can a sub be punished for failing to complete their task properly but other methods can be employed too to make the whole process just that little bit more difficult and *very* humiliating. 

For instance, when I mop the floor in my home the whole process only takes about 30minutes but what if I had to get on my knees and scrub it with an old fashioned brush, or worse a mere toothbrush?  What if the scrubbing brush were to be fashioned into a gag so I was forced to scrub the floor on my hands and knees?  If I was to be granted wearing anything at all it could certainly expose me as I was forced to adopt some highly compromising positions.

Brooms and dusters could also be modified, but I shall tease you on that one and leave that to your imagination *grins*.

Cleaning, ironing and cooking tasks could all be done in restrictive bondage (careful now, no burns please), thus making the task more difficult and forcing the sub to think about their every movement.

Finally, there is a scene in the film McVicar, where our hero has escaped from prison and finally makes it to his friend's house.  The lady of the house cooks McVicar breakfast in nothing but an apron, a scene I found particularly hot.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading these thoughts and I promise not to leave this so long in future.


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