Tuesday, 24 March 2020

So much content for you to enjoy whilst we stay home!

Hello folks,

I do hope all of you are staying home, staying safe and most of all staying well.  We cannot go out now unless it is strictly essential, so I for one have been very busy at home creating some exciting content for you for my OnlyFans.com/l_a_woods and admireMe.vip/LeiaAnnWoods.  You MUST join today to keep your kink on and follow me in my daily home training.

This week alone I have updated:

- 16 new photos for you to peruse

- over 23 minutes of new video clips for you to enjoy

Over a month this could mean:

- 65 new pictures 

- 90 minutes of brand new videos of my training and submission all for you.  

I shall be keeping this rate of uploading going throughout the lockdown so what are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY!!

Stay safe, stay well and for those of you I see at parties and sessions; see you on the other side.  Much love to you all!

Leia xxxxx

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Parties Suspended due to Covid-19 but we will be back I promise!!

Hello folks,

As you are aware things have really escalated with Covid-19 in recent days, and I am unwilling to put you gentlemen, my ladies or our venue hosts at risk at this time of uncertainty.  For this reason I shall be suspending parties until further notice.  BUT I shall be back and we are going to have the celebration of a lifetime once we get through this.  Oh yes, there will be a Big Bottoms Up party for sure!

If you are feeling a bit lonely and isolated, please reach out to me.  You can call me 10am-7pm daily on 07595738626 if you fancy a chat and a virtual cup of tea/beer and you can follow me on Twitter at @LeiaAnnWoods.  Go on, you know you want to!

Finally, if you are missing seeing the LAW in action (and why should you not be!), and you want to see my training I am posting daily updates and videos on my onlyfans.com/l_a_woods. To help get us through this period of isolation. Hope you enjoy!  

I miss you all and hope to see you all soon.  In the meantime do stay in touch, I definitely have the time!

Leia xxxx  

Sunday, 15 March 2020

MUCH MORE on my OnlyFans! Join now to be part of it!

Hello folks, I am sure you are all aware that us kinky folk are going to be limited in how we can play with each other in real time for a wee while.  I am currently in self-isolation.  Am I resting?  Not at all!  I am currently undergoing more stringent training than ever, with a LONG intimate inspection video posted up today with a poll for you, my fans, to answer on onlyfans.com/l_a_woods.  If you have not joined me yet on my kinky journey, then now could not be a better time to join as I will be posting so many more real-time videos of my training, solely for the eyes of my fans.....you are welcome!

To see my uncensored discipline and punishments then join me on my journey today onlyfans.com/l_a_woods

Thursday, 27 February 2020


Hello folks,

My anal training continues at Onurnees school on onlyfans.com/l_a_woods and AdmireMe.vip/LeiaAnnWoods/, making both sets of my cheeks blush furiously!  This week I am to suffer e VERY powerful plug made of fresh root ginger.  OUCH!!  As you can see it is quite the size....

Watch the full video now on my onlyfans.com/l_a_woods and AdmireMe.vip/LeiaAnnWoods/, where I slowly insert the ginger plug, and squirm under the burn as it heats my bottom with vigour!  This is still only the beginning though, as in the weeks to come I must stretch myself much further in order to prepare myself for a session on the dreaded F-machine....

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Anal training at Onurnees School

Folks!  The time has come for me to suffer my ultimate humiliation and face a prolonged series of treatments and training exercises before your very eyes to train my bottom to receive a good, large dildo in my ass at onlyfans.com/l_a_woods and AdmireMe.vip/LeiaAnnWoods/.  This is making ALL my cheeks blush as I must explain to you teachers what my lessons involve and perform it before you without the privilege of anything to cover me.  Everything is totally exposed for your enjoyment and my squeals of discomfort are also a joy to some of your ears no doubt! 

This is an advanced lesson at the Onurnees school of Sexual Submission, reserved for ladies who fail to resist the dildo cock when made to kneel above it (remember that post?!).  Those of us unable to resist, those who satisfy their carnal urges on it are to sign up for this term of classes, else we may never graduate.  We were given no clue as to the consequences beforehand, you Masters wished to see who would pass and get their purity merit and which of us clearly failed and earned the dubious privilege of being trained in the more depraved acts of Sexual Submission...

These long videos (3.5-4.5min videos) will be shown to you on a weekly basis.  I do hope you enjoy my suffering and humiliation at onlyfans.com/l_a_woods and AdmireMe.vip/LeiaAnnWoods/.  First episode is up today

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Super kinky stuff coming your way!

Hello folks!

As many of you know, I turned 40 earlier this week, huzzah!  Youth may be behind me but my kinks are certainly deepening as I was at a fabulously historic venue to celebrate and boy did I do it in style.  I have much for you to enjoy on my www.onlyfans.com/l_a_woods and AdmireMe.vip/LeiaAnnWoods/, so read on for some seriously hot trouble I land myself in over the next few weeks!!

ONURNEES SCHOOL:  It is a new term at Onurnees school and in order for you Masters to decide which classes I should be sent to, you have set me a test, without telling me how to pass and what constitutes a fail. Unsure, nervous and feeling very vulnerable and exposed I am unable to resist your test. My choice sets my path....I must go on to study Advanced Levels and Onurnees school of sexual submission, where, to my horror, I am ordered to train my bottom to receive what you Masters have to give....

I will be having weekly classes in Bottom Training, and I am not to graduate from this until I am receiving it in my bottom from the F-machine, which will be extremely humiliating indeed!  Next week I am tested on my skills with my mouth, and you will be able to mark my efforts...

Finishing school:  At a college for young ladies I find myself frequently landing myself and my poor bottom in much trouble.  Foul of mouth, and unable to grasp even the basics it is not long before I face the dreaded cane.  Does this new discipline work for me?  Or do I reject this privileged life and end up in a darker place?  COMING NEXT WEEK on www.onlyfans.com/l_a_woods and AdmireMe.vip/LeiaAnnWoods/

St Swithums Borstal for troubled young ladies:  Because I cannot keep myself out of trouble at school,  I have been sent to St Swithums Borstal to be drilled in some much needed discipline!  I soon come to discover that school wasn't so bad after all and realise that life here in Borstal is going to be very tough indeed....COMING NEXT WEEK on www.onlyfans.com/l_a_woods and AdmireMe.vip/LeiaAnnWoods/

Finally, I am taken on as a maid in a grand household, which at first brings me great joy as there can only be opportunity ahead, no?  His Lordship takes a shine to me and has me clean his chambers daily and tend to his needs in the library. At first I am excited by the chance to shine in this great house, but my excitement soon turns to horror when he orders me to remove everything bar my apron and conduct my duties thus.  Exposed to his eye I am ashamed and humiliated on a daily basis, but is worse to come?  COMING NEXT WEEK on www.onlyfans.com/l_a_woods and AdmireMe.vip/LeiaAnnWoods/

That is all my fertile mind has going on at the moment (and it is very hard to concentrate on my other work with all these fantasies rolling around in my head!), but I shall keep you all posted of my exploits as I share them!  

Love to you all,

Leia xxx

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Happy New Year

Hello folks!  A Happy New Year to you.  May 2020 bring you delights in both your kinky and non-kinky worlds.  I have much news for you so I shall give it to you in sections.  Here goes:

1.  My first Bottoms Up party is on 6th February.  We ladies shall be your sexy secretaries, with seamed stockings, pencil skirts and high heels to distract you from our typing errors.  This party is already over half full (I know, and there are still four weeks to go!!), so if you want to book up for this party then do so by email at bottomsupspanking@hotmail.co.uk or phone: 07595738626.  I look forward to another fun year of parties!!

2.  I have heard that some of you lovelies have been struggling to sign up to my Onlyfans.com/l_a_woods.  This seems to be a more common problem than I had previously realised so I have decided to set up a second account, which is found at https://admireme.vip/LeiaAnnWoods/.  PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS PAGE IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON MY ONLYFANS.  This is only for people who find OnlyFans an issue to sign up to for some reason or another.  I spent 7 hours yesterday uploading all my content onto my new AdmireMe page, so you already have shedloads to perve, admire on the site.  I shall be updating both accounts daily with THE SAME updates so if you are on one, you will not miss out on any content at all.  Hope this helps my lovelies!  I have been doing some naughty things as well, so just click on the images below to find out just how bad a girl I have been!

I DO love playing with myself.....

Enjoy my darlings!  I am away for a few days next week to celebrate my birthday, so I shall be getting up to all sorts of mischief....trust me when I say I shall be sharing ALL on my OnlyFans and my AdmireMe when I get back.  Love and kisses,


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