Sessions with Leia-Ann Woods

I love to feel traditional corporal punishment, even if I must suffer the humiliation of having my panties taken down...

I have a range of equipment for you to teach me a lesson with, including straps, tawses, paddles, plimsole, rulers, crops and of course the cane.

 I love the simple sensation of spanking and all things corporal punishment (so don't feel obliged to approach me with a role-play), from the sensation and humiliation of going over the knee to the sting of a strap.  I cannot get enough, particularly the 'high' after a punishment has been administered to my pert little bottom!

I am also a lover of immersive role-play sessions, I simply cannot get enough.  I have written some of my favourites below, but do feel free to get in touch with ideas of your own

- Naughty school girl.  Have I been sent to your office for some much needed punishment?  Do you start my punishment with a humiliating panty inspection to ensure I am wearing regulation knickers? I can be sure you will be taking my panties down when I am over your knee for a good hard spanking but I know that is not all I am to receive...there is always the strap and the dreaded cane.  Maybe some corner time would do me good, panties stretched between my thighs so my bottom is on display.  Maybe you set me lines sitting on my punishment stool designed to bite into my punished and sore bottom...

- Lazy secretary.  Am I always swanning into work at any time, thinking you as my boss will simply accept my poor time keeping?  Is my typing not up to scratch?  Maybe you have me bent over your desk, my tying errors at my nose because enough is enough.  You raise my skirt, lower my panties and have me suffer some traditional discipline to bring me to heel...(Oops!  Sorry for my poor typing sir!)

- Errant maid.  As lord of the manor you enjoy all the privileges of your status, including staff in service to you.  Your maid however, is simply not up to the mark.  Have I been skimping on the cleaning and getting up to no good instead?  Maybe I have stolen some of your prize possessions?  Either way, I know I am for it when you summon me to you for a good talking to and a thoroughly red and sore bottom.  To my humiliation I can be sure the other staff are bound to find out...

- Haughty wife.  Am I taking you for granted?  Maybe I have been spending thousands on the credit card.  Either way the days of you saying 'yes dear, no dear' are over and I am about to be very surprised by your treatment of me on your return form work one night.  I am taken down more than a peg or two when I am pulled across your knee for a thorough spanking and some further treatment with some terrifying implements you have just invested in.  I soon know my place in the household!

- Military.  As a WREN or member of the British army I am responsible for exemplary behaviour.  Sadly, my behaviour has not been nearly up to standard and I find myself before you, my commanding officer.  Barking orders at me I struggle to keep up, so you tickle my bottom with your hand to encourage me but I still fail to please so my bottom must taste the strap and the cane to bring me into line.  Discipline is vital in the forces!

- Prisoner.  New to the wing it is not long before I think I am running the place and am giving the screws more than a little lip.  I find myself in your office and as prison governor you are less than impressed.  You expect nerves when you lecture me, but all you get is more verbal abuse so you decide it is time for me to feel some sting in my derriere.  I cannot help but leave a more subdued inmate when my bottom is on fire and I know I will struggle to sit for a week...

- Other outfits I have are corsetry, cheerleader, tennis, nurse, gym kit, PJ's and underwear sets with stockings (naturally!).

I also love to switch, so if you are a gentleman who likes the tables turned on them then I am the woman for you!

I see people for sessions between 11-9pm, Monday-Friday (occasional weekends, please ask!).  If you would like to indulge in a session with me, please contact me by phone or e-mail:
Telephone: 07595 738626 

(call 12noon - 8pm)

I am based in London, Hither Green (SE13)

Nb:  I do not offer any personal services.

Pic taken 2nd January 2016.

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