Thursday, 20 June 2019

placed on an F-machine to learn some humility!

Today is a big day for me on, and one which is, to date, the most humiliating of my life.  The Masters of Onurnees school have decided that us pupils are not learning our place in your world nearly fast enough.  We must be subservient to your every sexual need, but at the minute this is not happening at all.  I am resisting the programme at every turn and no matter how many times you have me taste your belt or the cane I am still not obeying your commands.

Today is my comeuppance on  I am brought in front of the whole school and local governors and placed on my hands and knees, legs wide apart.  I just know everything is on view and attempt to squirm away, but the flick of your belt makes me hold position.  To my horror I look behind me and see there is an F-machine right behind me all set up with a large dildo to work my pussy hard.  I have no idea how long I am to suffer the machine pounding away at me but I know it is going to be uncomfortable and I have never felt so humiliated in my entire life.  I can hear the girls gasp in horror and the staff noise their approval at my fate.

I hear the machine start up, slowly at first and then faster and faster until I am unable to control my orgasm.  I am instructed by the staff that every time I attempt to subvert the system I will be placed on this machine to be reminded of what kind of girl I really am and why I have been signed up for this education programme. I am so very humiliated as I feel the orgasm come, everyone able to see how wet my pussy is.  I feel so slutty!

To my horror I notice that there are much bigger dildos and butt plugs on display ready to invade my most private parts at a later date.....and I just know I will be back here again, placed on this machine and forced to orgasm!

Friday, 7 June 2019

School girl punishments and pussy and breast whipping!

When a girl is naughty at Onurnees school, they are placed in the corridor and made to adopt a VERY exposed position for the afternoon.  This is what has happened to me today on  That way, if the masters want to inspect me more closely with their fingers I must hold position and accept it, no matter how many they wish to use or for how long.  I blush with the utter humiliation of it all.  Would you inspect me Sir?

I am chained to the wall because I could not control my urges.  Caught masturbating, I am strung up naked to have my pussy whipped, that way it will be too sore for me to want to play with it again any time on my

On a cold day, my nipples become so very me struggle and squirm against the unavoidable whip as my nipples are teased with each stroke....

Enjoy folks!  do feel free to send me your suggestions!!

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Spanking and caning, oh my!

I have not been a very good girl.  But you knew that, didn't you?!  Unfortunately, I have had to be taken in hand with many different types of punishment, including corporal punishment.  Ouch!!

First of all, if I act like a naughty little girl then I should be treated as such.  I am placed in white cotton punishment panties and taken across your knee Sir for a thorough spanking.  I shall not be allowed up until my bottom is red raw and I shall be squirming in my seat for a week!  This punishment of me you can see on my  but here is a teaser clip for you:

Click on my bottom to see more of my spanking punishment!

If a spanking will not curb my behaviour then maybe sterner measures are required.  I must hold position, without moving a muscle, whilst I am subjected to the cane.  This must surely teach me the error of my ways, right Sir?  Again, here is a teaser clip for you but click on my bottom to see the full clip on my

That's all for now folks, but I hope you enjoy the updates!  

Leia xxxx

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Abject humiliation!

At Onurnees school humiliation is doled out in regular doses to remind us ladies of our place.  On our knees obeying Sir's every command.  When I broke the rules I knew a humiliating punishment was going to be set in store for me but I have not yet had to suffer the hideous "Humiliation Chair".  This is placed in the corridor, where everyone may observe my suffering and I am ordered to stand next to it.

Once in place I am ordered to lower my white cotton panties to my thighs and told to lower myself onto what is attached to the chair.  With little lubrication this is both uncomfortable and humiliating as I wriggle and struggle onto the "Humiliation Chair".  Once in place I am to sit there, with everything on display for one hour, wriggling uncomfortably on the chair until I am allowed to get down.  I dare not protest as I do not wish to earn myself further time on the Chair....or something worse.....

See this and many more clips of both my kinky fantasies and my kinky domestic life at

Monday, 8 April 2019

Parties and panties!

So, things have been getting a little dark in my personal life, and of course I am slowly sharing that with all my lovely fans.  For those of you not yet following me here is a teaser of what there is to see at my  Never before have I been so open about my private life so come and see what happens to me at home by clicking on the teaser below!

Not only do I share my private life on my, but I also share the fantasies which truly make me tick, with the uniforms to match.  Here is a little teaser for you folks! If you wish to follow me and find out what goes on in my kinky little mind then click on the image below:

Finally, if you share an adult schoolie fetish like I do then you will want to follow my regular updates of the Onurnees School, where I have been enrolled to take lessons in a revealing school uniform in how to serve with my mouth, tongue, pussy and bottom.  The lessons have started with mouth training and use of the tongue but I fear I will soon progress to being put on the dreaded machine to stretch and work my pussy and bottom very hard indeed.  It will be a while before I graduate from Onurnees School of Sexual Submission.  Take a look by clicking on my uniform below:

In other news, there are just two places for my April 25th Bottoms Up party so if you would like to come then get in touch as quickly as possible at  Us ladies will be clad in their tightest denim ready to receive an afternoon of thorough discipline from you all!  I cannot wait for this, it is going to be so much fun!!  

That's all folks,

Leia xxxxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Hello folks!


I hope you folks are having a spanking good time!  I certainly am!  I am enjoying my new lifestyle of domestic discipline more than I thought possible and much of it can be seen on my site.  So far I have uploaded:

  • 492 pictures (I know!!)
  • 41 videos
All in just 149 posts!  I have shared much of my domestic life with you, including some of my more intimate details and more is to come with a machine to see to both of my orifices still to come....I have that to look forward to but am currently being trained for it.  Eeeek!

As well as domestic discipline I have create the Onurnees School of sexual obedience, where I must learn to do as I am bid, no mater how humiliating.  So far I have been made to insert butt plugs, had my mouth stretched and had two different sized dildo cocks testing out my ability to receive in my mouth.  My school reports still leave much to be desired, however so I must try harder or end up in detention with a cane to my bottom to encourage my mouth and tongue to work harder....

Bondage is something relatively new to me but I am certainly enjoying the feeling of being under control, so watch this space for developments:

Also, for all you fans of seeing my bottom spanked, strapped and caned there is plenty of that action on my site!  here are some teasers for you:

I will be exploring more and more with the passage of time, and promise to keep you updated on here as to what is going on at my site!

Leia xxx

Monday, 25 February 2019

Saturday shenanigans and other snippets

Hello folks!

Well I have been up to muchos weekend fun on top of my regular life of domestic discipline.  I have managed to get hold of a lightweight tripod for my phone, which means I am able to share more of my life with you in more inventive ways!  Hurrah!!  I have managed to capture some truly intimate moments using POV angles so that you feel part of the action, which is just as it should be I say. Here is a teeny weeny sneak preview for you, where you just click on my bottom to find out more!  I shall be uploading these clips over the next month or so, with more to come as my frisky mind runs riot (and if you know me, you will know the level of kink I enjoy!!)

Not only that, I currently have a poll running on my OnlyFans where you have the opportunity to vote for your punishment of choice, which I must suffer and post in the next few days.  18 votes have already been cast but there is another day to go so take your chance to decide on my fate now.  The options are:

Over the knee Spanking
Wheelbarrow spanking (you can see a clip of that above, ooh la la!!)
The ruler
A cold caning (the current frontrunner!!)

So take a look at what I am getting up to and open the door to my private(s) and intimate world by taking a look at:

I hope you enjoy watching as much as I am enjoying sharing this folks!

Leia xxx


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