Friday, 12 January 2018

Bottoms Up party 8th February!

Hello folks!  Happy New Year!  I do apologise for leaving this blog dormant for a wee while, I guess real life simply got in the way....I do have a fantasy story to share with you, however first of all:

I am excited to announce my first Bottoms Up party for 2018, which is on 8th February.  Our ladies will be dressed in their secretarial outfits to receive their punishments for a singularly poor work record, which only reflects badly on the company.  You gentlemen, as shareholders, are here to correct this matter, thus protecting your interests! Naturally the team leader, Miss Woods must be made an example of and is therefore to receive six strokes of the cane from each of you before the proceeding begin. Ouch!  The ladies joining Miss Woods in their finest seamed stockings, pencil skirts and high heels are Miss Red, Miss Jessica, Miss Nikita,   PlUS Miss Wynter is back!!  Finally we welcome NEW to Bottoms Up Miss Rosie Cleopatra!  

A caning on the bare bottom!

This party is in Camberwell from 12.30-5.30pm. Will you join us? Each of you gentlemen will see each lady for a mini 1-2-1 and the dreaded cane at the end. Bubbly and fine buffet lunch is all part of the day's fun. Get in touch now to book! For those gentlemen who switch there is an opportunity to do this during the latter half of the party, but the main focus is on male top, female sub.

New lady Miss Rosie Cleopatra

Naturally all play is within the limits of the participants! If you would like to join us then get in touch by e-mailing Leia at

Or call: 07595738626

I hope to hear from you Sir!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Bottoms Up! party 20th July

Hello folks!

Just a post to let you know I have another fun-filled afternoon planned for discerning gentlemen on 20th July In Camberwell for you to enjoy!

Pictured: The gorgeous Red

The ladies are Nikita, Jadie, Red, Sam and of course my good self (there will be more ladies added).  Our ladies will be dressed in their best summer tea party wear to celebrate the Reverend Jones opening of the Summer fete. But have they been behaving themselves? Of course not! As local councillors you gentlemen must punish these ladies for letting the reputation of the Reverend down.

The host Leia-Ann Woods is quite incorrigible with her unladylike behaviour and will be bent over and have her bottom bared for a cold caning. Six of the best from each of you gentlemen is just what this lady deserves! Once Miss Woods has been shown the error of her ways it is time for the other ladies to face the music with her. Gentlemen will be asked by each lady to see them for a 'mini' 1-2-1 session for a spanking and a good few strokes with a strap or paddle to correct their behaviour! I will break for a buffet lunch before the ladies are given a dose of good Olde English discipline; The dreaded cane. Each girl will be called up individually to receive six strokes from each gentleman. We hope such a punishment in front of an audience will have our ladies transformed to behave in the ladylike behaviour one should expect! There is an opportunity for gentlemen to switch with ladies not being caned should they think they deserve it, but be careful what you wish for....they can be very strict!

Pictured: The blonde bombshell Nikita

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, please come and join us. We host our parties at a high-class venue in Central London, with an atmosphere to match. We hope to see you there!
phone: 07595738626

Leia xxxxx

Monday, 5 June 2017


I am in deep trouble.  I have been repeatedly caught smoking and my bad habit has set light to a bin by the kitchens, damaging school property.  Outside the Headmaster's office I just know I am for the high jump, but it is too late.  Nothing I can do but wait and face the music.

Finally, I hear his voice boom 'ENTER!' from within his expansive office.  Although I am afraid of what will happen I am almost relieved that the wait is now finally over.  I have been punished by the headmaster and he is a firm believer that no girl should have the privilege of keeping her panties up and no girl shall leave the office without having received a severe thrashing combined with a thoroughly humiliating experience.  That way the perpetrator will think twice before stepping out of line in future.  Today I was to suffer this fate.

I silently enter the office and loiter by the door in a desperate hope that I would remain invisible.  This of course does not work.  The headmaster orders me to stand before him and to tuck the back of my skirt into the waistband.  I feel exposed now but my situation is about to get far worse.

'Lower your underwear to your thighs', the Headmaster barks at me.  I bite my lip but do as I am asked.   Already I am regretting my actions and he has not even begun.  My bare bottom exposed to him, the headmaster unleashes a tirade of a lecture upon my ears.  I am a sixth-former, I should know better and I certainly should not find myself in his office stood before him with my panties at my thighs awaiting punishment.  I had nothing to say in reply; I wanted to cry but held back the tears....I had no doubt that I would be crying when I was bent over for my punishment.  The headmaster sat on a chair placed in front of his desk and called me over.

'Bend over.'  He took me over one of his knees, leaving the other leg to hold me in place if I kicked out.  I had suffered this humiliating pose before.  'Nose to the floor.'  I did as asked and was horrified to find this new addition to his methods pushed my bottom further in the air, exposing it to the punishment that was about to come.  He began to spank me.  Oh my!  It was hard!  It was not long before I was wriggling around and crying out.  'Keep that nose to the floor young lady,' said the headmaster as he locked his free leg over mine, both to hold me in place and raise my bottom even further in the air.  I could not believe I had ended up in such a position at my age!  The spanking continued, but even harder than before.  I cried out even louder but it was to no avail.  The man meant business and I was not going anywhere until I had been thoroughly punished.

Finally, the spanking ended, but that was not the end of my detention.  Far from it.
'Fetch me the plimsole,' order the headmaster.  I did as I was told.  I did not want to add anything extra to my woes.  'Back in position.  Nose to the floor.'  I reluctantly bent over.  This time the headmaster took no chances and locked his leg over mine immediately.  I soon discovered why.  The pain!  so many strokes and no matter how much I cried out the headmaster just continued to rain down on my exposed and now very sore bottom.  At this rate I would not be sitting for a week.  It was nothing I did not deserve, however.

'Up.'  barked the headmaster.  'Bend over my desk.'  The headmaster fetched a rather terrifying looking cane and swished it in the air.  I cringed, but stayed put.  My bottom was on fire but I had no wish to earn extra strokes.  '12 strokes.  You will remain still and count each one.'

I have never received the cane but this was a searing pain like no other and just as I had recovered from the previous stroke, the next was applied to my bottom; one after another until I reached count 12.

'Stand up.  You will NEVER behave like this again.  If I see you in my office again this term I shall repeat your detention in front of the whole school.  Do you understand?'  I silently nodded, tears running down my cheeks.

'Right.  follow me.  you are going to be made an example of.'  The headmaster took me outside his office and had me face the wall.  He placed a coin on the wall and had me hold it in place with my nose.  'If I hear that coin drop to the floor you will receive another dose of the plimsole.  You will remain there for all your friends to see until the end of the day.'  And that is where I stayed....a sorry sight with my red bottom on display as an example of what happens to girls who break the rules at this school.

I do hope you enjoyed that folks!  I enjoyed writing it!  Now to play it out.....

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Hello folks!  I won't bang on for hours this month, but I do need to let you know my availability.  If you wish to have funsies with me (and believe me I need the discipline!) then I am only available for the remainder of this week and next week as I am on holiday from 18th April for 2 weeks.  Consequently I will be in much need of a firm hand on my bottom on my return.  A girl can have too much fun you know!

That's all for now, other than to say the next Bottoms Up is booking up so do get in touch for bookings:

Hope to see you soon and happy spankings!

Monday, 6 March 2017

The (not so) great escape

The alarm has sounded.  They know I have gone and I have not got more than a mile.  Sweating and dirty I run through the trees, hoping to escape the Borstal I have hated for the last year.  It is not long before I hear footsteps behind me and shouts.  I try to run faster but I am tiring already and have no idea where I am going.  I feel an arm grip me round the waist and I am wrestled to the ground.  My arms are pulled roughly behind my back and I feel handcuffs cut into my wrists before I am hauled to my feet.

I am marched back to the building where the clang of the doors behind me tells me all I need to know about my immediate future.  I am taken to my cell and locked in for the night.  I can hear the calls from the other inmates but I cannot answer as my eyes are full of tears and I don't want the others to know I am crying.

The following morning I am taken from my cell and brought before the visiting magistrate.  I am utterly shocked when he sentences me to a public birching on my bare bottom.  I am to be the first girl to ever be birched.  I want to cry all over again.  I have heard that the birch is almost unbearable.  I am taken back to my cell and ordered to strip by one of the officers.  I am left on my own shivering and shaking with fear.  I can hear the preparations outside but I have no idea what it is they are doing.  When the door does finally open I am shocked to see all the other inmates outside their cells on the landings.  I am taken down the stairs and marched towards a bench in the middle of the floor.  I am bent over it and my wrists and ankles are firmly restrained to it.  I can see the dreaded birch on another table in front of me.  The visiting magistrate picks it up and gives the implement a swish.  I flinch but am unable to move from my prone position.

The magistrate takes up his position with another officer opposite instructed to give count.  The first stroke swishes through the air and lands on my bottom with such a sting I can only gasp in sheer pain.  The stroke is counted and I am given a brief reprieve before the second one is applied.  If I thought it would get any better, it didn't.  The burning sensation simply increased causing me to wobble my bottom in order to relieve myself of the pain, much to the amusement of the officer.  The third stroke was applied and was so painful I screamed loudly, which did nothing to alter the genial mood of the officer in charge of the count.  I could not believe I had another 9 to go.  Each stroke was applied with increasing force and no matter how much I wriggled and writhed I could not escape the punishment.  The final stroke was so hard tears began to run down my face but the punishment was not to end there.  I was to remain on the bench for the morning so that everyone could see what happens to those who escape.  Naked and prone across the bench, my nether regions exposed I felt humiliated at the thought of being made an example of in such a way.  Needless to say, all thoughts of escape had completely run away from me....

Given Spring is in the air I thought a birching scene was most appropriate!  I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year....back and still as naughty as ever!

Hello Folks!  A very happy new year to you!  I would love to say I have been a good girl and have done all I should, but here are just some of the things I may have been up to over the holiday period:

Head girl Woods has turned up to school without a scrap of homework done!  Nothing.  She has been marched straight to the headmaster and ordered to face the wall and await her punishment.  Unable to control her smart mouth she has had the indignity of having her skirt pulled up and her knickers taken down displaying her bottom to everyone who goes past.  She has been informed that the head is not free to see her for an hour so there she must stand, waiting for the high jump.

Secretary Leia has had her hands in the petty cash to help pay for her flashy Christmas party.  Unfortunately the boss has been in checking the balance and found it short.  The boss deals with his secretaries the old fashioned way and Leia is called in to the office to bend over his desk, knickers off and placed in her mouth and await her the mighty fall!

Maid Leia has failed to polish the silver and the butler has had quite enough of Leia's lazy, lacklustre approach to her work.  There are plenty of other girls desperate for the work.  It is decided she is to be birched in the kitchen gardens and made an example of before all the other staff.  Having her skirt lifted and her bottom soundly thrashed is not all she is in for though as she is given a mere toothbrush to clean the floor of the front hall.  The butler is pleased to find her red bottom high in the air whilst she completes her task....this is bound to take hours!

Do you think I deserve a good punishment and some humiliation to show me the error of my ways?  I know I need it Sir.....

Monday, 31 October 2016

Back and raring to go!

Hello folks!

First of all, thank you so much for all your kind messages.  It was much appreciated as always!  I am now back and will be free to do play sessions from 7th November.  If you would like to come and play then  do get in touch....I look forward to hearing from you ;-)

See....I am ready and waiting!


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