Tuesday, 30 April 2013

'Getting changed' in the United States...

Hello folks,

It has been a while since I posted I know, but I had much work to do before going on holiday and much catching up when I returned.  But, here I am.  So much happened whilst away I cannot possibly tell you all everything, but I can come up with some fabulous highlights of the spanking party in Atlantic City that is BBW...

Pro Bar:  

This was really where everything got started, and was my first encounter with my good friend Keith Jones, with whom I was so happy to play with later on at the party.  Now this is a man who is a true American gentleman...

It was great to meet so many new people, skate on thin ice asking Mr Tanner where one may smoke (trust me it is not a good idea!) and of course spend time with my good friends Lucy McLean, Stephen Lewis and Sir Rodney Effing (yeah - think carry on with that name).  I was particularly happy to spend some time with Magic Steve who, using some simple props, came up with some truly inspired magic that totally blew my mind.  He is also a lovely guy and again I was lucky to get a chance to play with him later on in the party.  

Vendor's fair:

This was rather a lot of fun and I chose to wear a pretty new dress for the event (I had actually packed 10 dresses, yes I blame you for that Lucy).  There was a little action and more to come at the suite parties after, where I am happy to say I received the second best tawsing in a US hotel room on the 52nd Floor in Atlantic City from Lucy McLean.  She even said to me I was the second best victim she had had at the end of her tawse in a hotel room in Atlantic city.  Such compliments ;-)  

Uniformed Top event:

The gentlemen came in dressed in various uniforms, including cops and firefighters (to cover two of my favourites), and lined up on the stage in the ballroom.  It was then up to us ladies to pick who we wanted to deal with us and we had an hour to experience as much uniformed top heaven as we could in that time.  Naturally I managed to 'snag' MANY tops as I have a real weakness for a man in uniform.  It was total spanking carnage, with women running everywhere trying to bag their ideal uniform and the sound of well smacked bottoms rang in everyone's ears for an hour.  The fab Mike Tanner was hosting the event, giving out some highly amusing commentary, particularly with reference to those of us who were truly making the most of our time, *cough*.  I LOVED this event and was pleased to play with (not an exhaustive list) 3 cops, one pirate,two school masters, 2 firefighters, two men of the cloth, a member of the US postal service and an officer and a gentleman.   Naturally lunch was required after so much exercise and I could not help laughing when I saw so many tops looking more than a little knackered!  Haaaaaa!

Saturday ball:  

This had a Hollywood theme so I jumped at the chance of dressing as my idol Audrey Hepburn.  Lucy and I started 'getting changed' not long after the fabulous 'meet the Brits' event organized by my good mate Richard Windsor.  Naturally we ended up behind schedule, but we did eventually glide down about an hour late and my god did I feel fab!  Lucy had done my hair exactly Hepburn and with my dress on and make-up I have never felt so confident.  Here are a couple of pictures for you:

And another:

The evening was fabulous and I have to thank Lucy for allowing me to fulfill my dream to be Audrey for the evening.  Naturally wanting to pace ourselves a little Lucy, Stephen, Sir Rodney and I decided to 'hit' the Roulette table.  We managed to play for rather a long time and seemed to be drinking gin like it was going out of fashion (though Lucy seemed to like spilled hers...).  It is only when you are rather drunk that you think it is a good idea to drink more and pick lethal cocktails to finish off your night.  Christ, the things we were drinking did not only finish off our night they damn well nearly finished us off as well!  Needless to say there was no sleeping until about 6.30am.  This would have been fine, except for the fact I had a spanking court to attend the next day...

Spanking court:

This is where folk must answer to the judge (Strict Dave) for crimes committed over the weekend.  I awoke Sunday 'morning' at midday.  I was not feeling too clever.  I saw the time, realized I would never make it in time and turned over to fall asleep again.  This did not last long.  Miss McLean woke me up, and dragged me (verbally by phone - the woman can be scary, best friend or not!) out of bed.  I ran around my room, grabbing the first thing I could find, which was a man's shirt, a pair of jeans and my boots and got dressed.  I managed to remember fancy underwear.  I ran into the ballroom 25 minutes late and sat down.  I did not have long to wait for my case to be called and I think I argued it quite well considering I was possibly still a little unsteady on my feet and had not long been awake.  I naturally lost and got 8 with the strap.  I even stood in for an absent Ten and lost her case two, resulting in another 8 of the strap, though I think Strict Dave would have liked to have gone for 800 or so strokes!  This is a genius idea and I really did love it, despite feeling uber rough.  

The evening saw Sir Rodney and I go on the group boat trip, which was excellent fun, especially with the group spanking when we pass under the drawbridge.  This is apparently a tradition, and one I was happy to join in.  It was a great way to round off the weekend.

The BBW folk, including Mike and Jules Tanner put so much energy and work into this event.  I have never had so much fun in my life so thank you both and your 'crew' for this event and if you have an event next year I shall be your first booking, that is a promise!


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