Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Been away, now here to stay!

Hello Sir/Miss,

I am back and naughtier than ever.  Spain was fantastic but it is good to be home and free to get up to some wicked thoughts and deeds!  I have of course still been updating my onlyFans.com/l_a_woods with my thoughts and fantasies and I do hope you have enjoyed my punishments and humiliations over the last few week, rest assured I deserved it!  If you have not yet joined, there is sooooooomuch to see, including:

  • previously unseen BDSM fantasies and excerpts of my private life, exclusively for my fans!
  • Actual video footage of me being thoroughly stretched by the F-machine, and in September I shall be doing a regular diary of me training up for the machine to use my 'other hole', which will be just the sort of punishment a girl like me deserves when she forgets her place.  Only my Fans will get to share in this humiliation as I progress to my second year at Onurnees school!
  • Snaps of me out and about enjoying life as I know it
  • Two updates a day, one of my submissive side and one of my more dominant side, so there really is something for everyone on my OnlyFans.com/l_a_woods.  Come and join me, I cannot wait to kneel and await your command Sir....

Oh Sir!  Have you caught me touching myself?  How embarrassing, you are not going to punish me Sir, are you?  

1 comment:

Ed said...

In prep for that anal training are you going to get the bag? (That would be an enema, which would make a great video.)


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