Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Updates from Leia-land!!

Hello folks!

I do hope you are all well.  I have, of course, been a touch naughty of late and have been sentenced to some self-spanking punishments to be conducted before you all.  I must make each stroke count and my bottom is thoroughly inspected after the spanking to check I have given myself a punishment suitable for a naughty girl like me.  Some punishments may already be seen on my and many more will be appearing on my page as I suffer each punishment and am ordered to share my shame and humiliation with you is a taster for you:

Doesn't that look sore?  My bottom is not the only place I have been forced to administer punishment upon myself either.  It seems I just cannot keep my hands off myself and have been caught masturbating without permission.  I was so embarrassed!  That was until I was handed an implement and made to slap my pussy lips until they were red and very sore.  Needless to say I have learned to keep my fingers to myself, for now!

Join today and see what I get up to in my private life!  I no longer film with any producers so this is the only place to see new material of me!!  

That's all folks, see you soon! 


1 comment:

Tim . said...

Oh , we will miss you on the spanky sites, best spanks, Tim.


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