Thursday, 28 November 2019

All things pegs

Hello folks,

Sorry this post is a bit late but I have been busy with my Divemaster scuba course and been diving.  BUT, back to my favourite subject, which is all things kink, obviously!  I have been discovering the joys of pegs in naughty places and stress positions on my OnlyFans, both of which have proved to be very useful in improving my behaviour, well temporarily at least!  

My fans have found that pegs on my nipples and my pussy particularly focus my attention....

If that does not work (and pegs are very painful on my tender pussy lips, so it usually does!), fans have been known to place me in a stress position to think about my behaviour, only releasing my when my begs for freedom seem utterly sincere....

You can only imagine what punishments I must suffer if I drop the book.....oh my!  Come and join me on my today to see how I am disciplined at home, my kinks and fantasies and some of the sexual humiliation, which keeps me in line - including the use of a F machine on my pussy, with other avenues to be pursued soon....I shall keep you posted on this!!

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