Sunday, 1 September 2019

New term for Miss Woods

Hello folks!  Did you all have a fabulous summer?  I know I did, despite the numerous punishments earned and training sessions I had to complete.  Did you know that I only began my mid-November last year?  Just look at how much has already been updated to my page:

Just right now on my I seem unable to control myself, my fingers wandering to all sorts of places they shouldn't, so today I was set a humiliating punishment, leaving my pussy very sore indeed...

The full video is currently on my, which has only been updated today!  Join me to see my most personal fantasies and the private play sessions of my fabulously kinky lifestyle!  


Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Been away, now here to stay!

Hello Sir/Miss,

I am back and naughtier than ever.  Spain was fantastic but it is good to be home and free to get up to some wicked thoughts and deeds!  I have of course still been updating my with my thoughts and fantasies and I do hope you have enjoyed my punishments and humiliations over the last few week, rest assured I deserved it!  If you have not yet joined, there is sooooooomuch to see, including:

  • previously unseen BDSM fantasies and excerpts of my private life, exclusively for my fans!
  • Actual video footage of me being thoroughly stretched by the F-machine, and in September I shall be doing a regular diary of me training up for the machine to use my 'other hole', which will be just the sort of punishment a girl like me deserves when she forgets her place.  Only my Fans will get to share in this humiliation as I progress to my second year at Onurnees school!
  • Snaps of me out and about enjoying life as I know it
  • Two updates a day, one of my submissive side and one of my more dominant side, so there really is something for everyone on my  Come and join me, I cannot wait to kneel and await your command Sir....

Oh Sir!  Have you caught me touching myself?  How embarrassing, you are not going to punish me Sir, are you?  

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Summer in the City!

I am soooooo hot today Sir that I just HAD to cool myself off.  As well as my usual DOUBLE update on my, I have uploaded a long clip of my naked, in the bath, hosing myself down just for my fabulous fans!  If you want to see more of me then just click on my naked chest below:

Hope you enjoy it Sir.....I sure did enjoy getting wet for you....

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Twice the joy!

BIG NEWS!!  I am now updating my twice a day!  I am allowing my dominant persona, Dr Woods to spread her wings so I will be updating once a day as Leia-Ann and once a day as Dr Woods.  My content will be all original and all exclusive to my lovely, lovely fans; you lot!!

If you only wish to see my Leia-Ann updates then simply click on the updates with the prefix Leia-Ann, and if you only wish to see my Dr Woods content then just click on the updates with the prefix Dr Woods.  If you like both, then happy days!  My just became twice as good for you!

Enjoy folks!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

placed on an F-machine to learn some humility!

Today is a big day for me on, and one which is, to date, the most humiliating of my life.  The Masters of Onurnees school have decided that us pupils are not learning our place in your world nearly fast enough.  We must be subservient to your every sexual need, but at the minute this is not happening at all.  I am resisting the programme at every turn and no matter how many times you have me taste your belt or the cane I am still not obeying your commands.

Today is my comeuppance on  I am brought in front of the whole school and local governors and placed on my hands and knees, legs wide apart.  I just know everything is on view and attempt to squirm away, but the flick of your belt makes me hold position.  To my horror I look behind me and see there is an F-machine right behind me all set up with a large dildo to work my pussy hard.  I have no idea how long I am to suffer the machine pounding away at me but I know it is going to be uncomfortable and I have never felt so humiliated in my entire life.  I can hear the girls gasp in horror and the staff noise their approval at my fate.

I hear the machine start up, slowly at first and then faster and faster until I am unable to control my orgasm.  I am instructed by the staff that every time I attempt to subvert the system I will be placed on this machine to be reminded of what kind of girl I really am and why I have been signed up for this education programme. I am so very humiliated as I feel the orgasm come, everyone able to see how wet my pussy is.  I feel so slutty!

To my horror I notice that there are much bigger dildos and butt plugs on display ready to invade my most private parts at a later date.....and I just know I will be back here again, placed on this machine and forced to orgasm!

Friday, 7 June 2019

School girl punishments and pussy and breast whipping!

When a girl is naughty at Onurnees school, they are placed in the corridor and made to adopt a VERY exposed position for the afternoon.  This is what has happened to me today on  That way, if the masters want to inspect me more closely with their fingers I must hold position and accept it, no matter how many they wish to use or for how long.  I blush with the utter humiliation of it all.  Would you inspect me Sir?

I am chained to the wall because I could not control my urges.  Caught masturbating, I am strung up naked to have my pussy whipped, that way it will be too sore for me to want to play with it again any time on my

On a cold day, my nipples become so very me struggle and squirm against the unavoidable whip as my nipples are teased with each stroke....

Enjoy folks!  do feel free to send me your suggestions!!

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Spanking and caning, oh my!

I have not been a very good girl.  But you knew that, didn't you?!  Unfortunately, I have had to be taken in hand with many different types of punishment, including corporal punishment.  Ouch!!

First of all, if I act like a naughty little girl then I should be treated as such.  I am placed in white cotton punishment panties and taken across your knee Sir for a thorough spanking.  I shall not be allowed up until my bottom is red raw and I shall be squirming in my seat for a week!  This punishment of me you can see on my  but here is a teaser clip for you:

Click on my bottom to see more of my spanking punishment!

If a spanking will not curb my behaviour then maybe sterner measures are required.  I must hold position, without moving a muscle, whilst I am subjected to the cane.  This must surely teach me the error of my ways, right Sir?  Again, here is a teaser clip for you but click on my bottom to see the full clip on my

That's all for now folks, but I hope you enjoy the updates!  

Leia xxxx


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