Monday, 16 January 2023

New Year updates!

 Hello folks!  Bit late I know, but happy New Year!  It has been a while since my last post because I went away diving in Grenada and then spent Christmas with my family.  I have been busily catching up ever since.  

You all know I have an Only Fans page, where I post a lot of work that is unique to that page as well as segmented clips of my full-length films.  Well, I am now well over 1000 clips on that page and approximately 5,300 photos!  I don't archive anything so if you join today you will have access to my COMPLETE library of content....all you will need is plenty of time to make your way through it all!  As a member I also offer custom clips at discounted rates, so you may take the director's chair and have me do your bidding on film...what's not to like?!

I have been making some updates on my Clips4Sale site too, so if you like my content in full-length format then head over to my page to take a browse of my 212 clips available on this page!

Leia Severely punished by the headmaster:

Leia has been set some maths problems, which she completes ahead of time.  Bored, Leia has a naughty thought and enacts upon it by drawing rude pictures all over her work.  Unfortunately the Headmaster arrives and Leia is unable to hide her work in time.  A punishment beckons Leia's bottom!  Leia finds herself given a thorough spanking, over her school skirt, then her navy knickers, before suffering the indignity of a spanking on her bare bottom!  Leia's punishment does not end there, however as she is bent over for the headmaster's strap.  OUCH!!  Leia is sent to the corner to await the cane, while the Head deals with another matter.  This makes Leia nervous as being made to wait is almost worse than the punishment itself.  Finally, the cane is due and Leia is bent over once more to taste the Head's senior cane.  Leia's corporal punishment is over, however she is sent to the corner once more, this time with her knickers down to set an example to other pupils!

If you love a traditional all-action school scene with authentic uniforms and settings, you will LOVE this scene!

find this clip here:

Sports Day spanking:

Leia hates PE and decides to try and sneak out for a crafty cigarette.  However, she is surprised by the Headmaster passing through the gym, who takes smoking very seriously indeed!  Leia is taken across the Head's knee for a spanking every her navy sports knickers, before having them lowered for more on her bare bottom.  Ignoring her cries of apologies, the Head decides to punish Leia further with her own plimsoll, over her navy sports knickers AND on her bare implement Leia dislikes intensely!  

Leia now thinks that her punishment is over, but the head has one more unusual punishment for her and has her stand with legs apart.  She must stretch her arms out and then bend over to touch her toes.  Every time Leia touches her toes, the Head applies his leather strap to Leia's taught and stretched bottom.  He has her do this 18 times with her knickers on, and the has Leia take them off for 18 more strokes.  Painful and humiliating, this is a punishment Leia is unlikely to forget!

Find this clip here:

Secretary punished:  

Leia thinks she is in for an easy ride when she takes on a new job as a private secretary for a rich country gentlemen.  How wrong could she be!  Leia finds out the hard way that this gentleman is very much into his domestic discipline and proceeds to spank, slipper and cane Leia to ensure she works hard whilst she is in his employment.  

These scenes are shot with two camera angles so you may see Leia's facial AND bottom cheeks glowing red!

Find this clip here:

Enjoy folks!

Sunday, 13 November 2022

November News!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Sunday, 25 September 2022

Back to School in September!

Hello folks, I hope you are all doing well.  I have just returned from a week's walking holiday in Devon and have just finished editing an epic schoolgirl film, which is going up on my OnlyFans a la Dickens (episode form!) right now!  Join today to see this and over 1K other clips of me, much of which is exclusive to my fans page.  This includes:

- Cum Play With Me: Real fantasies of mine, which I share only with you as I bring myself to some truly massive climaxes

- ALL my full-length clips in episode form for those that prefer my content in this format!

- Domme pictures of me as I explore my dark side further.

- Take the Director's chair and order a custom clip with me

- 1000s of pictures of me and exclusive content.

Find me here, where new subscribers get their first month 50% off!

I also have over 200 full-length clips available on my Clips4Sale store, featuring my central love of spanking but also taking you on my journey of exploring other fetishes such as F-machine play and all manner of BDSM-based funsies!

Find it here:

I have a few new clips online since my last blog post, and I know you are just dying to hear all about them:

Leia Homeschooled and punished:

Thinking the Master has gone out, Leia calls up her friend and arranges to sneak out and meet her. Unfortunately, the Master is very much in and is not impressed!  He wastes no time in beginning Leia's much-deserved punishment and hauls her across his knee for a long, hard spanking on her bottom.  Leia's troubles do not end there though, as the Master plans to drive the message home with his trusty strap, doling out no less than 36 strokes, 18 across Leia's navy school knickers and 18 on her bare bottom.  To make sure Leia has no plans to behave in this way in the future, the Master bends her over to touch her toes for the cane.  

After her punishment, Leia is instructed to call her friend and tell her exactly what has just happened to her, much to Leia's embarrassment, before being sent to the corner to think about her behaviour for an hour. Leia can only hope that the Master does not have any visitors in that time!

Close-Up pussy play:

There is so much happening in this play clip!  I love to play with my pussy and here is some really close up fun for you to enjoy! I play with clothespins right on my clit, candle wax aplenty, baby oil, and an ice cube in this intimate clip.  I do hope you enjoy my pleasure/pain dichotomy as much as I do!

Red Nails, Naked Flesh, Red Heels:

Naked except for my patent red heels, I explore my naked body like never before. I enjoy the pleasure pain dichotomy of slapping my breasts until they redden sharply.  Next I spank my bottom in both the diaper position and bent over, tightening my bottom cheeks attempting to match the redness in my flesh to that of my heels and nails. I slap my pussy until it is a deep crimson before finally turning my attention to my inner thighs...

Cock Sucking Academy:

I have been set the task of dildo sucking at the Cock Sucking Academy, and I must pass this test to move forward. In order to help my cause, I stick my dildo to a mirror and being to show my skills.  However, it seems I need more to focus my skills so I place a slave collar around my neck and the insert a butt plug.  I try fingering myself and using my vibe, but I fear that is distracting me from my test. To really impress you, my examiner, I use two different mouth training devices to train my mouth to open nice and wide and ensure my tongue is worked very hard!

Naughty Nun Fantasies:  

Unable to control her urges, novice Leia starts to fantasise about her fellow female novices.  Succumbing to the sins of the flesh, Leia masturbates to her fantasies, even using a confiscated vibrator she has found in Step-Mother Superior's drawer. Finally, with her eyes drawn to the disciplinary canes, Leia rubs her hot pussy had and fast with one of them, bringing herself to an enormous orgasm!

Find this here:

Hope you enjoy them!  I surely enjoyed making them!

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Playing with Sub Carrie and other updates!

 Hello folks!  I do hope you are all well.  I have some VERY exciting news.  Last week I had the pleasure of playing with the gorgeous Sub Carrie in London!  Luckily for you I took some video, which I have edited and they now going up on my page.  These will be EXCLUSIVE to my OnlyFans, so if you want to watch us both spanked AND to see me spanking Carrie, then join my page today!

And if that is not enough, I have been busy making some VERY hot clips for my Clips4Sale.  With so many of my kinks represented here you simply must give it a look today:

Here are some of my latest updates:

Mirrored Masturbation:

I have recently come into possession of a new period style mirror, and, given my fertile mind I immediately wanted to play with it. After some thought, I put on some crisp, white knickers, got out my vibrator and started a LOOOOOONG masturbation session in many different positions!  I use my fingers for some of the session, my vibrator for others and even stimulate my anus.  All whilst you look on at my reflection in the mirror.  

Find this clip here:

Close-up Nipple play:  

I love playing with my nipples, despite it being not always possible.  In this clip I use varying methods to excite my nipples with sensory pleasure and pain. First with just the tip of my fingernail, to bring my nipple to attention.  Then I use a peg to make my nipple sore and sensitive.  I cool down the pain from the peg with an ice cube, watch the ice redden my nipple and breast!  And after ice what comes next? Why fire of course!  Finally, I oil up my nipple, soothing it after so much attention.

Find this hot clip here:

Black Shiny Rubber Gloves:

This clip has an arty edge to it, as I filmed it in black and white to emphasise my black, shiny rubber gloves rubbing themselves all over my naked body. Wearing my gloves, I expose my breasts and play with my nipples.  I then move onto my pussy, rubbing it, exposing it and playing with it in my shiny rubber gloves.  Finally, I play with my bottom, parting my cheeks most flirtatiously to expose my anus to you.  How much of a tease am I?!

Hope you enjoyed all my updates...I am away next month and my creative juices (!) are most definitely flowing!

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Bottoms Up Summer Garden Party

 Hello folks,

Hope you are all well! I have some party news for you!  My next Bottoms Up party is on 21st July and is themed as a Summer Garden Party.  Think ladies dressed in fully fashioned seamed stockings, floaty summer dresses and heels all ready to be given the discipline they deserve by YOU!

The venue is in London (South East) and the tribute to attend is £170.  This party is structured using a lovely olde fashioned dance card style, meaning that each lady comes and finds you for all your play, meaning you can sit back, relax and enjoy an afternoon of spanking action, without the worry of having to search out ladies.  

Some of you may not yet be familiar with the Bottoms Up style so here is a summary of the order of play (from my website).

- A welcome glass of bubbly with Leia and her ladies

- A cold caning with Leia! I just can’t help myself! Yes it is true, every guest at the party gives me 6 strokes of the cane on my cold bottom to kick things off!

- Mini 1-2-1 sessions with the girls. The ladies come and find their gents to play with, pick an implement to play with and go to their play space to have a mini scene. We start off with a spanking and finish each mini session with a much-deserved dose of the leather implements!

- LUNCH!! Yes, there is a buffet lunch provided, which is tasty, quality and some of it is even home-baked by Leia herself.

- Once everyone is replete the ladies resume the mini 1-2-1 sessions, seeing all the guest on their dance card. Leia too gets involved with the play, seeing each gent for 12 of best with one for the many leather implements on display!

- When the dance cards are complete, it is time to get out the canes! Each lady bends over and calls up the gents for 6 of the best using their dance card to make sure they get the punishment they deserve from everyone. OUCH!!

- If anyone wishes to switch now is the time to let the lady of your choice have their ‘wicked way’ with you and get their own back! Just be careful what you wish for!  The switching takes place in a discrete little area away from the main floor.

- Now everyone has very sore bottoms, the official party is over but, for those who want to, we head to a local pub to have a few beers and a social to unwind after a whirlwind day of great play, great food and excellent company.

For more information and piccies then do go and take a look at my website:

That's all folks!  Get in touch to book via email: or phone: 07595738626

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Sailor Girl Scenes

Hello folks, I do hope you are all happy and life is treating you well!  I have an exciting new series on my Clips4Sale that I wish to share with you today.  Find these and ALL my other offerings here:

Here is all about my new Corporal Punishment series of clips, filmed in an authentic setting, complete with me in a sailor girl school uniform with traditional navy knickers!  What is not to like?!  Filmed using two camera angles you see my facial expressions as well as the reddening of my bottom.  Oh my!

Sailor Girl Spanked:

At my new school for ladies, my School Uniform is a sailor's outfit, complete with navy knickers and navy socks.  How traditional!  However, the discipline is also very traditional as I am naked across Sir's knee for a thorough spanking in two different positions.  Much to my horror spankings at this school are always competed on my bare bottom too!  This is a beautiful traditional corporal punishment scene, so if you are a lover of these then rejoice!

I have filmed this scene using two cameras so you may see my bottom blushes as well as the ones on my face! 

Find this clip here:

Sailor Girl receives the gym slipper:

Dressed in my Sailor Girl school outfit, with navy knickers and navy socks my troubles continue. My poor behaviour has earned me another trip to the Head, where I am treated to one of my most hated implements; the gym shoe.  I suffer many strokes of this horrid implement over my knickers and then, horror of horrors, on my bare bottom!  

Again, shot in two angles for you to really enjoy this traditional corporal punishment scene!

Find it here:

Sailor Girl Caned:

Dressed in my sailor girl school uniform complete with navy knickers I am really in for it today.  The Headmaster has decided the cane will set me on the right path.  Kneeling on his armchair I submit to 18 strokes over my navy school knickers followed by 18 more on my bare bottom.  Needless to say I am left feeling very sorry for myself indeed.  

Shot with two camera angles this clip will please those of you who enjoy traditional corporal punishment scenes in authentic settings.

Find it here:

Sailor Girl Corner Time:

Once my punishment is complete, I must think about my behaviour and how I am to improve in the future. Sentenced to some reflective time in the corner, I perform this twice; once with my knickers pulled up and once, more humiliating, with my knickers at my thighs. Showing off my bare bottom, I am obliged to stay in place as an example set to other pupils as they pass by to their lessons.

Dressed in my traditional sailor uniform with navy socks and traditional navy school knickers, those that love traditional corner time scenes will love this scene.

Find it here:

Hope you enjoy watching them, I had a ball making them!

Monday, 6 June 2022


Hello folks!  I hope you enjoyed the Jubilee weekend if you are reading from the UK.  I have some exciting news! I have reached 1000 clips on my OnlyFans and to celebrate this monuments achievement I am offering 1 month 75% off for the next 7 days!  There is a limit to the number of people that can take up my offer so go along today and sign up while you can.  

Current subscribers will find a special gift in their inbox - an exclusive clip JUST for them. What are you still doing here? Go, go, GO!


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