Sunday, 1 May 2022

May Bank Holiday Highlights!

Hello folks!  What a busy time it has been catching up with all my work on the vanilla side of my world (very scientific, and interesting!).  I apologise for not updating you before this time.  I have been away for a few days in Wales on a walking break, where I filmed some FANTASTIC new content, which is coming to my OnlyFans and Clips4Sale today!

Here is what you will find inside my OnlyFans:

1. 965 clips ALL available to watch as I never archive anything.

2. 5.2K piccies (yes really!), again all available all of the time!

1.  Exclusive clips!  I make these ONLY for my fans page, where I share my kinky fantasies and thoughts, some of my most personal moments and some of my vanilla activities with you.  You really are a part of my inner world, so if you really want to get to know me then join today!

2. I upload a NEW CLIP every day and a ton of piccies per week.  I never miss an update so you know you will be excited by new content from me EVERY DAY

3. Enjoy my full-length clips in episode format....always leaving you wanting more!

4. Vote and join in on what training clips I make and chat with me in my DMs....I am always happy to have a chat with my fans so don't be shy!

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I have your mouth watering, don't I?  well join me here today:

Of course I also love to write, film, edit and produce content in the form of full-length films for you to download.  I have made 189 to date and you may find them all here:

Now I just HAVE to tell you all about my latest updates! 

Mile High Club Anal F machine fun:

My Audition to the Captain's Mile High Club continues in this scene, but the stakes are raised for Stewardess Leia. In this scene, I must take the machine in my ass good and hard to please the Captain. I must show me taking it in two different positions that expose me as much as possible.

The first position has me on my back, legs in the air and wide apart. it leaves little to the imagination! Not only do I take the f-machine in my bottom but I spank myself hard as the machine pummels away at my anus.

The second position has me on all fours, which exposes me less, until the captain has me part my cheeks wide to test my submissiveness , finally I am to spank my bottom with a traditional wooden hairbrush.

This scene made me so hot, you would not believe! I shot this myself, using two cameras to give you different perspectives on my anal submission! 

Find this clip here:

Slippering my muscular thighs:

I just LOVE to punish myself, when I feel the need. Today I use my household slippers on the one area that is most sensitive; my thighs. In this clip I punish all the areas I know and love to inner thighs, the backs of my thigh and the fronts in four different positions! Watch all my tender areas become nice and red as I leave no area of skin untouched from my leather-soled slipper!

Snorkel Shower Scenes:

I have ANOTHER kinky scuba scene for you lovelies, this time I have fun in the shower, putting on my fins and then my mask and snorkel.  I cannot resist showing off and filling my mask full of shower water, controlling my breath, and then clearing my mask!  

I have some handy clothespins on the side, which I pin to my wet (and therefore very tender!) pussy lips, before pulling them off. You can hear my cries as they echo through my snorkel!

Taking my kinky to a whole new level, I take off one of my fins and hump myself with it, bringing myself to quite a frenzy of excitement! 

Eyeing up the handheld shower attachment, I have one final idea. Can I bring myself to orgasm using just the power of my shower water?  Oh I think I can!

April showers?  My favourite!

Kink By Candlelight:

In my play room today, I light a single candle to shed light across my naked body. I have two more candles to play with, one red candle and one white candle.  Il right a candle, let the wax build before pouring the hot wax onto my most sensitive areas; my nipples and my pussy lips.  I even try dripping some onto my bare bottom cheeks before coming over all excited and pouring wax all over my naked body!

Sassy Secretary:

Leia has quite the attitude at work and has had her boss wrapped around her little finger for years!  However, today Leia is in for one hell of a shock; she has a new boss and he knows all about her and her attitude and sets Leia on a path of being less Sassy Secretary and more Subbie Secretary, by having her do a set of VERY humiliating tasks.  These include offering guests and staff a blowjob for an entire shift, bending over, holding herself WIDE open to be fingered and fondled by staff and visitors in both her pussy and her ass.  

Turns out though, Leia likes this treatment as she is caught masturbating at the thought of what she has been made to do this past week.  What a naughty Subbie Secretary!

Gagged Talking Heads:

A while ago I tried a gag talk experiment with a head harness I love. I was asked what difference a gag makes when trying to talk through them, which had me thinking...what is the difference?  Well, in this clip I try out 5 different gags. A mouth-filler, two open mouth gags, a bar gag and last of all, my own knickers. I produce A LOT of spit in this, as I try and make my way through the first pages of the dictionary with my gags in place.  If you like gags, spit and gag talk then you will really enjoy this scene with me!

That's all for now folks!  I am off on an editing spree.  Do enjoy all my tasty content!

Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Happy Springtime!

 Hello folks, 

I hope all of your reading this are happy and healthy.  I am not long returned from my long-planned odyssey into the Pacific diving in Socorro, which funnily enough is what I talk all about in my new exclusive clip for my OnlyFans today.  I have SO MUCH content on there you would not believe your eyes.  Here is what I share with you when you join me:

1. Exclusive clips just for my fans page, where I share my kinky thoughts, private moments in the bath and some of my vanilla activities with you.  You really are a part of my inner world, so if you really want to get to know me then join today!

2. Order your Custom Clip with me. Take the director's chair and order a custom clip with me and let me bring your ULTIMATE fantasy to life....oh my!

3. NEW CLIP uploaded every day and a ton of piccies per week.  I never miss an update so you know you will be excited by new content from me EVERY DAY

4. Vote and join in on what training clips I make and chat with me in my DMs....I am always happy to have a chat with my fans so don't be shy!

I have your mouth watering, don't I?  well join me here today:

Of course I also love to write, film, edit and produce content in the form of full-length films for you to download.  I have made 183 to date and you may find them all here:

Now I just HAVE to tell you all about my latest updates!

Double Dildo Fun:

How naughty am I!  Here I am in my vintage stocking and patent high heels ready to play.  I choose my favourite double dildo and penetrate myself with it in several different positions with an orgasm to match each position.  This is one of my hottest clips to date!

Find this hot scene here:

Hot Nun:

I have taken off my nun's gown in this scene to reveal my VERY sexy lacy lingerie beneath.  And, with a dildo training device in front of me I proceed to show you my sucking skills. First I use just my tongue to display how I would pleasure you, before I use my mouth to REALLY go to town!  I find myself getting hot performing this skill for you so I begin to play with myself shamelessly, both with my fingers and with my favourite vibrator!

Snorkel Breath Play:

I love my scuba diving, as you well know! Today I once more mix my kink with my scuba in this set of scenes. I begin with breathing through my snorkel, my lips coated in flawless red lipstick.  Watch the spit drop from my mouth as I remove and replace my snorkel.  In my second scene I put on my fins and lay down in a bath full of water and submerge my face COMPLETELY!  Once in control of my breath, I begin to play with my naked body. 

My third scene is the most daring! Here I remove and replace my snorkel mouthpiece, blowing bubbles underwater whilst my face is completely submerged. I demonstrate most epic breath control skills!  

Finally, because I am a spanko and love a red bottom, I kneel in the bath and plant my face in the water before giving my bottom a thorough thrashing!  I do love to try something new!  Love your snorkel gear? You will enjoy these scenes with me immensely!

Find this quirky clip here:

Sailor Girl Masturbates:

I am wearing the CUTEST Japanese-style sailor school uniform in this clip and I quickly find myself feeling very hot!  I begin to play with myself, my fingers pleasuring myself over my white cotton panties, before I allow my fingers to wander inside for more intimate pleasure.  Now really wet, I notice a vibrator on the bedside cabinet.  Can I resist playing with it?  Of course not and so I give myself a MASSIVE orgasm!!

Mile High Club F-machine Fun:

As one of the Captain's favourite air stewards, I am desperate to join his exclusive Mile High Club.  However, I must audition first and prove my worth to the Captain, and today's task is to take the F-machine good and hard in my pussy in various different positions for your entertainment!  Dressed in my Air Stewards outfit, stockings and patent heels, you will just love this erotic scene shot using two different camera angles!

I hope you enjoy them. I know I did!

Wednesday, 23 February 2022


Hello folks!!

 PSA 🚨: From 26th February - 6th March I will be offline due to diving in the middle of nowhere sans signal! If you want to book in for BU or anything else do still email but I cannot reply until 6th March.

Much love to you all! 


Monday, 21 February 2022

A review of my (in)famous Bottoms Up parties

 Hello folks!  One of my lovely gents, John Duncan, has allowed me to share his experiences of Bottoms Up with you.  I hope you enjoy reading it:

Bottoms Up 14 October 2021

I arrived at the venue 20 minutes early and waited around until the doors opened at noon. I was about to enter when I bumped into a close friend coming the other way.

The venue was empty but Leia soon appeared with costumes for the girls. Today’s theme was Oktoberfest. The magnificent dresses were pink and white with black bows set off with long white tights. Kandy and Emma went off to change shortly followed by Leia as the guests started to arrive. As is traditional at Bottoms Up we were all offered a glass of bubbly before the party. The music was put on as a background to the action.

 Emma and Kandy soon returned and I chatted with them before Katharina appeared and I made some introductions. Donna and Lucy soon arrived with the other guests. We paid our tribute and had a sticky label with our name on stuck to us. For once I was the only John.

In the first round at Bottoms Up the gentleman are invited to give our host the lovely Miss Leia-Ann Woods 6 strokes of the cane. Donna acted as matron of ceremonies and invited me to have first go. This is not something a spankaholic declines so I caned her beautiful bottom 6 times over her pretty pink knickers.

The other guests followed suit with some pulling down Leia’s knickers. We all watched admiring the beating Leia took and enjoyed so much.

Part 2

The girls were then all given a list of the gentlemen’s names, all in a different order. They would search out the gentleman ask them to select an implement before heading for their designated chair and table which were spread around the room.

I was top of Emma’s list and I had the enjoyable job of spanking her bottom, initially over a sexy pair of black lace knickers, before I pulled them down to see her drop dead gorgeous bottom set off by a matching black suspender belt and tights. At the invitation of Leia I then paddled Emma’s bottom.

Four other gentleman were dealing with the other girls. Before it was time to change and five more men were sought to continue the spanking. When not actually spanking the other gents talk and drink whilst admiring the delectable derrières. And delectable they were.

Leia was the next one to find me and I was invited to choose an implement and whack her. I selected another paddle and spanked her 12 times.

On the 7th round the lovely Kandy asked me to spank her. Regular readers will know she was my 2019 girl of the year. I haven’t seen her for a while but she was as lovely as ever. She was wearing some pink/cerise panties. In addition to spanking her I strapped her too.

In the 10th round the ‘pocket rocket’ Donna sought me out. Although I spanked her we spent more time talking whilst I admired her white see through panties. She did get a small leather paddle applied to her bottom.

There were three more rounds before it was time for a scrumptious buffet lunch. As we queued Hot Chocolate’s ‘You Sexy Thing’ from ’The Full Monty’ was playing. Seeing the line of men Leia and Lucy suggested we men enter into the spirit so I swayed to the music and undid all the buttons on my shirt which caused some hilarity. Sadly no one else joined in. I buttoned up and selected my choice of food. I found a corner of the stage to sit on and talked to the fabulous Emma and Leia.

Part 3

After lunch we resumed and the ‘tigger’ of the spanking world Lucy invited me to see her. She is always so enthusiastic and such a lovely person with a gorgeous bottom encased in some longer style black lace knickers. Nevertheless I spanked her and then applied a long strap to her bare bottom.

I then went and chatted with the magnificent Katharina as her next two gents had left early. It was then time for me to spank her initially over her cerise see through knickers followed by a long tawse to her bare bottom. She promised to get revenge! I took some photos of Katharina but the lighting wasn’t good and the subject looked green!

There were two more rounds before the canes came out. Using the list of gents names the girls had, they invited the men to cane them 6 times. First up were Donna, Lucy and Katharina. I caned them all 6 times as did the the other gents. There were no over zealous hard hitters to admonish. 

Once completed Emma and Kandy took their places. I was the first to cane Emma after pulling down her panties before Katharina dragged me into the neighbouring bar as she wanted to see my knickers. I was wearing white ones fringed in pink lace featuring three pink bows over the bulge at the front. I lay over her knees and she proceeded to spank me-hard. Being spanked by Katharina is one of the most pleasurable experiences known to spankaholics.

The lovely Donna appeared and slapped my bottom before delving between my legs and whacking my balls. As you will realise dear reader this is both thrilling but extremely painful! The juxtaposition of pleasure and pain is difficult to explain. Katharina also had a grope before Donna suggested Katharina should whack the inside of my thighs. Fortunately she only hit me 6 times as it was very painful but without the thrill!

We embraced before they found another victim and I returned to the main area to cane Kandy.

Part 4

Leia announced that last year had been the 10th anniversary of Bottoms Up and as way of a celebration she asked the girls to cane her. So we watched Donna, Kandy and Katharina each give Leia 6 hard strokes. Emma and Lucy were engaged in the adjacent room spanking some naughty men. 

It was approaching 5.00pm and I was keen for one more beating. As three guys left after their spanking I returned to the switch room where I was greeted by Kandy, Emma and Katharina. Katharina felt I should show the other girls my pants. I gave a quick twirl before I was bent over a chair and each of them caned me 6 times. It was great and my bottom had that lovely tingly throbbing sensation that I so love. What a wonderful conclusion to a fabulous party.

The girls got changed before most of us headed for the local pub. I bought a few drinks and joined the group at one of the tables. There was a great deal of interesting and informative conversation before people headed for their trains, homes and hotels. As people were about to leave we hugged, kissed and shook hands with one another. 

I left at 7:15pm and walked to a local railway station accompanied by two friends heading in my direction. My train soon arrived and I got to Marylebone by 8:00pm only to find my train was delayed, fortunately for not too long.

I wrote most of this report on the train eventually getting home at 10:04pm after another brilliant party with so many lovely people

My next party is on 17th March, so get in touch to book your place today as this event is ALREADY half full!!

Much love, 

Leia xxx

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Winter Updates!

 Hello all!

Sorry it has been so long!  I do hope you are well and have had a good January.  I was terribly lucky to be able to get away and go on a (highly delayed!) diving holiday. Amongst the joy was my ability to get involved in some coral conservation.  Very exciting indeed!

I have STILL been putting up a daily video on my OnlyFans, some of which are clips that you ONLY get to see if you are a member.  I have nearly 800 clips on there and over 4K pics and if you want to see them ALL (I am no archiver!) then join me today and explore my kinky journey with me today here:

I have of course been uploading my hot clips onto my store over at my Clips4Sale, where I have over 120 clips for you to choose from.  From traditional spanking scenes right up to my playing on the F-machine I explore ALL my kinks over at my Clips4Sale.  Find it here:

Here are all my latest updates:


I love to experiment with my BDSM, and I love to experiment with my content too, so here is a clip that combines the two to produce something truly beautiful but oh so hot at the same time.

Featuring a LOT of close up shots, this clip examines close up some of the features of BDSM play. The collaring of a female submissive, the use of a gag to muffle her cries, teasing the nipples and controlling them with pegs and finally, pegging the pussy lips.  I told you it was hot!

Filmed in Black and White, you will love this clip, a set of vignettes as it really does mix art with BDSM so beautifully....

Find it here:

Awaiting Punishment:

Discipline is TERRIBLY strict at this school for ladies.  I find this out the hard way when I break the rules and find myself outside the Head's office awaiting his strap and his cane.

Here, part of the punishment is the waiting in position for the corporal punishment to begin. The positions expose me, and are designed to humiliate me as well as fill me with the trepidation of what is to come.  Not only that, all my classmates will see my predicament when they finish their lessons, SO EMBARRASSING

 I find myself in trouble four times in this clip, and the positions I find myself in are VERY humiliating....especially when I have to lower  my knickers and stick my bottom high in the air....

Find this clip here:

Pussy Punishment:

At this school for ladies we are expected to control our carnal urges without fail. I have always struggled to control myself and often find my fingers wandering into my white cotton knickers. Unfortunately the punishment here is not a simple telling off but Pussy Discipline, where I must sit in from of your class, part my legs wide and slap my pussy hard, both over my panties and on my exposed pussy.  The humiliation!

Find the hotness here:

Bedtime Punishment Pyjama Positions:

If I get myself in trouble at School, I am punished by the Headmaster. If I get into trouble in House, then I am in trouble with the Housemaster, and he has his own methods of punishing us pupils. Part of his punishment is to have us wait, in position for the punishment we are due to receive on our bottoms before bed. So, in my pyjamas I am adopt three different positions over three nights to receive my punishment from you, the House Master.

Spanking myself in the shower:

I love a hot shower, I love the feel of the water as it pours over my skin. But what would it feel like to be spanked in the shower?  Today I wanted to find out, so I put on a pair of white cotton panties and headed for my bathroom!  I first wet my bottom in my knickers, then spank myself over my knickers and then on my bare bottom.  Not content with the feel of my hand on my bottom, I fetch a spatula from the kitchen and treat my bottom to a thorough dose of swats with this wooden implement!

Dry Humping at School:

I am just too naughty and simply cannot control my dirty thoughts. Overcome with the urge to sate my pussy I rub myself against whatever I can find in my school uniform, rubbing myself against my leather chair faster and faster until I reach climax.  I try it first of all over my white cotton school knickers and then, to my shame I pull my panties down and hump the chair once more, my bare pussy rubbing furiously against the corner of the chair. Oh MY!!

Foam Party:

I love having a bath and cleaning myself.  I also love to take the opportunity to have some fun during bath time. In this film I once more channel the film period I love dearly; the silent movies and play with the bath bubble AND myself, whilst spanking myself.  Just watch those bubbles go ALL over the place!

Hot Preppy School Girl:

Schoolgirl Leia has found a new book to read in the library, but little does she know of its hot content!  Looking VERY preppy in her school shirt, pleated skirt and tie, white over-knee socks, heels and glasses, Leia begins to read her book.  

And OH MY does it make her hot. This preppy schoolgirl soon forgets her ways as she becomes hotter and hotter under her collar. stripping off her tie and unbuttoning her shirt, Leia begins to play with her breasts, nipples and pussy in this VERY hot clip....

Clothespins, Vibrators and Orgasms:

I love to play and play good and hard. Today I am stark naked and have just a couple of props to take me to orgasm.  First I place clothespins on my nipples and my pussy lips.  This gives me JUST the sensitivity I need to get maximum pleasure. Now, out comes the vibrator, and the pussy pegs really enhance the sensation, giving me a MASSIVE orgasm, however I am not done yet!  I take a dildo, and pump my pussy hard until I orgasm AGAIN!  If you love intimate play scenes, then this is the clip for you!

That's it folks!  I do hope you enjoy them all!

Friday, 17 December 2021

December bumper post!

 Hello folks!  So sorry to be absent, but I have been away (finally!) and have returned to a mountain of things to do (now reduced to a molehill).  I do hope all are well, despite the continued onslaught of chaos the world sees fit to throw at us.  

I am STILL keeping up with TWO updates a day over at my OnlyFans.  A video clip and a photo set is up every day for you to enjoy with gusto.  Not only that, a substantial amount of content I post over there is exclusive to my OnlyFans, so if you want to know more about what makes me tick, then this is the place to be.  Subscribe to my super hot page here:

PLUS you may sit yourself in the hallowed Director's chair and order a custom film with me, where your dreams and desires may be brought to life by yours truly.  What are you still doing here?!

I know there are many of you out there that prefer individual download for all your LAW content, and if that is the case, then you will want to head over to my Clips4Sale page where you will find ALL my hot full-length clips for you to buy, download and enjoy.  Find them here:

Want to find out what's new?  Read on!

School-girl Leia spanked by the ghostly gamekeeper:

I have been sent off to the Old Schoolhouse building for a detention, where I must read the dictionary from beginning to end.  I am nervous, as I have heard the rumours going about the school of a Ghostly Gamekeeper seen in this building.  It cannot be true....can it?

Well!  I begin my detention but I am in for a HUGE shock when I feel my skirt being lifted up and my bottom being spanked by none other than the invisible Ghostly Gamekeeper!  He spanks my bottom good and hard leaving my bottom VERY RED before kicking my legs apart to expose and humiliate me to finish my detention. How humiliating!

School Detention Spanking:

I am frequently very naughty at school ,and known to talk back to my teachers. Not for the first time I have been sent to the headmaster, but today he is planning to try something new.  A more traditional method of punishment.  I am to receive a spanking across his knee, first over my knickers and then on my bare bottom, oh MY!!  

Filmed using two angles you have the pleasure of watching my cheeks go red AND my facial expressions as it does so.  If you like traditional spanking scenes then you will LOVE this one I have made for you!

School Detention Strap:

As you know, I am frequently very naughty at school ,and known to talk back to my teachers. Not for the first time I have been sent to the headmaster, but today he is planning to try something new.  A more traditional method of punishment.  I am to receive the strap across my bottom, first over my knickers and then on the bare, OUCHIES!

Filmed using two camera angles you have the pleasure of watching my bottom go red AND my facial expressions as it does.  Traditional spanking scene lovers rejoice!

School Detention Caning:

I have been caught out at school misbehaving once too often, so the Headmaster has decided to make an example out of me. He is going to cane me.  His dreaded cane is to tickle me first across my knickers but then, I must take my knickers down and taste his cane on my bare cheeks!  This is particularly humiliating for me as the position requested is ankles at shoulder-width, meaning I shall be VERY exposed indeed!

find this clip here:

F-Machine Training!

It has been a while since I have been able to play on my F-machine, so when the opportunity arose I was determined to REALLY enjoy it.  I kneel down, part my legs and take it, slowly at first before speeding it up.  I soon need to spice it up, however, placing an open-mouth gag in my mouth.  My mouth is so vulnerable....would you use it whilst I was being stretched from behind by the machine?  To spice it up further I remove the gag and cuff my hands, rendering myself held in position for the machine's relentless pumelling.  Finally, I REALLY spice it up by reddening my bottom, with a wooden spoon and my hand!

Filmed using two angles, you are treated to my reactions and the machine's ministrations as I complete my training session of submission on the machine.  Am I ready to serve? 

Fully Fashioned F-machine Fun:

Oh I do love my alliterations! I also love my training on the F-machine.  Here, I am legs apart and in the air, in a lacy lingerie set and a pair of fully fashioned nylon stockings.  See me train myself to be gagged, cuffed and spanked whilst the machine pounds away at my increasingly wet pussy. I just can't help enjoying it!  See me taking it good and hard in this clip.....

French Maid Dry Humping:

You have set me the task of cleaning your house, dressed in my finest French maid's outfit.  In my high heels and fully fashioned seamed stockings I quickly find myself getting a little frisky.  Mop in hand I start dry humping the handle, writhing against it filled with ecstasy.  I hump the mop handle over my panties, before giving in to my desire and pulling my knickers to one side to thrust my wet pussy against the handle. This is soooooo hot!!

Awaiting the Cane from the Head:

I have been sitting outside for nearly half an hour now.  I am so nervous that I must share how I feel on camera with you, how my nerves are making me feel and what is to come when I enter the head's office. Unable to sit still, I describe what I expect to happen to me in great detail, even showing you how I will be expected to present my bottom for the cane. Then, you see my reactions after my 12 strokes from the Head.  Tearful and full of remorse I describe my dread of further punishment when I get home in this verbal story clip!

Secretary Striptease:

I am your secretary, and I love to please you in any way I can.  Today, you ask me for a sensual dance and I am most happy to oblige! In my high heels, vintage stockings, pencil skirt and blouse, I dance sensually to the music, slowly stripping off for you in this VERY erotic clip!

That is all folks!  I do hope you enjoy all my content, as I have so much fun making it! much love to you xxx 

Monday, 25 October 2021

October Updates for you!

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