Wednesday 25 October 2023

Changes to my membership site and other updates

 Hello folks!  I hope this post finds you well!  I have made some changes to my OnlyFans site, which I hope you will enjoy.  I now post a FULL LENGTH clip once a week, with photo gallery updates on all other days.  This not only results in you receiving more content, but the content I give you is no longer fractured into segments.  Like the idea of this? Thought you might!  Find it here:

There has much been going on over at my Clips4Sale too, so if you like to pick and choose what you see me in, then go and take a browse at my store, where you will find over 240 clips, covering pretty much all my kinks from traditional spanking to F-machine play!  

Latest updates include:

Playing with my hairy pussy:

I have let my pussy hair grow more than ever before and I wanted to have a play with it! I begin by gently fingering myself, using the hair to bring me pleasure. I then use my favourite vibe, because I can never resist that, giving myself my first orgasm. Wanting to feel something deeper, I put on some nitrile gloves and insert my fingers inside my increasingly wet pussy, one by one until I have them all deep in there! Finally, I want to see how clothespins would feel, so I put several on each lip, even discovering that I can make my pussy lips 'clap' with these on! Of course what goes on must come off, so I complete my play session by removing each clothespin nice and slow to reveal my wet, hot, sore pussy for you!

Burlesque wiggle and jiggle:

Some folks know this, but in case you don't, I used to be a professional ballet dancer who also studied burlesque, so when Jiggle June came up I just couldn't resist. Putting on my vintage lingerie and stockings, high heels and nipple pasties I perform a burlesque wiggle and jiggle just for you. There is a lot of shimmies, bottom shakes and all those sexy moves you love. Inspired by the vintage look of a bygone age, I hope you enjoy my dance for you...

Scuba Spanking:

In this scene I combine two of my favourite things; scuba and spanking! In the bath, to make sure my skin is nice and soft and wet, I place my scuba regulator (attached to my scuba cylinder) in my mouth and begin to breathe from it whilst I spank my bottom bright red to match my bikini bottoms! I then take them down and spank my bare bottom further, all the while breathing from my scuba regulator. It is my thickest leather paddle next, and you can hear my cries through my scuba regulator as I paddle my bottom over my bikini bottoms and then on the bare with this fearsome paddle. Finally, it is a lovely wooden paddle for me as I relentlessly punish my bottom with it, again over my red bikini bottoms first before finishing on my bare, red, sore bottom. All through this scene I am breathing through my scuba regulator, making this quite an individual scene!

School underwear inspection and punishment:

I must undergo an embarrassing underwear inspection. I have failed before, so I am nervous today as I know I will be due a turn on the Punishment Chair if I don’t pass today, which will be VERY embarrassing indeed! The punishment chair is well known by us all as we pass it every day on our way to class. It is a stool with a dildo cock attached, which ladies who are being punished are made to sit on in the corridor. When my knickers are found to have wetness, I know this fate awaits me....on day one I must suffer the stool as is, but on day two I am to place deep heat on the cock so that my pussy will burn hot and remind me to never get wet in my school knickers again.
This film has come as a result of a fantasy I had Friday night, so I brought it to reality, just for you!

Anal F-Machine spit roast:

I have to try the highest level of training at Onurnees school for submissive women. Watch me insert the f-machine into my bottom hole and have it work me faster and faster for you. Whilst the machine puts my anus to work, I must suck on the dildo cock at the same time! With my tongue, mouth and bottom put to good use, I really am pushed to my limit. Question is, did I pass?!

Foot-job and bastinado punishment:

When you have me give you a foot job, I do my best to comply. I try to please you with my long toes, high ballet dancer arches and toenails painted red. However, I know that if I fail to meet your exacting standards I must administer a punishment to the soles of my feet. I am to use three implements. A short, stiff leather strap, a wooden ruler and a cane. Foot fetishists and bastinado lovers rejoice, as this scene is absolute heaven for you!

A study in liquids:

I do love getting arty on occasion with my clips, and here is just one of those. In this scene I head to the showers and experiment with how differing liquids behave on my naked skin. Namely my bottom and breasts! I start with a sponge soaked in water and pour it over my boobies and bottom, including in slow-motion for added affect. I then try the same thing with baby oil, which leaves my breasts and bottom very shiny! Finally I use a body cream on both body parts to see how it differs. Which is your favourite on me and why?

Bath brush self spanking:

I have been having a clear out at home and I discovered a wooden bath brush that I didn't even know I had! Never wanting to miss an opportunity to give myself a sore bottom, I decided to have a play with it. I spank myself over my knickers and then on my bare bottom, the knickers being traditional school navy and maroon because they are my favourite! Once I have made my bottom cherry red I bend over, legs apart to apply cream to my sore bottom. I shall not be sitting comfortably for the rest of the day!

Silent Punishment:

This is something a little quirky for you. I had so much fun filming it and even more editing the scene. With masturbating, pussy punishment and bottom spanking with my wooden spaghetti grabber I hope the action pleases you! There is even an orgasm at the end! I have even added the captions to give you the silent era authenticity. If you like something a little different you will LOVE this clip!

Orgasm Control:

I need to learn to control myself. I have no idea how it feels to put my body in your control. However today, I am in your hands as I must play with myself enough to get my pussy nice and wet, but I may only cum when you tell me to do so. And you have me beg good and hard before you release me!

Saucy personal maid:

I have been employed as your maid and have been instructed to wear a very short skirt and matching lingerie! You like to watch me clean and give me instructions as you go. Finally, you have me polish something that has needed cleaning for a while...

Flexible fingering:

It is no secret that I am an ex-ballet dancer and in this clip I use the flexibility I gained during my training to my advantage! I adopt several very revealing and highly exposed positions to masturbate furiously! Watch me adopt each pose, and see how far into orgasm I get!

Awaiting an appointment with the Headmaster:

I have never been in trouble before, but today I find myself sent out of class to await an appointment with you, the Headmaster. However firstly I am to wait in the corridor in the most embarrassing manner, my skirt up at first and then my knickers down showing off my bare bottom to the entire school! This is to set an example to the others, but is very humiliating for me. Sometimes it is the wait, the anticipation of punishment that is worse than the punishment itself! 

A traditional method: A strict regime:

I simply cannot control my sexual urges and my husband is at his wits end.  Today, he has sent me to an institution which has a 100% record at curing ladies like me with their insatiable urges.  When I arrive I am shocked to find the Matron (voiceover by me) instructs me to strip and put on the regulation uniform, consisting of a white vest and knickers.  Before I am to see the good Dr I must proceed with a preparatory regime.  On Day one I my spank myself 24 times good and hard with the wooden bath brush over my white cotton knickers.  Day two is even harder, because not only am I still sore from day one, but this time I must repeat my punishment on my bare bottom.  I make quite the fuss!  Unfortunately Matron has no patience with this and sends me off to wet my knickers for my third day of punishment, just to really make it sting!  Just when I thought it cannot get any worse, Matron has a special punishment for me on day four:  I must scrub my pussy and anus red raw with the bath brush bristles to remind me of what happens to slutty wives.  The Dr now awaits me and those punishments will be experienced in the next scene...

That's all for now folks!  I do hope you have enjoyed all my saucy updates!

Tuesday 1 August 2023

Double joy and other updates!

 Hello folks,

I apologise for it being so long since I last posted a blog post, but with studying, vanilla work and then an infection to shake off it has been quite the couple of months.  I am sure you know I still do sessions on a 1-2-1 basis so I wanted to share a testimonial from a recent gentleman I saw with Carrie. 

I recently had the opportunity to meet Sub Carrie and Leia-Ann Woods for a double session. What an unforgettable experience!

Both ladies dressed meticulously in line with what I had asked for, and gave me the friendliest of welcomes on my arrival, even though I was delayed for nearly an hour by train issues. It's a mark of their true professionalism that they nevertheless put me completely at my ease and still gave me the full time we had planned, without any sense at all that we were up against the clock.

I deliberately hadn't devised a roleplay scenario; why would you ask two such wonderful people to be anyone but themselves? But we tried a variety of positions and implements, the ladies being scrupulously respectful of my limits, and very generous with their own. It was the easiest thing in the world to trust them completely.

All I can say is that the reality of a meeting with Carrie and Leia exceeds anyone's expectations. Personally, I can't wait to see them both again, even though I may need to move further south first.

Want a session with Carrie and I?  Of course you do.  Find out more about me by growing this blog and Carrie at:

We look forward to hearing from you....and hopefully playing with you!

In other news there is still a couple of dates to grab 75% off my OnlyFans for your first month!  This is quite the special offer and once it is gone, it is gone.  You have until August 4th!  Go get subscribed to my world and find out what makes me tick.

Enjoy folks!!

Saturday 20 May 2023

Funsies with myself and others!

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Sunday 5 March 2023

March madness!

 Hello all! Apologies again for a long delay between posts, I have been distracted with the vanilla world and getting my next diving qualification!  A lot of you have asked my about my OnlyFans and what makes it individual.  Well, other than a chance to see all my full-length clips in episode form, there is a huge and ever growing archive of exclusive pictures and clips, many of which share with you my most intimate moments and thoughts.  I am quite a private person, so you will not find this content elsewhere!  You want to join now, don't you?!  well you can by clicking below!

Now, as you know I love to get creative and produce full-length clips as well.  I have been known to produce anything from my traditional spanking scenes, right up to F-machine play and SCUBA fetish (I know!).  You will find over 215 of my clips over at my store here:

Here are my most recent additions:

Victorian Maid, thoroughly punished:

When Leia the new maid fails to show aptitude at laying a fire in the parlour, she is expecting to receive some discipline.  However, she does not expect to be taken over her Master's knee!  First she is spanked and with her splitters leaving her bottom exposed, Leia is humiliated from the start....however, her cheeks blush further when the Master spreads Leia's legs for a further spanking.  The Master is not done with Leia, however and deals with her further with the wooden spoon, a subliminal message for Leia's ineptitude!  Finally, he treats Leia to a dose of his leather riding crop before having her lay the fire again, this time with a very red and sore bottom on display!

Find this clip here:

You can leave your (hard) hat on!

Bit of fun for you all this one! Dressed in a hard hat, high viz jacket, denim shorts and tank top I give myself a proper good drilling with my dildo cock using multiple positions to find my sweetest of spots!  You will find I manage just that with more than one orgasm on film!  I finish the scene with a sexy constructor strip tease to give you just the pleasure you need!

Find this clip here:

Beautiful Boobies:

I don't often get a chance to play with my tits, so when I saw a window I grabbed them with both hands!  Watch me build on my play, beginning with some bouncing play.  The shots include slo-mo and extreme close-up shots!  Next I move onto some very close- up nipple play with my nails and clothespins.  I must make my boobies nice and red so I decide to give them a thorough slapping, first with my hand, then with a strap and finally with a really mean looking paddle!  By the end my tits are bright red and sore and need cooling off with some cream, which I apply very liberally!

If you like breast play then you will just LOVE this clip dedicated to nothing else!

Find it here:

Sock Job:

You just love a sock job, don't you?  Watch me enjoy giving you a sock job today!  First I am in my tennis whites, white ankle socks and panties - which I remove to finish you off!  Then, I am in a traditional school uniform with white patterned knee socks and white panties - and yes, I do remove my panties to give you a glimpse of my pussy whilst my feet finish you off!  Finally, I am in a white gym shirt, navy knickers and navy over-knee socks - yes you guessed it, I bring you to climax without my navy PE knickers on, using just my gorgeous balletic feet!

Find it here:

I hope you enjoy them...they were, as ever, fun to make!

Monday 16 January 2023

New Year updates!

 Hello folks!  Bit late I know, but happy New Year!  It has been a while since my last post because I went away diving in Grenada and then spent Christmas with my family.  I have been busily catching up ever since.  

You all know I have an Only Fans page, where I post a lot of work that is unique to that page as well as segmented clips of my full-length films.  Well, I am now well over 1000 clips on that page and approximately 5,300 photos!  I don't archive anything so if you join today you will have access to my COMPLETE library of content....all you will need is plenty of time to make your way through it all!  As a member I also offer custom clips at discounted rates, so you may take the director's chair and have me do your bidding on film...what's not to like?!

I have been making some updates on my Clips4Sale site too, so if you like my content in full-length format then head over to my page to take a browse of my 212 clips available on this page!

Leia Severely punished by the headmaster:

Leia has been set some maths problems, which she completes ahead of time.  Bored, Leia has a naughty thought and enacts upon it by drawing rude pictures all over her work.  Unfortunately the Headmaster arrives and Leia is unable to hide her work in time.  A punishment beckons Leia's bottom!  Leia finds herself given a thorough spanking, over her school skirt, then her navy knickers, before suffering the indignity of a spanking on her bare bottom!  Leia's punishment does not end there, however as she is bent over for the headmaster's strap.  OUCH!!  Leia is sent to the corner to await the cane, while the Head deals with another matter.  This makes Leia nervous as being made to wait is almost worse than the punishment itself.  Finally, the cane is due and Leia is bent over once more to taste the Head's senior cane.  Leia's corporal punishment is over, however she is sent to the corner once more, this time with her knickers down to set an example to other pupils!

If you love a traditional all-action school scene with authentic uniforms and settings, you will LOVE this scene!

find this clip here:

Sports Day spanking:

Leia hates PE and decides to try and sneak out for a crafty cigarette.  However, she is surprised by the Headmaster passing through the gym, who takes smoking very seriously indeed!  Leia is taken across the Head's knee for a spanking every her navy sports knickers, before having them lowered for more on her bare bottom.  Ignoring her cries of apologies, the Head decides to punish Leia further with her own plimsoll, over her navy sports knickers AND on her bare implement Leia dislikes intensely!  

Leia now thinks that her punishment is over, but the head has one more unusual punishment for her and has her stand with legs apart.  She must stretch her arms out and then bend over to touch her toes.  Every time Leia touches her toes, the Head applies his leather strap to Leia's taught and stretched bottom.  He has her do this 18 times with her knickers on, and the has Leia take them off for 18 more strokes.  Painful and humiliating, this is a punishment Leia is unlikely to forget!

Find this clip here:

Secretary punished:  

Leia thinks she is in for an easy ride when she takes on a new job as a private secretary for a rich country gentlemen.  How wrong could she be!  Leia finds out the hard way that this gentleman is very much into his domestic discipline and proceeds to spank, slipper and cane Leia to ensure she works hard whilst she is in his employment.  

These scenes are shot with two camera angles so you may see Leia's facial AND bottom cheeks glowing red!

Find this clip here:

Enjoy folks!

Sunday 13 November 2022

November News!

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Sunday 25 September 2022

Back to School in September!

Hello folks, I hope you are all doing well.  I have just returned from a week's walking holiday in Devon and have just finished editing an epic schoolgirl film, which is going up on my OnlyFans a la Dickens (episode form!) right now!  Join today to see this and over 1K other clips of me, much of which is exclusive to my fans page.  This includes:

- Cum Play With Me: Real fantasies of mine, which I share only with you as I bring myself to some truly massive climaxes

- ALL my full-length clips in episode form for those that prefer my content in this format!

- Domme pictures of me as I explore my dark side further.

- Take the Director's chair and order a custom clip with me

- 1000s of pictures of me and exclusive content.

Find me here, where new subscribers get their first month 50% off!

I also have over 200 full-length clips available on my Clips4Sale store, featuring my central love of spanking but also taking you on my journey of exploring other fetishes such as F-machine play and all manner of BDSM-based funsies!

Find it here:

I have a few new clips online since my last blog post, and I know you are just dying to hear all about them:

Leia Homeschooled and punished:

Thinking the Master has gone out, Leia calls up her friend and arranges to sneak out and meet her. Unfortunately, the Master is very much in and is not impressed!  He wastes no time in beginning Leia's much-deserved punishment and hauls her across his knee for a long, hard spanking on her bottom.  Leia's troubles do not end there though, as the Master plans to drive the message home with his trusty strap, doling out no less than 36 strokes, 18 across Leia's navy school knickers and 18 on her bare bottom.  To make sure Leia has no plans to behave in this way in the future, the Master bends her over to touch her toes for the cane.  

After her punishment, Leia is instructed to call her friend and tell her exactly what has just happened to her, much to Leia's embarrassment, before being sent to the corner to think about her behaviour for an hour. Leia can only hope that the Master does not have any visitors in that time!

Close-Up pussy play:

There is so much happening in this play clip!  I love to play with my pussy and here is some really close up fun for you to enjoy! I play with clothespins right on my clit, candle wax aplenty, baby oil, and an ice cube in this intimate clip.  I do hope you enjoy my pleasure/pain dichotomy as much as I do!

Red Nails, Naked Flesh, Red Heels:

Naked except for my patent red heels, I explore my naked body like never before. I enjoy the pleasure pain dichotomy of slapping my breasts until they redden sharply.  Next I spank my bottom in both the diaper position and bent over, tightening my bottom cheeks attempting to match the redness in my flesh to that of my heels and nails. I slap my pussy until it is a deep crimson before finally turning my attention to my inner thighs...

Cock Sucking Academy:

I have been set the task of dildo sucking at the Cock Sucking Academy, and I must pass this test to move forward. In order to help my cause, I stick my dildo to a mirror and being to show my skills.  However, it seems I need more to focus my skills so I place a slave collar around my neck and the insert a butt plug.  I try fingering myself and using my vibe, but I fear that is distracting me from my test. To really impress you, my examiner, I use two different mouth training devices to train my mouth to open nice and wide and ensure my tongue is worked very hard!

Naughty Nun Fantasies:  

Unable to control her urges, novice Leia starts to fantasise about her fellow female novices.  Succumbing to the sins of the flesh, Leia masturbates to her fantasies, even using a confiscated vibrator she has found in Step-Mother Superior's drawer. Finally, with her eyes drawn to the disciplinary canes, Leia rubs her hot pussy had and fast with one of them, bringing herself to an enormous orgasm!

Find this here:

Hope you enjoy them!  I surely enjoyed making them!


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