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As you know I no longer do 1-2-1 sessions, but my insatiable desire to play means I just love to get together with my friends for some kinky fun!  I am sure you know ALL these names very well by now, but just in case you don't....


Carrie and I have such a rapport together, it is like we have known each other since forever!  Whether you are playing with us as our Domme or you dare to switch, our sessions are kinky, fun and full of spanking!  We play at Carrie's venue in Central London on week days.  Find out more about Carrie here:

Sam Johnson:

Sam and I have known each other forever (even sharing a flat for a year back in 2006!), and we just love to get together for a play session.  We use various venues so do find out more on location when you enquire.  We are submissive and do switch, but be careful what you wish for!  Find out more about Sam here:

Miss Brown:

I have had many a memorable session with this lady, acting as a submissive to Miss Brown and you, or as a submissive with you on the receiving end.  Nobody does traditional realistic CP scenes like this lady, so get in touch today so we may bring your ultimate fantasy to life.  Find out more about Miss Brown here:

Miss Jessica Hyde:

Probably the most sensual lady I know, playing with myself and Miss Hyde is an experience you will never forget!  Impact play abounds, but the sensual BDSM lover in me is brought out with this lady, so if you want to experience something more along these lines then get in touch and we shall see if we can bring your fantasy to reality.  Find out more about Jessica Hyde here:

To get in touch with me to find out more about playing with myself and any of my friends (and I just know you are dying to do so!), contact me here with as much detail as you can at

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