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About Bottoms Up:

 At Bottoms Up we aim to run a party with a difference! Gentlemen will be greeted on arrival with a glass of champagne and a chance to meet and get to know our ladies before the action begins. Our host Leia-Ann Woods is quite incorrigable with her unladylike behaviour and will be bent over and have her bottom bared for a cold caning. Six of the best from each of you gentlemen is just what this lady deserves! Once Miss Woods has been shown the error of her ways it is time for the other ladies to face the music with her. Gentlemen will be asked by each lady to see them for a 'mini' 1-2-1 session for a spanking and a good few strokes with a strap or paddle to correct their behaviour! We will break for a buffet lunch before the ladies are given a dose of good Olde English discipline; The cane. Each girl will be called up individually to receive six strokes from each gentleman. We hope such a punishment in front of an audience will have our ladies transformed to behave in the ladylike behaviour one should expect!

Party Dates for 2021:

My next Party:
The next party will be held on 11th November where the theme is, slumber party! Ladies will be wearing whatever they sleep in (oh my!!)  The party runs from 12.30-5.30pm (approx). Although the emphasis in on male top/female bottom, there is a chance for gentlemen to switch later on at the party. 
Ladies booked for this party are:

Leia (obviously!)
Jessica Hyde
Just Jessica
NEW GIRL Rebecca

Future dates:

Thursday 9th December


If you would like to join us please do let us know as soon as possible by :
Phone: 07595738626

I look forward to welcoming you to one of my events very soon!


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