Monday, 18 August 2008

Pandora's blogiversary celebrations!

The lovely pandora Blake has come up with a wonderful idea that not only celebrates her blog's second anniversary but also gets more people signing up to the best website on the net....which is you ask?


(if you are not a member by now I will hunt you down and cane you...and i am known to be quite hard, just ask the gent in the English Mansion!!)

The rules are simple (in the words of the lady herself):

"To contribute a stroke to my blogiversary caning, please join Northern Spanking and leave a comment on this entry with the username of your account. (Not the password!)- If you're already a member of Northern Spanking and would like to get involved, please leave a comment on this entry with your username. Existing signups will still contribute a stroke, but probably with a different implement.- If you'd like to vote on which implements are used for each set, please let me know your preference in the comments. I'm currently thinking the cane for comments from new signups, and the tawse or strap for comments from existing members, but I'm open to other suggestions.- If you've already done the above and still have the urge to hurt me (and help Paul and Lucy) then repost the link to this entry and spread the word"

so....want to find out more? click here and get going folks...should be great fun and is a great idea!



"if you are not a member by now I will hunt you down and cane you"

I am a member, can you still hunt me down and cane me :-)


idlethoughts said...

Good to see you are back blogging. My username for northern spoanking is rathfern and my preferred instrument is either the birch or the tawse.
Good luck with getting more people to sign up and thanks to Pandora. Will the anniversary be recorded?


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