Monday, 11 August 2008

Strictly English "My way of the Highway"

Another film you can see me in punk (and at times fluffy) girly costumes....a lot of fun to make this one, but my photographic memory caused me problems when trying to get the driving theory questions wrong, LOL! Check it out at Strictly English.

'My Way or the Highway'. Tony has taken on a lodger, Gillian, a ballet student (played by Leia Ann Woods) in exchange for her doing the housework To get out of doing the housework, Gillian practices some ‘revealing’ ballet positions in full view of Tony. Unfortunately for her, when her friend phones to suggest she borrow Tony’s car so they can go out to a club that evening, Tony overhears her on the phone bragging how she can wrap him round her little finger just by flashing her cute derriere at him. Big mistake. Tony decides it’s time to take matters in hand and gives her the spanking she’s been asking for as the price for letting her borrow his car. Matters go from bad to worse when Gillian arrives home very late and obviously the worse for drink. She gets another spanking with the promise of more to come in the morning when she has sobered up. To make matters worse still, the next morning Tony discovers that she has put a dent in his car. Seething with fury he sets out to teach her a lesson she will never forget. Whilst spanking her he makes her read relevant parts of ‘The Highway Code’. He then tests her on it, severely punishing any mistakes with the slipper, a wicked table tennis bat and finally of course, the cane.


Adrian Hardhand said...

Hello Leia

Since I have the SOL 11-site membership, I downloaded "My way." Charming video BUT your chastiser let you off much too easily!

Yrs in pervery, Adrian


I've tried getting into the position that your are in in the photograph and just cannot get my legs straight. Your bendyness is very impressive.


Leia-Ann Woods said...

HI Adrian - yes it was a lighter film in terms of CP, but maybe I wanted to go for something a bit different seeing as I seem to do so many "hard" style CP films....I like it!

Prefecdt - LOL! Thank you, my old life is what you can thank for that!

Adrian Hardhand said...

Hello Leia,

It isn't that I was disappointed with "My way." The young dancer is totally cute, and so is the way she tries and fails to manipulate her landlord to do what she wants. It's just that I enjoy yr videos best when you get a real walloping.

SOL also has the "Secretary" video. Watched it today, and found it *most* enjoyable. More, more, more!

Yrs in pervery, Adrian


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