Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Especially for Lucy

Given the imminent, sorry no REAL tawsing threat I have had from Lucy recently for naughtiness on the Northern Spanking message board I feel only correct in posting these pictures especially for her...as a sort of apology (though it does show I can take it so how this will work I am not really sure!)

Yes that is fear on the face....mixed with the usual scientific interest of "if the tawse is x length then what will be the velocity at the tip? hmmm....first I need to sit down and do some calculations..."

Gripping the bench for dear life as if letting go will be an admission of defeat!


lancisto said...

Oh dear, surely there will be extra for not folding the uniform neatly.

Unknown said...

Oh! yes Leia I saw these two clips and little wonder you hung oh to the bench so tight the tawse looks wicked is it a real Lochgelly? As far as tawsing by Lucy is concerned did Lady Woods not get a tawsing a year or two ago on account of a pink dress.

Winchester said...

Hi Leia-Anne

I have visited you daily for yonks - but have not commented for some while. You are still amongst the greatest for me - and I apologise for my lurking all through this troublous year for you. I should have had the courage to post. The whole community owes you fvor your courage in court.

I am posting now with a query. I kept (and shall keep) my Northern Spanking membership, alive because of all that happened this year. But I can't trace the "tawsing threat" (or promise) to which you refer. Can you direct me please?

Unknown said...

Shame on you winchester to desert when Leia_Ann deserved most support.
No dout she will reply to you when she is less busy because her degree is at a critical stage meantime look on the chat page under "missing film"

Leia I hope all is well with you.


idlethoughts said...

Hi, i loved this particular film and admired your bravery at holding on for fear of additional strokes, particularly the strokes that caught you quite low on the bottom.
I also liked the face-on shots. Are there any more films to come in the military discipline series on firmhand?
take care

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Hi all - yes Alan is right...it is in the chat page Winchester...and no worries good to see you are back. I am not sure how many have gone up on Firm Hand but I am sure we did ten clips, so not all are up yet

Leia xxx

Anonymous said...

Yes, that clip made my eyes water - you're a braver girl than I am! Though I have to say I *loved* seeing you hold that position at the very end - you have the best legs in the biz!

Lucy McLean said...

I've only just discovered this post Miss, and whilst I appreciate the blatant attempt at flattery to get you out of hole, it won't - as you may suspect - work. Since I last tawsed you, I have acquired a rather nice XH lochgelly.

It now has your name on it.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

ah good Lucy....i am glad the plan was such a mistake....and I look forward (I think) to seeign your new Lochgelly (eeeeeek!)


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