Thursday, 2 October 2008

Clare Fonda is starting a new site - very soon!

Sometime next week Clare Fonda's new site Spanked Call Girls is due to go live, and in the words of the lady itself this is what it is all about:

Spanked Call Girls is a combo of three faves - spanking, hotel rooms, and the institution of prostitution. While the last two are a natural fit, it is possible to get and give a good spanking in a hotel room, even if it is not the Suncoast with Shadowlane. Filming can be a little risky, and hotels/motels are small once you put a couple of lights up in them, but provided you don’t get too loud you can get a great “fly on the wall” vibe from shooting in a hotel room and it is a natural setting, of course, for a working girl ring. I had shot the Kara site for so long in my apartment and was getting terribly tired of shooting there. Come on, I am sure you can hear the occasional scratching and whining of my dog in the other room. I remember a model ( I wish I could remember who) scratching the floor during her spanking to match the sound. While there is no way around some shoots at my place for the domesticity of Spanked Sweeties, I started to fantasize about a pervy site where we could book a hotel and get a mini vacation out of shooting, and trust me after the shoot wraps my ass will be chilling out in that room watching pay per view.
By next week Kara should have changed over to Call Girls which, like Kara, will be a combination of spanking, anal punishments, soapings, and diaper training. The current content on Kara will be archived on Call Girls, or at least 70% of it. I feel that the edgy feel of the new site will lead us into some of our best spanking scenes yet and did I mention I have a thing for sleazy motels….How connnnveeeenient!

Lovely! I recently had the pleasure of meeting and filming some lovely spanking scenes with Clare Fonda for this site, so you will hopefully see yours truly on there being the British Brat of "doom" soon I hope! Do check it out!

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