Sunday, 22 February 2009

ask me a question...

Hello much is happening CP-wise I have been a bit on the quiet side for which I apologise. Anyway, since there is plenty of material out there about me and my CP life I can think of nothing right now to share with you that you might already know, however, is there something you would like to know that I have not answered yet? If so ask me a question in the message section below and if it is reasonalbe I will answer them all sometime next week. So, something you would like to know about me, dying to ask me something? Ask away my friends...


Afella said...

Hi Leia. It was great to be reacquainted again - and I can report to the legions of admirers that your enigmatic presence and loveliness have not been diminished by last year’s troubles.

I would like to pose a general question to the community via your good offices and garner your opinion on the viability of an idea.

I’ve long thought that the custodian of this blog would make a great narrator and host of a CP video which for a change broke away from the format we all know (and love) – a good ticking off, followed by spanking, strap/paddle, cane.

I’m not complaining you understand, and in recent times the quality of CP films has increased tenfold, but I still think there’s a gap for newbies; more detail for those struggling with their sexuality/fetish and wondering how to go about finding a partner who could share their bliss.

Judging by the internet volume of spanking-related material it is an incredibly popular ‘peccadillo’ but still pretty difficult for people to find either play partners or lovers. In part, I believe it’s because men and women, but particularly spankee women, feel too vulnerable to explore and express themselves. And although I’m a Top myself, I know a couple of sub guys who want to be spanked by a mature, dominant woman but don’t want the leather-clad BDSM mistress. They say it’s still difficult to find an understanding lady who can do it just right for them. (My apologies to the few who are really good at it and care about their charges).

I’d love to see a guide to the scene which explains the myriad flavours of fantasy, tops-and-bottoms, switches, techniques, instruments, role-play, safe-play, the physicality and the headspace. I’d like to see players in action but then talking through what they find exciting (and when it can go wrong). It’s impossible to cater for everyone’s taste but it would at least give some rational, comfort and understanding to those just discovering the scene. It would explain to guys that you can do it hard but only with the right person in the right circumstances and with the right technique.

It was only after a few years that I discovered that I enjoyed rubbing a lady’s bottom every bit as much as spanking and that the rubbing has brought more compliments than my spanking technique (which is obviously still lacking some finesse!). It’s only a hunch, but perhaps if women knew there was a wide range of sensual experiences to be explored and enjoyed with fellas who knew what they were doing they might be more willing to take the plunge.

Maybe the video could be embedded in a website which allows for safe introductions – scene ladies introducing curious women to Dom guys …. and all the other variations.

I know the highly-respected Shadowlane has produced such a thing (though I confess I haven’t seen it) and there are plenty of messageboards out there – but I get the impression they are not really working for most wannabees.

I think you have a deep connection with both the emotions involved and the community, and would be a fantastic guide to this strange but thrilling world.

Would love to hear some views.

bushb said...

Dear Leia, I'm assuming it was you under the name Erica Delemar in the Movie "Spanked Secretaries 'Antonia'"? If it was (loved it BTW), then the question is this - If it is in real life possible for you to 'want' or endure the spanking/caning because of what it does for you, then in your head are you the one in charge? Is the pleasure pshycological or physical?

Best regards, Bushb


Thanks for the chance to ask some questions.

1/ Have you any personal ambitions, within the scene, that you have yet to accomplish? Obviously only ones that you do not mind sharing, nothing to personal to you.

2/ What are your plans for the future as a professional model and spankee?


Leia-Ann Woods said...

hello folks, thank you for your questions so far, I will leave this post up for one week and then answer all questions within this post in a separate post next week


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