Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Re: Ask me a question . .

with respect to a film instructing on CP:

This is a difficult one, as it would be a most difficult film to produce. While I would be happy to take part or be involved in such a production I would imagine it would need much collaboration for it to stand any hope to work at all. It is a good idea, but not an easy one as different people would want to see different things and we all know how hard it is to please everybody! I hope this helps even though it is not a definitive answer.

Dear Leia, I'm assuming it was you under the name Erica Delemar in the Movie "Spanked Secretaries 'Antonia'"? If it was (loved it BTW), then the question is this - If it is in real life possible for you to 'want' or endure the spanking/caning because of what it does for you, then in your head are you the one in charge? Is the pleasure pshycological or physical?

Yes I do enjoy enduring such punishments, as this is a major part of my private life. for me the pleasure is both psychological and physical, but for me the most important aspect is the pyschological play and mind games involved in DD.

Have you any personal ambitions, within the scene, that you have yet to accomplish? Obviously only ones that you do not mind sharing, nothing to personal to you.

I don't really. Despite what it may seem I am not the most ambitious of souls!! However, I am just getting into the behind the scenes work and have gained a real interest in the behind the scenes, such as camera work and other such things. I am just getting into that sort of thing now and I am hoping to become more expert at it!

What are your plans for the future as a professional model and spankee?

No this is a difficult one. I have just fulfilled one of my dreams, which was to film for Shadow Lane, but as to other plans it depends on what the future brings really. I would one day like to do a film that really pushes me mentally and physically to my limits. I can imagine this to be rather exciting, especially when shared on film.

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