Wednesday, 29 April 2009

This is not a holiday camp....

I have just had the most amazing experience in my scene life so far. I have had a dream fulfilled so first of all I must thank Niki Flynn, Henry Higgins, Andi Switch and of course the expert in interrogation who was brought in the do just what I had asked for; a hard-core interrogation. It was amazing and I really don't think I will ever forget it.
The psychological torment began the day before my summons date when I was driven to the place I was to stay at before my torture in silence. The driver was instructed not to talk to me and no matter how hard I tried, there was no escaping my thoughts and feeling of dread a about the forthcoming event. Apart from a two hour window, I was not allowed out of my room until I was to be collected the next morning. By the morning I was almost shaking with fear and was desperate for it to begin, simply because I could not bear to wait another minute. Finally the moment came and I was taken to a car, placed in handcuffs and driven to the venue. And then it began.
I was blindfolded and hooded. And before I could begin to think the questions started firing at me. Of course I was not going to break straight away so I was stripped by them and placed on a metal bed and hooked up to an electrics machine via clamps. I was shocked and began to crack but this process was not working quickly enough for my tormentors so I was moved upstairs into another room. I was hooded and had a straight jacket on. I was petrified by this point but still refused to show it as the odd obscenity erupted from me. I was strung up by my wrists and caned. When this did not work I was whipped on the breasts and was treated to some nipple torture. Again this brought some information out of me but not enough. Time for something more extreme. I was locked in a hole not much bigger than I am in the dark, but not before I had been doused with a jug of freezing cold water! After what seemed like an eternity I was ordered out of the hole. My calm exterior I presented at the start had been diminished to the bedraggled state I was now in! Finally, because all other tricks had failed to break me I was subjected to the most fearful torture I know of. I was waterboarded. This was so effective within seconds. After just one dose I was prepared to say anything to my captors to make it stop. I was however to suffer at least three more doses. After all they ALL needed to be sure I was telling the truth. But the truth means nothing at that point! Finally having been broken down I was given 12 strokes full force with the dragon cane as a final punishment for causing them so much trouble. I was in tears and could take no more after all that. I was placed on a bed and put under a duvet to recover, which was much needed and appreciated. When I cam back to earth I was flying! I could not stop thinking or talking about my experience all day! I have not had such post-scene euphoria for a long time! I cannot thank those involved enough for how much time and effort was put into realising a dream and fantasy for me. Thank you all!!!
PS: one final note on waterboarding. This is really extreme play and should only be done if you think you can handle it and with someone or people who really know what they are doing. Finally, on a more political note, what happened to me the other day does show that a person when put through such torture will say wehatever they believe their captors want to hear. These methods are clearly not good for accurate or useful information. It is just plain torture. I was lucky, I had a play level version. The real thing is much worse.



Took a look at some YouTube clips of water boarding after reading this, it looks very scary.


Anonymous said...

Isn't being broken just the best? You've fallen as far as you can possibly fall and yet you've survived. You may have "broken", but you haven't BROKEN. There's no freedom on earth quite like that.

Well done, girl!

Caroline Grey said...

Oh my goodness. Just reading this gives me shivers. Amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us. I have never been tortured anything like that, but the isolation and silence that it started off with--I can relate to that, and it would nearly kill me before anyone laid a finger on me. You're very brave!

Redhead said...

Tremendous scene. Great description.

Well done, and thank goodness for the gift of great flying partners. ;-)


Lucy McLean said...

Eeep! So brave. You're my hero.

Mr A said...

How incredibly courageous for you to follow your desires! Also your tremendous friends for making this dream your reality. I hope you are still flying for days to come.

Adrian Hardhand said...

Hello Leia

Such guts! Amazing!

You may want to compare notes with Eden at
see the Rush post for 25-VIII-2008

(Brahms piano qtt on Hawaii Public Radio, beautiful.)

Yrs in pervery, Adrian

Leia-Ann Woods said...

hey folks thank you so much for your comments on this! It was a most amazing experience and I would do it again, maybe from a different angle. I did in the end drop quite badly, I just did not see it coming because it was delayed by about 2 days! It was so worth it though!!!!

Redhead said...

Hey, I’d never want to trivialize what you’d accomplished by an almost banal observation, but I’ve often found that after rehearsing and putting on a show (premiere, then party, then what?), that the second performance suffers, because all the adrelanine’s been shot on the first, and the norepinephrine/ noradrenaline has kicked in. My trivial remedy is to try and plan something really smashing during the day/days following the ‘big event’ Even after topping in a long and challenging session, I’ve experienced that drop.

Just a thought. Just reading your super account was a learning experience.


Mistress A Switch said...

Good grief girl and I thought I had insomnia, what on earth were you doing up at that time dare I ask?

Very brave babe xxxx

idlethoughts said...

What an amazing psychological and physical experience, not one to be undertaken unless in a very controlled environment.
I'm so pleased your scene friends enabled it to happen for you.
Were any photos taken of it or do you want to keep them private if they were taken?

Ms Slide said...

That's a joy to read! I've linked it on my blog!


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