Monday, 8 June 2009

odds and ends...

Hey folks. Well, for once I have little spanking news. BUT I was recently playing a prison scene with my Dom and I realised that Prison is still number one for my fantasy loves. Why? Same reason as before, because of the ultimate loss of control. Imagine being locked in a building where those in authority could do what they liked to you when they liked. And not just punishment either. PT, hosing down with ice cold water, strip searches, cavity searches. Anything to invade the privacy of the inmate and remind her of who is in charge. It never fails to turn me on. So despite what some people say, some things do never change.....!

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idlethoughts said...

Hi, would be good to see you in a 'prison film' post bars and stripes, any plans for such?
Also a possible costume drama with some of your friends e.g. Niki, Amelia.
I see to remember pirates being a fantasy, i know getting the costumes might well be an issue but a pirate film would be something to look forward to with a hard taskmaster as the captain!
take care


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