Tuesday, 28 July 2009

levels 4,5 and 6 in my own personal 'Kinkferno'

Ok folks as I walk deeper and deepr into hell created for the kinky scene world the punishments become harsher.

Level 4: The people on level four suffer a new torment. I am tied to a chair with a huge television screen in front of me. The television is to play an eternity of spanking porn. However, there is one catch. Only the introduction sections are played of each movie. The action scenes are deleted just as they are about to begin.

Level 5: This level is particularly cruel and similar to one of the previous levels. I am held in position receiving an all over body flogging with a deerskin. The nature of this flogging should bring me to orgasmic ecstasy except for one problem. My skin is totally unable to feel any sensation whatsoever and I am doomed to an eternity free of orgasm.

Level 6: In this level my sexual desires are to be denied. I am doomed to an eternity of vanilla sex. Yes the missionary position. In the dark. An my partner still has his socks on. Oh the horror!!

Ok, so those are my next levels, only 3 to go. Please do suggest more general levels as I hope to produce a general 'Kinkferno' for some of the scenes committed on the scene.



Here is a suggested level.

The time waster level.
The doomed one is condemned to spend an eternity, writing emails and letters, text messaging, making overly long phone calls, etc with potential playmates or potential face to face contacts, in a relentless, tiring, never ending communications treadmill. But just as a face to face meeting seems inevitable the contacts always pull out or just stop returning communications at all.


Leia-Ann Woods said...

Oh love that! Yes indeed that has to be in there. As does domitis and other such scenes!!! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

Lancisto said...

No middle ground level.

A place where all the paddles are either inneffectual bits of light suede or are 2" thick, many-holed things of deviltry. The canes are either cooked spaghetti or thingsd more suited to walking. The clamps either aren't tight enough to hold their own weight or they could support a ton weight.

In short, there's no chance for controlled, sensual progression, nor any form of subtlety.

Oh yeah, and the room thermostat is either freezing or sauna.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

That one I really like lancisto. After all I am one for the middle ground play. Nothing too extreme!!

Lancisto said...

One aims to please



Leia-Ann Woods said...

oh you do Lancs....!


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