Saturday, 4 July 2009

A party with role play

Hello folks. I do apologise for my absence I had a mini break and have been catching some rays of sun!! Anyway to the theme of this post. I recently attended a school themed party run by John of peaches club at his new venue in North London. He ran it as an end of term detention where several tests were given and punishments meted out for any wrong answers. Naturally I did well in the science test!! Spankings were doled out in betwwen the tests and of course we were caned at the end for our poor behaviour. However, the major difference here was that the roleplay was maintained throughout the party which was excellent. Also, the traditional style of a spanking party was removed allowing for a refreshing afternoon of fun and play. I have not enjoyed a party so much in a while. Spanking parties can be great fun. My recommendations are the school themed roleplay specials run by peaches (e mail them for details) or Kame parties (e mail Josie for details). Parties are a great introduction to the scene and a great way to meet plenty of like-minded guys and girls. Enjoy them while they exist!!


idlethoughts said...

Hi, thanks for this i will contact Peaches about their school themed parties.
Glad you've been catching the sun. On an academic theme, is it too early for the result of your doctorate?
take care

Lucy McLean said...

Paul used to run these in London, he called them "strict" parties where everyone said in character throughout and didn't have the usual party format, but interest died out in them. But we LOVED them!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Hey Paul - the chapters of my PhD are being reviewed now by my supervisor. Patience man patience!!!

Lucy - I never knew that!!! Though I can imagine they were fab. What a shame interest did not maintain itself. It is SOOOOOOO much fun!! (and i get to ask my shoe size - not a stressful thing to do mind you!!!)

Aleesha Fox said...

Hey Leia, What a great party it was. The school room made me go right back to the times when I was a very naughty teenager! Hope to see you soon. xx


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