Monday, 19 October 2009

Another great judicial

Well folks I have put myself through it again. I was sentenced only the other day fro a judicial at the end of last week. This time the cane would be applied by the fearsome Cassie Hunter. On the day in question myself and my fellow victims were kept in a separate room until the sentece could be carried out. It was clear from all our faces and our conversation that we were becoming increasingly nervous as the moment drew near. We were called in and all became a bit hazy for me at this point as I was first up and was working hard to get my head into the zone. The caning itself was one of the hardest canings I have ever taken and was terribly painful as it happened. So painful in fact I was shaking uncontrollably for a while after. I could barely watch the other girls take it but everyone managed to complete their sentence even though at times the responses to strokes was plaintive. it all seemed to be over so fast and those of us who had taken part began to feel the euphoria you only feel after such an event. I am addicted to such a feeling! When
is the next one??


idlethoughts said...

You are one of the few i know who could take such a caning. I expect it will take a while for your bottom to heal. Will the hunteress be posting pictures of the 'event'?
I will contact you in the next week or two about arranging a 121.

Richard Windsor said...

Hi guys, this is a bit rude of me to do to send a blanket email out to everyone (I can deal with the hate as everyone will benefit from it ;-)), but it is easier for me to do by going down the new update list. Check the new page out and if you like it feel free to add it to your blog list. My latest post on my main site details what my goal is, if you like what I have done and link into it, then everyone should get major dollops of hits from it as we will all be sharing the same traffic.

Your blog has already been added to the update list.

Whenever you post your link goes straight to the top of the list and the readers will click on that one first. You should have already been getting the traffic today from the link from my own site. So far I have added 79 spanking blogs to the list.

Richard Windsor.


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