Saturday, 9 January 2010

Men, Women and pornography

I was reading a free London newspaper recently (yes I was that bored) and an article on the statistics of buying sex caught my eye. obviously statistics like any form of data collection and analysis have their weaknesses but it did throw up some interesting points.

One in ten men admitted to seeing a prostitute while just one women in 100 admitted to having full sex. Can this be believed or are women still conditioned into being thought of as sluts if they enjoy sex with too many partners in the eyes of society?

A third of men said they had been to a strip club, compared with just one in twenty women. I would imagine this is a strip club aimed at men so in this case could understand that, though I myself being an admirer of the female form have not only been to strip clubs but had a private dance. I am not ashamed to admit it.

Again more men than women had bought pornography but this really did not surprise me. I personally am not a visual person, I like erotic media, particularly books which allow me to imagine much on my own. In my opinion men are more visual than men. I prefer to either be actually getting up to no good or to be doing something else. I cannot get off on watching other people at it...any women reading this do give your thoughts!!

Most importantly the survey found women to be more reserved when it came to sex, giving more socially desirable answers. Again, why is this? Are we still conditioned by the rules of society and conditioning or are we just less confident with sex (I know that does not apply to me!). Are women still slightly frightened of their sexuality? Or are we just more private about sex than men? Do comment people. I am interested. And yes, I know this is sex and not spanking but in some cases (as in my partner and I), they are inter-linked.


Kami Robertson said...

I remember one servey I found ages ago, which said that 50% of women ADMITS to looking for ways to add some kinkiness into sex to make it more interesting.

I still can't believe so many of them would admit that even if that was true.

It is still rather common, unfortunately, among most of the people that if woman thinks about sex outside of the bedroom there is something wrong with her. WE have what few thousands of years of history? ;)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Kami - interesting and conflicting to that which I read, and shows the limitations of data collection.

It is interesting how nothing much has changed. No wonder those caught up in 2008 expose were often viewed with barely concealed distain by the public!

Hope you are well, your exploits in the woods looked fun!

Unknown said...

I get off on visual (vanilla) porn if I happen to see some that works, but I don't go looking for it. Stories, I do go looking for.

Spanking porn is something of a research interest, and I often end up watching it for the plot or for laughs. Or to see what my friends have been up to. Making it is a lot sexier than watching it afterwards, anyway :)

As for strip clubs, before I went to one, I thought I'd enjoy going, because pole-dancing can be really beautiful. But the atmosphere is quite impersonal, so I'd rather get pole- and lapdances from skilled friends.

Anonymous said...

There are statistics from the US cable television operators. The statistics are made without asking people.

In the US many households have cable television and the operators offer advanced services like "video on demand", "pay per view", "interactive TV", etc. In Europe it looks like many of these things will come with IPTV in the coming years.

In large areas in the US the familiy structure looks still pretty traditional. The husband goes to work, the kids go to school and mum stays at home.

What's very obvious is that most porn movies (video on demand) are watched in the morning between 10 and 12 and I was told that are mainly lonely women. I had expected the higest porn consumption late at night but I had a look at such a cable backend myself and yes - between 10 and 12 was the peak time.

These statistics do not say if a man or woman was sitting in front of the TV but I think they are still interesting.

Pandora Blake said...

I enjoy watching porn and do find visual stimulation erotic - art, photos, video, watching real people. I find the written word can be more intense, but I don't tend to seek it out as much.

I would seriously question the research and bias of any survey published in a free London paper!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Pandora - yes, I stated that any gathering of data has it's limitations, I should know I have just got my PhD!!! It just got me thinking, as some of my friends are in my camp, and prefer reading porn, others or in the other - visual porn. The most interesting thought was that women gave more socially "acceptable" answers.

History is made up of much source reading, the reliability rarely if ever 100%.

Finally, you would never find me buying a paper. Papers that you pay for have no more truth in them than those which are free. Again, I should know!!!

MarQe said...

Many Happy Returns for later this week !!

MarQe x

PS: Assumes facebook is accurate ?

Anonymous said...

I recall seeing, on television, some indication that women are much more activated by images of sexual activity than are men. Even depiction of mating on the African savannah was of immediate significance to females who were not zoologists. There is some distance between the meaning of the term 'activated' and 'aroused', however.
We are in metaphysics reduced to the trinary structure 'superego', 'ego', and 'id'. Else there is resort to advanced spatial mapping, such as tomography.
Such metaphysics does not clarify the relation between the sexual drive experienced by a woman and the sexual behavior of that woman. The error is in assuming that we are as humans homogenous in a 'space-time', a simple dimensional construct.
You are puzzled by the complication of the General Theory of Relativity and Freudian Theory, not less.

Anonymous said...

It occurs to me when I comment that you may be a delicate female flower that I must not disrupt.
I should add my belief that in a world of Goddess Nature both men and women are Female by that expressed Nature. Sexual arousal may then be regarded as the interrelation of such Female in the abstruse dimensions.
I think I should go no further, except to say that the very use of the term 'Goddess Nature' would seem to demand some minor superordination of women relative to men.
I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

And yet I am avoiding some primary wish to help you understand what happened in Chelsea, if it is a wound to you. Jewish thought has sexual power because Jewish people have affinity with Goddess Nature, for better or for worse. Jewish secret service has affinity, and so does Rupert Murdoch, owner of News of the World. In the dynamics of secret service HaMossad has a higher correlate. Given the history of the Mosely family, that some correlate would be about them is unsurprising.
You were caught in the machinations of an abstruse sex politics. If I may, you should look to the better nature of people, regarding what happened as quite purely political, about Mosely, not about the women folk. You are too harsh on newspapers and their propriety, though perhaps not too harsh on their proprietors.
My real wish is to allow you to repair yourself, if such repair is needed. You should relegate the event to your periphery because it was not about you. I was looking at your website before said Event, so said Event was a surprise to me also.
I shall try to restrict myself to one comment henceforth, Leia-Ann.

Algenon said...

It's interesting what you say about imagination. I find that reading really doesn't do it for me, as the words limit what I can add. Starting off from a still photograph or drawing and leaving my twisted mind to it's own devices, on the other hand. . .

morbius said...

Surveys produce a boring average that needs a lot of analysis and interpretation, thats no good for tabloids.
Also people tend to lie on surveys.
As with all these "men like this/do that/good at and woman better at/have a/skilled at", questions. Fascinating but fraught with anecdotes,Prejudice and inaccuracies.

having said all that, isn`t it about passing on genes, males distributing sperm on the off chance of success where as woman having to nourish the offspring have a more "conservative" approach. Thus when it comes to porn men are more interested in the act rather than consequence.

This reflects in society of course, which is painfully slow to progress. apparently many people still believe in some sort of god!


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