Sunday, 21 March 2010

To the event horizon and back...

Hello folks, sorry I have not posted in a wee while, but it has been exciting times.  This last few days I have been pushed to the limit psychologically.  Although I have been involved in interrogations which are very hardcore, this had a different element that an interrogation does not.  An audience.  Although I have physically been put through it in interrogations, I could always cope psychologically.  In this scene I was really struggling, mainly due to the presence of an audience.  But not only was it the presence of an audience but WHO was part of that audience.  They were my friends, and one in particular I cannot bear to see me sub, so this was going to be very tough.

I was stripped and left upstairs while they gathered and took their seats.  The Boss came upstairs and put a collar and lead on me.  This was going to be my only clothing for the entire scene.  After what seemed like another interminable wait I was dragged downstairs to face them all.  I was exposed to them all, then put in an exposed position.  One which left nothing to the imagination.  I was then reprimanded for my reprehensible behaviour, before being further humiliated.  He was finally done with reprimanded me, but the punishment was far from over yet.

I was then restrained in a position face down ready to take 30 strokes of the birch from none other than the Hunteress.  Before the event I was not as worried about this as I should have been.  The strokes came in without mercy and I was almost sick at one point (probably due to the audience as well as the excruciating pain.  Until stroke 24 I was still defiant, even calling my audience sick f**ks, and that I hated them all.  I dropped finally into submission at about stroke 25.  After the the birching I was still to suffer one more punishment, which was for my bottom (now on fire) to be put on show for all to see.

Finally the punishment was over.  The Boss wanted to give me a hug.  I could not let him do it.  If I had done, I may have descended into a gale of tears.  I could not let that happen, both for him and for the remnants of my pride.  I went upstairs to compose myself, and then returned downstairs ten minutes later to everyone smiling at me.  It was over and I had survived.  I was so amazed and now so high on the rush of it all.  Not only that I knew the Boss had enjoyed it so very much.  It gave me so much pleasure simply to know that.  I may want to do this again, but next time go for an audience of strangers....

A big thank you to everyone who came (especially Lucy McLean who is one of my closest friends and suffered me taking one look at her before running to the toilet to be sick!), to Cassie Hunter for her cool calm ministrations, and of course to Andi Switch (another one of my closest friends) who organised it, I missed you being there but know why you had to leave my lovely!  Also Jadie Reece who was able to read me so very well.  And of course Amy Hunter, Zena and Adele Haze who were all part of my "lovely" audience.  I love you really!!!!


Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot for your post.

I've felt the birch once and these tiny branches that seem to go all over the place are really painful and I could not take the birching full force.

John said...

Wow! My source told me it was something special and she was right!! Well done you for taking that. See you soon.

J x

Brett said...

That is such an incredibly hot scene in so many ways. Seeing it would have been just amazing, but your description and feelings about it allowed my imagination to soar. Thank you, Leia. You are truly inspiring.

godzilla said...

Hi have taken 30 Dragon cane strokes but which is more intense and hurts most?

MarQe said...

Not sure I would enjoy or get anything from an interrogation. However the birching I would love to see. Well done you for going through such a thing !!

MarQe x

EmmaJane said...

Wow I really feel the intensity of your experience and you have my sympathy and envy!

For me the birch would have been a semi-welcome distraction of the humiliation of being witnessed.

Great that you were flying afterwards :)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Andy - Yes it is painful, glad you enjoyed the post!

John - yes it was special. Will tell you all when I see you.

Brett - Glad you enjoyed it, I am gaining a real love of writing about this side of me.

Godzilla - it really does depend on what type of pain you can cope with. The spray is highly stingy and given at full force with speed it tough to cope with. I have found the dragon easier to handle!

Marqe - Thank you! Well, you only play at what you enjoy and interrogations have always been my thing!

Emma - bless you darling! thank you so much, and I hope you get to experience something similar ;-)

alannorth said...

Glad to see you backon line and "enjoying" your self in your own way.
I had begun to wonder if the finger had turned septic and you were hospitalised

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Alan - why would you think that?!


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