Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Geek Chicks party: Update

Hello folks

An update on my PhD celebration spanking party on 24th June. This is now going to be held at a venue with SECURE OUTSIDE grounds. So my plans for the day are as follows:

-Champagne glass to welcome you gentlemen
-cold caning of the PhD (Me!) inside
-picnic outside in the secure grounds
-formal section of spanking, implements and caning outside (weather permitting!)
-a less formal descent into play with ladies (with their permission of course)
-round up!

If ANYONE who knows me has a real interest in this day but has not e-mailed me yet please do. Those who already have mailed me, I shall be sending out details in the next few days!

Let the outside spanking commence!

1 comment:

Adrian Hardhand said...

Hello Leia

It's events like this that make me regret I'm not in London. It sounds delightful. Decent champagne, I trust. (We're drinking Perrier Jouet tonight, to celebrate a birthday.
And I think you should have another assignment: supervisor of shapely Ph.D. candidates. Y'know, after messing up, how to apologise to the professsor: "I'm sorry, sir, shall I fetch the dragon cane?" etc etc.
Oh well, back to the beach (the hardships of a life on Maui.)
Yrs in pervery, Adrian


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