Friday, 23 July 2010

Rose and Cheek spanking events

Hello folks.  Now, for many reasons I had decided to quit parties, and if I am honest one of the reasons was that I find them a bit formulaic, especially the 'round robin' spanking section, which began to make me feel like a piece of meat.  I know these remarks may spark off differing opinions, but these are mine.

There is, however a new party on the block and they are called the Rose and Cheek.  Not only do they run the event with an air of class (there is champagne and fruit to welcome the gentlemen), but it has an original format as well.  Rather than there being 3 'round robins' with the spanking, implements and finally the cane, each gentleman is handed a bunch of roses and has a list of girls he is to see for the afternoon (rather like the dance card method of Ye Olde Days).  When the gentleman wishes to punish the lady on his card he presents her with a rose and a mini 1-2-1 session begins, which lasts about 12-15 mins.  I LOVE this idea.  It is a breath of fresh air in style and the atmosphere was great, being was less overpowering than it can be at some of the other events.  I do hope you go to check these folk out, they are doing a great job of bringing something new to the scene.  Click on the picture below for their website:

I hope you enjoy their site as much as I did folks...


Pandora Blake said...

That looks lovely! Every so often something comes along that tempts me to reconsider my "no parties" rule and this is definitely one of them ... hope you have a blast, and the experience is everything you hope it to be!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

It is great! The party was yesterday. I had a real blast and the people who run the event are great. I have not had so much fun at a party in a looooooong time!

Erik said...

Dear Leia-Ann,
I would like to know something about the events, where can I find the events.
I allways love to read your comments

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Hi Erik click on the pic in my post and you should get to their website or go to


Erik said...

Dear Leia-Ann.
Thanks for your answer and bringing my attention to the site. It is really a good site and the parties sound fantastic. I do understand that you have great fun.
You sure are "perfect in every way" Love your films and your intelligent remarks

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Not at all Erik - glad you enjoy my participation in the scene ;-)


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