Sunday, 17 October 2010

Back in the saddle and Northern Spanking joy

Hello folks.  First of all many apologies for my prolonged absence, I have had a mixture of changes in my personal life and family matters to deal with.  Thankfully both are in perspective now and I am, as they say, back in the saddle.  Thank you to everyone who sent me such kind and thoughtful messages during what became a very difficult time.

Now, for the primary reason for my post.  Updates at Northern Spanking.  Northern are one of the few websites that really come up with original ideas and story-lines continually.  It is much easier to produce films which are formulaic, but they refuse to produce what we call 'insert girl here' films and photo-sets, where the story is much the same, just with a different girl.  This one I give you I love because it has a 1950's feel;  A time when women were oh so feminine, from the beautiful dresses and skirts down to the lingerie.  The story goes as follows:

Caroline and Kali find themselves in Miss McLeans parlour. The fundraising coffee morning has not gone well and the vicar is upstairs removing his wet trousers. As Director of the village Womens Institute, Lucy McLean takes such transgressions among the junior girls VERY seriously! 

Not long out of school, these potential young ladies are about to learn a very painful and extremely humiliating lesson, courtesy of their own clothes brushes which they were instructed to go out and purchase, immediately after the incident.  With an expertise born of experience, Miss McLean smacks their bottoms ever so hard with the shiny wooden brushes and, as they are so young, she feels that, as a finale, perhaps Caroline and Kali should be put across her knee for good smacked bottom. 

And all this for spilling a cup of coffee? Wait until Miss McLean realises the fairy cakes are cremating nicely in the oven!  

Now I love this set, not only because of the 50's dress but because of the diaper position  Caroline finds herself in.  Now, I love to hate this position, not only because it is a very painful position to receive a punishment (the skin is rather stretched in this pose), but is it also a very humbling position in which to be punished.  I have long been in a love-hate relationship with humiliation so this set really made my stomach lurch with just the thought.  I cannot wait for the end, and if you want to see more then visit Northern Spanking

The other set that has really got me going on Northern Spanking is 'No Way Out'.  I am guessing if the reader knows me then you can imagine the title alone had me clicking on that post at 186 000 miles per second!  If the reader does not know me well, I am someone who loves power exchange and i have a real thing for such situations and institutions where I ma at the total mercy of those running it.  Here is the story and some delightful pictures:

Trapped in the tower, Niki thinks she has found a means of escape, through an old tunnel in the cellar. Alas, the steel gate is locked! And there are footsteps on the stone steps. A shadow appears and the girls know their is no escaping another visit from that wicked paddle their bottoms were introduced to on their arrival. 

Just to make sure there are no more escape attempts, The Tower Keeper rips off each girls skimpy top after thrashing their bottoms. And there is one more nasty surprise in store...

GOD this is sexy.  I don't know about you but I am just dying to know what the nasty surprise is.  What did you say?  I am a pervert?  Yes, yes I am.  And so proud!  


Unknown said...

Leia, I couldn't agree more with the originality of Northern's shoots. Great stuff. thanks for pointing out the "No Way Out" story. For me, I wouldn't say I'm drawn to loss of power story lines, but once I start reading/watching/playing/etc one I get hooked. Maybe it's an aversion until it starts, or I'm just fooling myself, but again, you're, hot, hot.


Jake and Nomi's Spanking Delights said...

I have heard such good news about Northern Spanking that I will be signing up for them really soon. I like things that come across as having used their imagination and so Northern Spanking full into that area. Also I must say that the video you did for Miss Brown was something else as well

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Mike - I think you may be a little uncomfortable with the idea of such story lines? Glad you found it HOT though!!!

Jake and Nomi - I really think you will love Northern, they really are the best in my opinion! I am glad you also enjoyed Detention, it is a great film!


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