Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hello People!

Hello folks!  I do apologize for my absence I have spent the last week wrestling with my internet provider trying to clear up a small problem of them terminating my account without my permission.  The culprit should be bent over for a good cold caning!

Anyway, it is sorted now hence my post!  I have nothing big spanking-wise to discuss today, but I will come up with some of my perverted thoughts and feelings for you when I am online and not about to rush out to (yet another) meeting.

In the meantime you will have to picture me being spanked dressed up as one wounded Rapunzel by a hairbrush.  That will teach me for not only letting down my hair to a not so nice gentleman, but leaving a WOODEN hairbrush lying around to use on my POOR wounded bottom.  Yes, my life really is THAT random.  Somebody help me.  Please?!


aq4u2008 said...

Closes my eyes ! ohh yes love that pic , and whatta ya know its me holdiing the hair brush Smiles

Unknown said...

Help you? You'd rather have the same regular routine spankings day after day? Hmm, that doesn't sound to bad if I get to be the spanker, now that I think about it.

While I think about it some more, I hope you enjoy you're chaotic life.


TomT said...

When I look back, the casual and frightening cruelty of fairy tales appealed to me long before I was able to understand why. They helped to mould my love of unfair, gratuitous wickedness inflicted on a defenseless but, in reality, consenting victim.

Rapunzel didn't press the specific spanking button but it definitely had the buzz of the beautiful maiden locked away to be used and abused at leisure. Again, I could never have deciphered the reasons for the attraction when I was young, but it was definitely there.

Oh, and I have a clothesbrush, retrieved from an abandoned office building, which has a weight, heft and impact that pushes most hairbrushes into the lower leagues.

Sorry, didn't mean to write an essay, but you started it!

Malc said...

Rapunzel was clearly violating the security provisions of the tower. I mean, what's the point of having a nice secure tower if some long-haired bint goes and lets some foreigner in via the backdoor, as it were (possibly literally, but the story is strangely quiet on the subject of Rapunzel and bumming).

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Ha! I have a love-hate relationship with hair/clothes brushes. They do work as a good punishment tool, rather like tawses. Add a scold's bridle and you will have an obedient, quiet submissive. Hurrah!!


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