Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Top five implements I truly hate

Hello folks.  I have often wondered why those in charge of my (often poor) behaviour persist in the application of corporal punishment with me when it clearly does not work.  Why?  well, I enjoy it and enjoying a punishment will not teach the appropriate lesson.  Of course even a CP junkie like myself must have implements I hate, and I do.  Here are my top 5.  These are the implements that get my attention, hold it and truly encourage me to mend my ways.  In reverse order:

5.  Wooden paddle: (with holes to reduce air resistance.  Makes the bottom feel like it has caught fire!).  This implement is evil and has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.  Most notably during a particularly difficult Judicial Punishment.  

4.  Hairbrush: (in any material, but plastic is the most evil).  I have recent been spanking long and hard by one just like that shown in the picture below.  Again, tears came to the surface.  I managed to hold them back with this implement, but being over the knee is more humiliating and so it goes in at number 4.

3.  Lochgelly tawse:  If delivered by an expert this implement can really hurt.  I have received the tawse both on the bottom and on the palms of my hand.  I really struggled to receive it on my first dose and still do now.  I think I will always hate this implement.  Especially when the person SERIOUSLY knows what they are doing, such as Lucy McLean.

2.  Canadian Prison strap:  This implement is just wrong.  And anyone who enjoys it is wrong.  It hurts.  It burns.  It makes me want to cry, and I have done so at a Judicial event involving this evil piece. I would do almost ANYTHING to avoid treatment with this.

1.  Clothes brush:  This implements reaches the dizzy heights of numero uno because it is the first implement that I recently uttered the words "I can't do this" during a punishment involving the clothes brush.  No other implement has managed to get me to give in such and I doubt another implement will. 

I hope you enjoyed these, and I would LOVE to hear from you if you have implements you hate submissives, or implements you know your submissives hate Dominants.   Please do comment! 


TomT said...

Delighted to see the clothesbrush as your Number One! Pride of place amongst my collection of implements is a heavy, no, make that very heavy, wooden clothesbrush.

Lord alone knows how old it is, but it certainly belongs to the "they made things to last back then" era.

It is large enough for the elongated oval back to slap mightily and to cover a generous area. It raises beautifully goose-bumpy patches where it falls.

Being solid, its landing is difficult to ignore, even when simply allowed to fall with its own weight; endowed with a more serious energy the effect is magnificent.

Another advantage, of course, is that a gentleman might carry such an item in his luggage without arousing suspicion, should he ever be meeting a lady for mischief...or to correct some mischief.


Anonymous said...


I got it a few times with exactly this type of wooden paddle (does anyone where to purchase it?) and while it hurt I kind of liked it.

Hairbrush, bathbrush is similar when not applied too quickly.

I really hate single tail whips, the thin, swishy switch and the birch rod.

Henry Higgins said...

Why is it that this looks so very much like my own list of my favourite implements to use?

Effectiveness, I suppose: a quality beloved of tops and hated by bottoms.

Just one you have forgotten, I feel: the slipper. Meaning, of course, an old-fashioned rubber-soled plimsoll or gym shoe. Perfect to enliven the stripes on a recently caned bottom.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure there are any implements I truly hate - there's loads I love to hate!

For me, the worst ones are

1) Wooden spoon - not your average kitchen wooden spoon, this one was dense (olivewood or something) and with a shallow bowl. It's the one and only implement that I've safeworded with.

2) Dense wooden paddle - holes don't make much difference. If it's heavy enough it will bruise.

3) Plimsoles - they look so innocent - but swung hard they also bruise.

4) Lochgelly tawse

5) Wooden clothes brush/bath brush - the plastic hairbrush doesn't seem to have the same effect on me, but a dense wooden brush will usually get me yelping and wriggling in no time flat. And of course, it leaves lasting effects.

There are two other implements that probably should have made the list. One is the narrow leather strap that has been nicknamed the 'Simon tamer' and the other is those horrid water willow birches that I was introduced to earlier in the year.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Tom - Yes I think that the clothes brush wins on effectiveness and subtlety! For that reason all Tops should probably invest in one. I can see subs everywhere wishing me pain for this comment!

Andy - I think we come at CP differently. You seem, from what I can tell, to prefer the thuddy implements, whereas I enjoy those that are stingy. I love single tail and I love thin and whippy canes.

Mr Higgins - Indeed! I imagine that is exactly the reason! No, the plimsoll does not strike fear in me as much as my list of top 5 but it would certainly get into my top 10! I hope you are well.

Simon - I love the idea of a strap called the Simon tamer, that sounds like something I would like to watch! Have you noticed how similar your list is to mine?!

Unknown said...

I did use your list as the basis for my own list, so it's not that surprising how similar the lists were. Like you, I find thud much more difficult to cope with than sting.

If you've never seen the Simon Tamer, we might have to rectify that oversight at some point.

And you've probably increased the price of clothes brushes on ebay with this blog entry!

Pandora Blake said...

Wow, my list is remarkably similar! Although I've never received the tawse on my hands and never want to - I am pretty sure I would break.

Unknown said...

I've had the strap on my hands a few times - my hands are pretty bony, so the pain is just unpleasant.

The tawse is much more effective where I have padding!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Pandora - I am so with you there, I did break once with the tawse on my hands. It is not a pleasant pain so is highly useful as a tool for discipline.

Simon - Ah good! I know what you mean. I feel the same about the hands, however done by someone who really knows what they are doing, the tawse on my hands is really quite effective.

Naughty Catherine said...

I am right with you on these. They definitely are implements to hate!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Yes, Catherine they are. I think at least one of them will be out in force soon, however!

John said...

The 'Simon Tamer' is just as effective on naughty young ladies, as somebody very close to Simon can testify! I very much enjoyed applying it to her and I'm sure it would be just as effective on you Ms Woods! ;-)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Is it now? I would not bother with taming me, it will be a waste of your precious energy., and we can't have that! Also, you will address me as Dr!!!!

John said...

Remind me to recall that reference ;-)


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