Sunday, 5 December 2010

I join My Spanking Roommate!

Hello folks!  I have some news, I have joined the group of naughty women on My Spanking Roommate!  This time I am a high maintenance girlfriend, who believes I can do as I please and treat my man like dirt. 

Unfortunately, I have under-estimated my man and his resolve to tame me and my tongue and before long I end up being dragged across his knee for a well deserved spanking on my bottom.  

But, it does not end there.  My boyfriend has decided to drive the lesson home with one of my dreaded implements;  the hairbrush.  It seems I will be nursing a very sore bottom throughout our dinner date!!

See the full episode now at My Spanking Roommate


Brett said...

That is part of maintaining a high-maintenance girlfriend. Seeing she has a very sore bottom when she misbehaves. You're a most delicious choice for the role of girlfriend, Leia-Ann.

MarQe said...

Looking quite lovely as ever Leia, especially OTK ..... Sheer Delight !

MarQe x

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Thank you boys! Glad you have enjoyed the pics. I will post more as I find them ;-)


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