Saturday, 29 January 2011

Strictly Spanking videos

Hello folks, some news!  The good people of Strictly Spanking have launched their website:

Take a look!  Yours truly features on there getting a VERY hard punishment.  Take a look in the free clip below:

And here is another:

If you like it then do head over to their site and take a look at their work, it really is quite excellent!  It has not stopped me smoking, but I do smoke less.  Much less.

That's all folks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leia Ann,

I like your video, and you're really pretty! I'm sure you never tire of hearing that, right?

You took a hard spanking. I couldn't help but feel for you when your bottom began to turn a little white. I know smoking is bad, but isn't there another way for you to curb your habit?

I think it's very okay to be bad, but I don't want you to become ill and die.

That's all for now. I have more I would like to say about some of your earlier posts, but I would like to see whether this message goes trough before I exert the effort.

Kaelah said...

I'm not into real life discipline, so the Strictly Spanking videos most probably aren't for me, but the video seems to be beautifully shot and I like the caring and respectful undertone. I think that this is very important, especially when such a personal thing as real life discipline is mixed up with a video shoot. And I'm glad to hear that it helped you to smoke less, Leia, because like Gregory I don't want you to become ill!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leia Ann,

You have a quality web site. If you don’t mind, I’ll post from time to time, especially when you have a rant to share. I like it when you delve into deep subjects.

I especially liked your opinion piece on body type and shape. I applaud your broadminded approach, which is light years ahead of me. I guess I have always preferred women who were on the slender side, like me. But much of the time I don’t think about physical characteristics that much, but instead choose to focus on personality and the deeper, more subtle aspects of our being.

In regards to your post about being a pro and still having a passion for the Scene makes perfect sense. If you weren’t into CP, why on earth would you perform for the camera? I don’t think we could be paid enough money to take a hard spanking if we weren’t into it, right? Your respondent is clueless about subs; yes we do like to be spanked, and for me that does mean a spanking becomes a beating. There’s a difference. One charges us and helps us dig deeper into the depths of our feelings; the other simply is something to steel ourselves against or checkout entirely until the flogging is finished.

I liked your top five most hated implements piece. My only comment to that is each implement carries its own impact and leaves its own sensor imprint upon us. It’s only when an implement is used without care, without compassion, and without concern for the recipient do we truly grow to hate it, and quickly at that.

Is it more humiliating to be stripped naked or to be exposed? Good question. I think it might be more difficult for women than men; women are more vulnerable, have more attributes to protect or conceal, and are bigger objects of desire than men. I think your question may be more apt for those who perform than for someone like me.

As for the pornography issue, men are more visually oriented when it comes to sex; whereas, women may be more context oriented. That doesn’t mean a woman isn’t excited by a man’s appearance, clothed or otherwise, and some women have a visual response nearly equal to the most sensually-oriented male. A woman’s reaction may very well be more complex, multifaceted, and flexible than a man’s, which is why we love them so.

James Stephenson said...

Ouch! That looked as if it should have been pretty effective. Sadly it seems that further treatment is still needed.

Erik said...

Thanks for letting me know about that spanking site. Uhm I realy love the video, you are as usual fantastic. Did you quit smoking? I hope I am allowed to say you are so beautiful

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Hey! So glad you all enjoyed the clip! I loved making it, it was quite stretching on the psychological side of things...

Kaelah said...

Leia, this post and some others reminded me of the importance of trust in spanking play, especially for scenes like the one you filmed with Strictly Spanking videos. I used your shoot as an example in my account, hope that's okay.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Kaelah - this is absolutely fine! Hope it helped. xxx


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