Sunday, 23 January 2011

Two days at school

Hello folks!  I have just come back to planet Earth after two days spent at school.  And what fun I had!  I know I have said in the past it is not my favourite scenario, but in the right setting with the right scenario it can be fun!  On Friday I was a pupil, and yesterday I was teaching.  I cannot really say which I prefer as both are very enjoyable, but for very different reasons.

Currently I have seen nothing so authentic in terms of setting than that of the good people at Spanking Schooldays.  The attention to detail is amazing.  They provide you with the school uniform, so despite me turning up on Friday looking like something out of Grange Hill, I was made smart with a matching school tie and blazer!  Friday was splendid.  The gentlemen present were our school teachers, and each taught us a class individually, where we received punishment for poor behaviour or incorrect answers in the tests given.  I started off trying hard in the tests and was getting consistently good results.  However, I was being punished anyway for my smart mouth so I gave up on applying my brain, resulting in my ending up in even deeper water.  Finally, in Mathematics, I was asked why I had not bothered to answer the question.  I said "I cannot be bothered Sir".  This resulted in my being hauled up in front of the class and given six with the cane in front of the class.  Sadly, I did not learn from this and neither did the other girls.  We all received the cane at the end of the day, leaving us very sore.  

There was a special punishment for me from the Headmaster before class was dismissed.  I was ordered to bend over and touch my toes, which I did.  My panties were then removed and six scorching strokes were delivered onto my bottom for being so badly behaved and cheeky.  For the first time that day I actually began to regret my actions!  My a hard caning hurts more when you are touching your toes!

On Saturday I returned to school, but for me at least the tables had turned.  I was to teach today, or try to at least!  I had a very difficult class of delinquents to teach.  There was backchat, cheating in the tests and reports of pupils drinking out of class and committing vandalism!  Incredible!  I did manage to keep control of them all, however, with my trusted wooden paddle and a very heavy dragon cane for those who refused to tow the line.  By the end of the day I had each pupil line up to receive 6 of the best from me before they were allowed to go.  This was on top of any punishment (including a caning) they may have received throughout the day for their behaviour in the classroom.  

All in all it was a fantastic weekend, and has really given me back a love for traditional school role-play.


EmmaJane said...

Sounds like a great weekend missy! I love school roleplay and look forward to being at school with you in the future ;)


Leia-Ann Woods said...

Hey there EJ! Yeah! It was GREAT! I think you will....and we can compete for bottom (excuse yet another pun) place for our behaviour!!!!

L xxx


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