Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cold caning at AAA spanking

Hello folks!  I do apologise for my irregular posting of late, I have not forgotten my blog, I am just super busy at the moment.  Thank you for your patience!  I wanted to share a film with you today, largely because it features my favourite punishment;  COLD CANING!  The story of how I got myself in to such trouble is as follows:

Leia & Irelynn reported to Mr Osborne, who was enjoying his day off before receiving the latest infractions, & he decided to deal with this personally! It was obvious why Leia was there, her surly attitude was the least of her worries as she was wearing the wrong school skirt & high heel shoes which were totally in contravention of the strict uniform guidelines. This was no accident, Leia knew this but didn't care. Irelynn was there as she had been getting into trouble hanging around Leia & her gang. Mr Osborne had seen enough, it was a "cold caning" for Leia, no warm up, no helpful hand spanking, she was bent over the glass table & Irelynn made to watch as the relentless strokes of the heavy kooboo cane crashed down onto her cheeks! When Mr Osborne decided to use Leia's bottom as target practice, going for her crease & a few painful strikes to the top of her thighs, Irelynn pleaded with him to stop! She was given a quick spanking then suffered the indignity of ending up spanked next to Leia until Mr Osborne decided when he had enough of caning her bared cheeks sending them both off in disgrace to their rooms!

If you love the punishment of naughty girls with a cold caning then do go and check this out!


Kaelah said...

I'm still amazed by how much you like cold canings, Leia! :-) I recently did one myself (peeled manila cane, very stingy, ouch) and cold canings are still kind of my nemesis. Although they have of course a certain appeal in some scenarios and as a viewer. This time I took some breaks between the sets of strokes (there were 50 severe strokes in total) which kept my from hyperventilating. Did you shoot the caning nonstop?

Chief said...

Hi, it's John Osborne (aka chief)

Leia didn't take all the strokes at once although there were some continual swipes at times and I had lost count, so that's a good sign :)
It wasn't as hard as I wanted to go because I didn't want leia being filmed with a load of severely welted tram lines (not that I think that would have happened to her bun of steel) in the next few scenes though we shot this late afternoon and leia's bottom was "very warm", it was a kind of "do it now or miss out" sort of thing... not that it is namby-pamby either! I think if it had been the last film then maybe I'd have let loose... then again, Leia only has to flash those doe eyes and I'm a fool!!! I shall have to wear sunglasses next time and concentrate fully on the matter in hand!

It was a good punishment film though!

Chief said...

I really must proof read what I write sometimes! I'm always in a hurry... Sorry about the little errors! *sigh*

Kaelah said...

@ Chief:
Thanks a lot for being so open about the shoot and for sharing your thoughts! I'm sure you are right, Leia-Ann has a bum made of steel. But I see why you didn't want to cause too many marks. Since my bottom is much more inexperienced than Leia's, I wouldn't have been able to shoot another scene at all after that recent hard caning (at least no scene involving any spanks on my bottom). Thanks to a good aftercare most of the marks should be gone by the end of this week (about two weeks after the spanking), though.

What always fascinates me is that Leia is into stingy pain and obviously even loves to take severe thrashings with stingy implements. That's why I asked her whether she did the scene nonstop. But I can relate to your problem of caning her severely while looking into her beautiful innocent eyes... Maybe sunglasses will solve the problem – as long as you can still see your target! ;-)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Hey! Kaelah and Chief - I think Chief has answered it. I could have gone harder, but to do so would have taken me out for the day. I guess it is a case of what a producer wants. I am happy to go as hard as it gets!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Doe eyes? me? I know not of that which you speak ;-)

Erik said...

After been spanked for setting fire to a local corner shop I thoght you were a nice girl. LOL It is always wonderful seeing your films and of course your bum hard as steel

RAMPANT said...

Kaelah, would like to know more about your spanking aftercare as I'm never sure what to use on a poor sore bottom. RAMPANT


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