Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Review of our last Bottoms Up party

Hello folks!  Here is a review of our last party, written by one of our guest Nobby:

It may have been party number three for Bottoms Up but it was my first visit, with the usual nerves that go with such occasions. These disappeared rapidly though as I met the hosts, Leia and Danny, the eleven other guys-who were really friendly-and spent half an hour drinking bubbly and chatting to them and to the other girls. Leia, Chloe, Jaydee, Donna, Sacha and Aleesha not only looked absolutely gorgeous in their abbreviated college outfits but were incredibly friendly, very funny and, as I was soon to discover, extremely naughty. I must admit that I’d seen most if not all on film, but those productions did little justice to their ‘in the flesh’ gorgeousness, or to their bright and bubbly personalities.

The action began with the guys each giving Leia a bare-bottom ‘sixer’ with a swishy cane (I really can’t imagine what the poor girl had done to deserve such severe punishment!), but it was soon time for the other miscreants to begin the first of two rounds of spanking and paddling or strapping, from each partygoer.

Unlike the ‘conveyor-belt’ parties I’ve heard so much about, this was a relaxed affair with each girl seeking out their next spanker, telling him cheekily that she needed him to punish her and leading him by the hand to select his ‘weapon of choice’ from the vast selection available. And it soon became clear that all the girls were cp enthusiasts, and weren’t simply doing this as a job.

There was plenty of time to relax, order a drink from the bar or nip out for a crafty ciggy between rounds, and the venue was fantastic- spacious, clean and well equipped and just a few minutes walk from a central London mainline/tube station.

The climax of the afternoon saw each girl receive a swishy six of the best caning from each of the guys, but I had the distinct feeling that even such stern punishment had failed to entirely reform their naughty ways!

It wasn’t all action though, as we had another opportunity to talk to and have a laugh with the girls over a superb buffet between rounds one and two. I still can’t believe that five and a half hours could speed by so quickly. Mind you, it didn’t end so quickly that there wasn’t time to go over two pairs of girls’ knees myself, for a vigorous and fun spanking!

If you haven’t been to a commercial party before (or even if you have) there really cannot be any better than ‘Bottoms Up’. Fantastic girls, a great venue, a unique and inclusive format, smiling faces and red bottoms. What more could one ask for?



Mr A said...

A nice review nobby, sounds like you had fun.

Congratulations Leia and team with your party.


MarQe said...

REally must do one of these sometime ?

MarQe x

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Cheers guys *blushes*


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