Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Film updates for your pleasure

Hello folks, finally I have a light-hearted post for you, where the deepest thing I am going to talk to you about are the two latest film updates on the internet presently.  One is on Northern Spanking and the other is on Clare Fonda's site Spanked Call Girls

First Northern Spanking and this story I am in my (presently) rarer role as a dominant mistress.  My slave has been instructed to clean the kitchen floor for me, but does not match up to my exacting standards.  She is called to kneel before me and explain herself before I mete out her punishment.

She is subjected to a humiliating over the knee spanking, followed by being forced to adopt the even more degrading diaper position for the crop.  However the worst was yet to come, and that was 24 hard strokes on my slave's bottom with the tawse.

This film is one with the beautiful Alice Appleby, who at present is exclusive to Northern Spanking.  And now here I am being spanked by Veronica Ricci on Spanked Call Girls for turning up to a job she got us with attitude and a marked bottom.  This is so not professional and both girls will get into trouble with Clare if they are not careful.  Veronica is keen to nip this in the bud by punishing me herself.

Miss Ricci is so incredibly sexy I had to struggle not to pounce on her and have my wicked way, but unfortunately she did not have that on her mind, well not at that moment anyway!  Enjoy folks!


Tim the Tum said...

These both look like fun scenes; I've just been watching some of your work on Strict Women, and I must say you make a particularly alluring spanker.

All the best


EnglishJeff said...

Cute pictures Leia.

A Merry Christmas and a Rosy New Year to you. :-)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Hey guys! glad you like!!


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