Sunday, 15 January 2012

SPECIAL GUEST! Bottoms Up spanking welcomes Zoe Montana

Hello folks!  I am very pleased and so very excited to announce that I will be having a special guest at the Bottoms Up party on 27th January.  The lady is all the way from Australia and many of you may know her name well;  It is no less than Zoe Montana!  Here is what the lady says about herself:

"For those of you who know me, I am sure you remember that I am a very well behaved girl who never ever gets into any trouble at all! It is true, that I do from time to time end up in the Headmasters office but it is usually the terrible influence of other girls who lead me astray, or tell tales to the teachers that simply aren't true.
For those of you who do not know me; I am a cheeky Australian who was lucky enough to find the spanking scene in 2006.  Corporal punishment is now an ongoing passion for me, and I enjoy a huge variety of spanking sessions. I love role-play and enjoy dressing up and playing out all sorts of different domestic roles.  As a schoolgirl I can be as submissive and 'well behaved' or as rebellious and naughty as you like. As a headmistress I thrive on being stern, strict and ensuring that you get the punishment you deserve.  Or I can be kind and nurturing, ensuring that you get the punishment that you deserve but with lots of caresses and soothing touch.  It is so much fun finding all the different characters within me.
I also enjoy sessions in which we can just be ourselves, share some wine and enjoy the many aspects of spanking play.  Whether it is light and sensual or very intense play I am open to a wide range of corporal punishment scenarios and implements.  Please feel comfortable emailing me any fantasy scenarios you might have, I am a true spanking enthusiast and am delighted to be apart of the most simple punishment canings through to the most unusual and complex scenarios.
Like so many of the delightful girls on Spankeefinder I am a true switch.  I feel as comfortable dealing with naughty boys or girls, as I do bending over for the punishment I not only deserve, but need.  I have not had a lot of spanking play in the 2 years that I have been in Australia and I am SO SO excited to be coming back to London where I will once again have the opportunity to play with other enthusiasts!"

I welcome Zoe to Bottoms Up!

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