Sunday, 15 April 2012

More on reaching the summit...

Hello folks.  I posted a while back on the subject of living out of your ultimate fantasy and the effect it may have.  I remember being concerned that if I lived out this fantasy then there would be nothing left for me to 'achieve' on the scene.  Luckily that is not true.  You can read below of my recent does of punishment and humiliation in the pillory.  This was something I wrote in early March, long after I had done my 'ultimate' fantasy.  This day proved to be utterly unforgettable and so incredibly hot.  Did it exceed my ultimate fantasy?  Well, no but they are different types of scene so I guess what I got out of one I did not from the other.  

I also realize that all that has happened in my mind is that other fantasies I may or may not have realized I possess have moved to the fore of my mind, shifting themselves up the 'list' of things that turn me on.  This has been of great relief to me and made me realize that while I may have done the ultimate, I still have others that I want to live out.  I may also end up doing scenes that I or He Who Must Be Obeyed have come up with that may end up exceeding my ultimate fantasy.  In many ways the pillory scene did do that, certainly psychologically.  

In summary I guess there should be no fear in living any fantasy (as long as it obeys the fundamental rules) even if it is your ultimate fantasy.  It does not bode the end of your life on the scene and may even open your mind to further scenes and fantasies.  Reaching the summit certainly has not stopped me wanted to experience more!

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