Monday, 28 May 2012

A dirty weekend part 1

Miss Charlotte Ann Dubois had one of the most privileged backgrounds in the county and as such is a refined lady expecting to marry very well. A beautiful lady, she is not short of suitors wishing to take her hand in marriage. She is the Belle of the county and knows it and is not shy to put down those suitors who do not reach the mark with a few choice words. One of these gentlemen was a Charles Delagarde. Unbeknown to her, Charlotte's father had run his accounts to the ground and dies unexpectedly leaving her in a difficult position. She receives word from Charles and goes to him immediately. She will not show him her desperation, pride will not allow her, but she hopes for a reconciliation and to be asked once more for her hand in marriage. Given her new precarious position she would be a fool not to. Charles has other ideas though.

Arriving and the Delagarde estate, Charlotte makes the best of her looks, enters with a high head and asks Charles what he wants. She is more than shocked to find him produce a document that has him the new owner of her estate and the property within it, which seemed to include her. He did not want her as his wife, she was to be a bought servant on his estate. A legal document, and no way out, Charlotte has been sentenced to a life in service to this man; the man she had tartly refused marriage to only months before. She was horrified when he approached her and began to strip her of her clothing. Charlotte did not let this oaf of a man get away with this without a fight and she certainly did not like any of his lascivious glances once she was stood before him without anything to cover her. Lashing out with her tongue brought about an even more frightening response toward her. He dragged her to a couch, bent her over, produced a strap and began to beat her with it. Charlotte was furious! No man could possibly do this to her and she lashed back at Charles with her tongue once more. This only made Charles more vigorous with his strap and soon Charlotte's anger gave way to pleas for him to stop and promises she would do as he asked. Finally he eased the strap from her but not before she had tasted enough strokes on her bottom and the tops of her thighs to leave the area thoroughly burning. Handing her a plain, grey servant uniform he left her. Unsure of what to do next and knowing that attempting to run would get her far worse than she had just received were she to be caught, she put the outfit on and slinks off to lick her wounds and massage the remains of her pride.

Charles leaves her in peace for precious little time and comes to find her. Frightened now, Charlotte asks Charles what he wants when he orders her to stand before him. His response is simple: you will do as you are told and will be punished if you fail to do so. She was also unhappy to hear that Charles will be taking a personal interest in her training. He produces the strap that had caused her much pain not more than an hour before and treated her to another dozen strokes. To test her obedience after the licks he had administered he orders her to kneel at his feet. Unsure she wants to as there is still much pride within her, she does so only because she does not know if she can possibly suffer that strap any more. Pleased at the progress Charles leaves the room having Charlotte remain on her knees. He returns with a damp outfit and orders her to change into it. Charlotte is none too happy about this. And protests that the garment is wet and will be cold. Charles does not appreciate this, telling the poor girl that it is not for her to complain. It is for her to work hard, do as she is told and keep her mouth shut. He bends her over once more and another dozen strokes are laid upon what is now a very sore bottom for Charlotte. Her ordeal is not over however, as she is now dragged outside.

The sun is strong in the Delagarde garden and Charlotte cannot help noticing a pair of buckets next to a large border filled with plants. Charles had decided it was time to put Charlotte to work and instructed her to pick up the stones from the raised bed. Charlotte was horrified; she had never worked a day in her life and this border was huge, not to mention dirty! A threat of the strap had her make a start on her task. Delicately moving around the border, she picked up what she could see, whilst avoiding getting at all dirty. Charles disappeared inside so Charlotte relaxed a little and perched on the edge of the border selecting the odd stone. She was under the impression she was not being watched. She was. Charles came out, angry with her lacklustre attitude to work, took a hold of her and dumped her face down in the dirt. Charlotte moaned in horror and struggled from his grip in an attempt to get up and clean herself off. He held her in position and then turned her over. To add insult to injury he proceeded to wipe his boots on her. My how she had fallen in only a few short months! He growled at her to stay in position, and she dare not move. Everything she did seemed to annoy him. Was this the same Charles who had once loved her and would have showered her in gifts during their marriage? Charlotte wonders if she was unwise to treat the men of her County so poorly. She is just thinking on this when Charles returns with a can of cold water. He pours it over her causing her to screech in shock. The dirt is also now adhering to her and she shoots Charles a resentful glare. His response is to drag her to her feet and set her to work again, unless she wants further punishment. Charlotte has a very sore rear so reluctantly chooses work. Eventually satisfied that the task is completed to the required standard, Charles takes her in. He has one final humiliation for her and dumps her in a bath, cleaning her down with a coarse bath brush and cold water. She flinches at the temperature of the water, angering Charles with her complaint. He bends her over the side of the bath and uses the wooden back to make her sorry. He finishes cleaning her off, a horrid and degrading experience for the once proud Miss DuBois, and sends her off to the servant quarters.

Part 2 coming soon.  Pictures to follow with that part folks!


Pandora Blake said...

Great scenario! Poor Charlotte, I hope she manages to escape in the end, having learned a little humility. Or perhaps Charles will take pity on her once she's learned her lesson, and marry her after all? I'm amused by the play on "dirty weekend" as well - nice one :

ps. Having experienced that bathbrush myself on wet cold skin I can only sympathise!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

I loved it! It was very hot for me on so many levels. The taking down of a lady with too many airs and graces. I have an aversion to being dirty anyway and my character certainly did so I loved that!

Yes, I thought of the title to the post after that scene ;-)
It is a horrid thing, which I may have (secretly) destroyed!

Henry Higgins said...

Very hot!

That Delagarde sounds rather a pussycat, though. I'm surprised you didn't eat him alive.


Leia-Ann Woods said...

HH - I and Charlotte would not dare, though she did try to use her feminine charms to get past him. She failed. He also did far worse things to her that bent her to his his will...

Abel1234 said...

Bring on part 2!!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Abel - Up on the blog now lovely! Sounds like you enjoyed the first section. Trust me, this was the edited version. Charles was far worse to Charlotte than implied here!


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