Friday, 29 June 2012


I had the pleasure of doing a great session with a lovely gentleman the other day and the matter of release came up.  For most of us life can be a great pleasure, but it can also allow for pent up emotion to occur, for any reason, generally personal and associated to emotional baggage.  When this has happened to me I have found a good, intense scene with reasonably heavy cP to be something that can release this pent up emotion.  

In the past (and present I guess) I have found that I get a most spectacular natural high after events such as judicials and so forth.  That feeling is also accompanied by a feeling of release; that all that I have held on to has been let go of, leaving me feeling cleansed.  I suppose the best way to think of it is the smell of the air after it has been raining, or cut grass.  Both have a fresh, clean smell; the smell of a new beginning.

I had not, prior to visiting this gentleman talked about this subject on quite this level so I can only thank him for that.  Does anyone else have this feeling?  Does anyone get any other feelings post punishment that they wish to share?

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Unknown said...

Dear Leia,

First of all; thank you for a great blog. I allways think of you when I watch "Criminal Minds" since I think you resemble the beautiful agent Prentiss in that show :-)

I an identify with what you are describing. I am a switch myself (mostly dom), but I don´t feel the position is of relevance.

In my line of work high performance is key. This builds up a lot of stress (I love my work though). For me the play is an important factor for stress release. It is a closed room were conventional rules don´t apply. Were fantasies and alternate realities can be acted out in full (of course taking mutual respect in consideration). A closed room which I enter clogged and leave cleansed. Kind of.

Sorry for long text.

//A Fan and Admirer of Yours


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