Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Making a difference

I had a lovely session the other day with a gentleman I had only seen once or twice before.  Upon his arrival I could tell all was not well with him, so naturally I asked him if everything was OK.  He was not up for talking about it so I left him alone and we began to talk about what we had planned for our play session.  

We played and it was an excellent session, I enjoyed myself, but more importantly he seemed to as well and he certainly seemed to leave much brighter than he was when he arrived.  I settled down to my (geekier) work for the afternoon and thought no more of it.  I presumed that he had simply been a little stressed from work and our session had helped release that.  This is not uncommon.

Later that evening I received the loveliest e-mail form the same gentleman telling me how much our session had improved his mood and that he now felt better than he had done in weeks.  I have to say I was really touched.  Yes, we had fun at our play and that is always a good thing but this was different.  Our time together had really seemed to break his cycle of low mood.  That session had really made a difference to him and I am glad he shared it with me.


EnglishJeff said...

That is a very sweet little story Leia. Thanks for sharing it.

Many years ago I did come across a chap who referred to his dungeon/playroom as a 'therapy room' on the basis that he always felt better after visiting it.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

English Jeff - I agree. I too have found some scenes rather therapeutic so I can see where this comes from.


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